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  1. 12 hours ago, vhampl03 said:

    Not trolling, serious question.  For those of you with experience with Reserva/GR - are these usually worth the markup? (looks like at least 6x regular production).  And a little confused as to the leaf description in HW - are these the 2016 leaf that would have been in  ~ 2017-2018 BBFs (ie, aged BBFs) or a different blend?  Thanks


    I  know it sounds like a cop-out, but it really depends on the cigar.

    Grand Reserva Series

    • CGR.  I was fortunate to grab a fiver of the CGR upon release.  And hands down it was a 100 point smoking experience.  To me the Siglo VI is a 50/50 cigar. It's either going to be great or just "ok".  The CGR was the penultimate example of the cigar.   The CGR was and IMO is the best of the program.
    • MGR.  Had two. Best Monte 2'[s I've ever smoked!  But.  I'm not a fan of M2's so the bar is pretty low for me. :)
    • PGR.  Gorgeous looking cigars.  My own 5YO Lusitanias smoked better TBH. The wrappers on there are sublime though.
    • RyJWCGR.  Very nice balanced and smooth cigar.  Mine was a freebie.  I find the regular WC to be just as good or better.  I wouldn't chase these down.

    Reserva Series.

    • Reserva Cohiba box is fantastic. Not a dud to be found amongst the various vitolas in there.
    • Reserva Monte 4's are amazing.  Still have a couple left. They are perfection.
    • Reserva RyJ Churchill was hot garbage.  Shameful.

    Like many boxes. It's a gamble as to what you get inside.  At the right price point for the right cigar, they might be worth it. (see CGR) :)  There does seem to be quality issues though. And that is pitiful.  The Reserva Churchill I smoked had serious burn issues. At a herf, I watched my friend pull a fresh HdM DC Grand Reserva from the box and pitch it a third of the way through because draw issues were turning him blue in the face. He reached for a second.  Same thing. Draw issues. He lopped of 1.5 inches off the head and it improved. But that he had to go through two badly rolled cigars in a GR box is horrible.  You would think the "best of the best" tobacco would be rolled by someone competent.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Bijan said:

    @Fugu you raise a lot of good points. But this is the history in Canada: no advertising for around 20+ years now. Burdensome warning labels with pictures. No display of products in any stores with the exception of dedicated brick and mortars and that not in view of minors.

    The stated goal of this law is to decimate tobacco sales. Hard to accept that and then complain about the particular means.

    Except coffee and tobacco practically everything else has been banned including alcohol at one time or another.

    Edit: I would guess massive tax revenues as the reason for backing off.

    Yup.  B&M's were even prohibited from selling Coffee grounds/beans as it could entice the sale of tobacco while buying the coffee.  It's been death by a thousand cuts.  No wonder the last LCDH's called it quits.  And the one in Montreal at least had indoor smoking.

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  3. 1 hour ago, havanaclub said:

    Do you know the number of sales across every single country to say that “Canada is a small and virtually insignificant market”?

    What I do know is Canada and Cuba have a very good relationship. I also know that Cubans love Canadians emoji1063.pngemoji6.png

    This is true. What's not to love?  :D Rob has mentioned that Canada is a very small market for HSA and since we're actually under PCC's umbrella he'd probably have access to some numbers.  A friend of mine worked for the LDCH here also mentioned while "small" it is quite loyal but fragmented. There are many who buy from B&M vs online.  Our ever oppressive tax regime makes it more difficult for people to enjoy their purchases.  He also confirmed for me that Havana House does the plain packaging in Havana.  HSA has or wants no part of that task.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, JohnS said:

    I see it on my phone browser but I noticed no picture in two other threads El Pres posted up yesterday when I was on my PC laptop. That was with the latest version of Firefox. I'll have a look at this thread from my laptop later today.

    Hmm. It shows up on me Edge browser, but not Firefox.  Will investigate if one of my plugin's is blocking it.

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