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  1. Medaille d’Or No.4 : Fantastic smokes.  Very smooth and sweet. I'm smoking from 2001 and 2012 boxes so I can't speak to recent releases.

    Inmensos (2010) - Smoking from 2010 & 2011 boxes. Love these. I'm very surprised these didn't take off among the larger RG crowd.  Very complex, very much LGC.

    Deliciosos Cuba (2009) - smoked several around the 2010.  Excellent stick from a gorgeous jar.  Had one last year.  It is even better than I remember.

    Serie D No. 5 España (2018) - A lot of what I heard about these were 50/50.  Finally tried one.  Definitely worth chasing down.

    Invictos Italia (2019) - Fantastic smoke.  Very complex and smooth.  I was lucky enough to be in Italy July 2019. So I went deep on these before I returned home.

    Medaille d’Or No.2 (2014) - Criminal that these are gone(or are they?).  Absolutely love them.

    Tainos (2012) - The few I've had did not impress.  Never chased a box as a result. Somewhat putrid.

    Medaille d’Or No.1 (2010) - Only had 1. It was great. Very sad I couldn't track down others.

    Medaille d’Or No.3 (2010) - Another gem. I'm smoking from a 2002 box.  Loaded with honey, hay and baking spice.

  2. 22 minutes ago, BrightonCorgi said:

    Microsoft Surface line of laptops are hard to beat.

    My 3 co-workers would disagree. :D.  We did a refresh about two years ago. They went with the Surface Pro, I went Thinkpad.  They constantly bitch about overheating, lockups, reboots and wiped boot sectors.  My Thinkpad just keeps going. :D.  As for the OP's request. Look into the new Ryzen series of laptops with integrated GPU( video card chip built into the CPU core package).  Unbeatable performance on them and well priced.

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  3. Just now, Shrimpchips said:

    Since these were discontinued in the 80s, what do they do about blends? Is it basically going to be a new blend with an old name? Either way, will probably try them but if they’re priced/packaged like the current Linea retro, it’ll be a hard sell for me value-wise with other similarly sized offerings currently available.

    Yeah. That's the Million dollar question whenever an old cigar is resurrected.  If I were to smoke a new one and compare it to my old ones, it wouldn't be a good comparison given the difference in age even if it was the same blend.  When the German RE Ramon Allones 898 came out I smoked one of my 2002 RA898's and compared it to the new one a few days after.  To my palate, it was 60% similar to the original release.  IMO, that's not too bad.  And maybe it will be closer with age?

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