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  1. I know it sounds like a cop-out, but it really depends on the cigar. Grand Reserva Series CGR. I was fortunate to grab a fiver of the CGR upon release. And hands down it was a 100 point smoking experience. To me the Siglo VI is a 50/50 cigar. It's either going to be great or just "ok". The CGR was the penultimate example of the cigar. The CGR was and IMO is the best of the program. MGR. Had two. Best Monte 2'[s I've ever smoked! But. I'm not a fan of M2's so the bar is pretty low for me. PGR. Gorgeous looking cigars. My own 5YO Lusitanias smoked better TBH. The wrappers on there are sublime though. RyJWCGR. Very nice balanced and smooth cigar. Mine was a freebie. I find the regular WC to be just as good or better. I wouldn't chase these down. Reserva Series. Reserva Cohiba box is fantastic. Not a dud to be found amongst the various vitolas in there. Reserva Monte 4's are amazing. Still have a couple left. They are perfection. Reserva RyJ Churchill was hot garbage. Shameful. Like many boxes. It's a gamble as to what you get inside. At the right price point for the right cigar, they might be worth it. (see CGR) There does seem to be quality issues though. And that is pitiful. The Reserva Churchill I smoked had serious burn issues. At a herf, I watched my friend pull a fresh HdM DC Grand Reserva from the box and pitch it a third of the way through because draw issues were turning him blue in the face. He reached for a second. Same thing. Draw issues. He lopped of 1.5 inches off the head and it improved. But that he had to go through two badly rolled cigars in a GR box is horrible. You would think the "best of the best" tobacco would be rolled by someone competent.
  2. Using Teams at work. Sessions go for 30-60 minutes. Hardly anyone uses video. We've almost eliminated all of our Telecom conferences bridges as result. Teams gives us more flexibility and costs less per minute.
  3. Everything about cigar aging seems to be based on historical and observational evidence. There are too many factors involved to really get a good idea of what one needs to do with a particular cigar. With that said. There are decades of experience here and on other websites about what seems to work and what seems to happen when it comes to aging cigars. Whatever advice you take, it will be your palate determining what works for any particular cigar. And that determination will require you to smoke from the boxes periodically, keeping notes and noticing any particular changes in body, tasting notes, etc. FWIW. Here's my approach. I determine aging potential of a particular cigar by making note of its' body. (mild/medium/bold). How "strong" the cigar feels in terms of nicotine content. And if there is any "tannic" qualities. Similar to the tannins found in red wine. It's a taste akin to a green pepper and or grape skin. But on the dry side. To my palate, that tells me it's "young" and needs to smooth out. So, anything that leans towards being bold, strong and tannic. Might be something you sock away for a long time (how long depend on your wants). Anything in the medium range, less so. And anything on the light side, might not have the legs to sit too long. With that said, I have personally noticed that there are outliers. For instance. I have two cabinets of HU Mag 50 from 2009. When fresh, I found them medium bodied and without any harshness. A few years back I smoked a few more and they surprised me. They tasted stronger and were more on the medium/bold bodied side. No tannins though. Very smooth, rich smoke throughout. Another example. Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos. When I first smoked them fresh back in 2009/10. They were Full bodied. STRONG. Very flavourful with very little tannic notes. So strong in fact that when I smoked them, it felt like my brain was swimming in my skull. FWIW,I also get that feeling from young RyJ Cazadores, young Esplendidos and fresh Monte 520's (2012 EL). As I smoke them over the past 10 years, that punch to the brain strength is all but gone, the cigar has smoothened out and the flavours matured. I will say the same about the La Escepcion Selectos Finos. IMO probably one of the best blends I've ever smoked since I started smoking in 2009. On the "lighter side". I found that some LGC's really do well with time. Even though they don't seem to indicate long term aging potential when fresh. LGC2 and 4 for instance. If you want to take a general approach to aging. There are tons of posts here and abroad about which Marcas cigars are good sooner that later. You can also experiment by aging two similar boxes by storing them in the same humidor conditions, but with one difference. Wrap one box in Saran Wrap or glassine and leave the other as is. Sample 1 from each box every 6 to 12 months and make note of any differences. Depending on what you prefer from each tasting, that will be your personal aging strategy.
  4. Zacapa XO is excellent. It tastes more like a Cognac than rum. Not very sweet either. I had a bottle of Pacto Navio and killed it quickly. Great on its own or with a cigar. Ron Santiago 11YO is a gem as well El Dorado 12 or 15 too.
  5. 😴😴😴😴 EP Carrillo Pledge Prequel It doesn't look like much but kudos to EPC. Kinda sad to see less Cuban cigars represented these past few years. I know many here, myself included, don't put too much stock into this yearly cigar magazine lists. It makes me wonder how representative these lists are of what cigar smokers tend to reach for.
  6. Not a fan of the new "NC" packaging. I prefer the classic boxes. I've tried one of the QdO's and RA's. The QdO did not impress me at all. The RA was a good smoke but probably not enough to make me chase down a box or two. Even though I dislike the box styles, I must admit the QdO is very sharp looking. But it still seems wrong.
  7. I recall the cloth sheath was the real stinker. Once I pitched that the boxes had no aroma.
  8. I have Cuban house rolls with these exact same specs. They are chonkers for sure.
  9. There was a proposed BHK58 being sampled if we're to believe the posts and pics out there.
  10. Love these. I got into cigars just before these started to disappear. Have two boxes I SLOWLY pull from. To my palate, they are cinnamon, cedar and nutmeg bombs.
  11. Yup. B&M's were even prohibited from selling Coffee grounds/beans as it could entice the sale of tobacco while buying the coffee. It's been death by a thousand cuts. No wonder the last LCDH's called it quits. And the one in Montreal at least had indoor smoking.
  12. This is true. What's not to love? Rob has mentioned that Canada is a very small market for HSA and since we're actually under PCC's umbrella he'd probably have access to some numbers. A friend of mine worked for the LDCH here also mentioned while "small" it is quite loyal but fragmented. There are many who buy from B&M vs online. Our ever oppressive tax regime makes it more difficult for people to enjoy their purchases. He also confirmed for me that Havana House does the plain packaging in Havana. HSA has or wants no part of that task.
  13. AFIAK, Havana House has to apply the plain packaging to anything heading to B&M's. Duty Free sellers can continue to sell as is.
  14. If you do give them away. Strike out the box codes. That helps to prevent the boxes from being refilled with newer stock in an older vintage box.
  15. Mandalorian was excellent. The wife and I have been binging Outlander. A part love story / time travel series about a woman who is transported from 1945 England in to the 1700's Scottish highlands. At times it's like a soap opera but with brutal violence and other unsavory exploits.
  16. uBlock origin seems to have blocked it but no other images on FOH. Odd. I can see it now. Great ad. I imagine, if you've headed over to the Hendersons to watch slides of their latest vacation you might need more than a cigar.
  17. Hmm. It shows up on me Edge browser, but not Firefox. Will investigate if one of my plugin's is blocking it.
  18. @JohnS Excellent post. I've posted this before but it seems far more relevant here. I have this envelope post marked May 1960 from a Trinidad y Hno, S.A. As far as I can deduce. It is located in Ranchuelo Cuba. Which is a small town. And I assume "Ave. Ramon Trinidad y Coronel Acebo" is an address vs names? Anyone have any insight here?
  19. Happy belated Birthday Kim!! May your hair gel always be viscous and bottomless!
  20. Arabic Gum. You can buy it in Art supply stores. 100% natural and flavourless.

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