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  1. Happy belated Birthday Kim!! May your hair gel always be viscous and bottomless!
  2. Arabic Gum. You can buy it in Art supply stores. 100% natural and flavourless.
  3. So 2020 sucked. A cigar like this is usually smoked to celebrate what has passed. Instead. I smoke it to hope that the next year sees a return to normalcy and sanity. This LESF will be accompanied by some 12YO El Dora rum
  4. I hope to wear this one out in 2021. 🤞 A 1908 Gruen Pocket Watch in solid white gold. This was a "gift" from my FIL. He restored it and sold it to me for a song. It works perfectly and Art Deco too.
  5. Another vote for the Panatelas. Great sticks for the price. Favoritos a close second.
  6. Not 100% sure. But I think many of these served as templates for anyone requesting a custom job. If I were to guess I'd say they are probably remnants from a job or some samples.
  7. A few years back I bought a book full of Pre-Embargo Cuban Cigar bands. The scans are below. There are 20 pages in total. I'll break then into two posts.
  8. He was later found passed out due to lack of ventilation, cigar smoke and his own farts.
  9. PJ's are not cheap, but the are worth the money. I'm very happy with mine.
  10. Awesome. Love Mexico. Been there about 20 times. Can't wait to go back. Tulum is a very cool spot. Back in 98 I was lucky enough to go into the pyramid at Chichen Itza. What resort were you at?
  11. Just came across this site. Feel free to post anything of note you find there, here. http://www.vintageadbrowser.com
  12. I've been enjoying Rob's almost daily posts of Cuban lithographs. I've collected a few things over the years myself. Of most interest. An envelope from Trinidad y Hno circa 1960. I can only assume this is the private marca prior to Nationalization? An old H Upmann ad And various wine and spirit labels. Including an "Ayala" one.
  13. Haven't had much 2019 let alone 2020 stock. Though I did recently light up a MAR 2020 RyJ Churchill and it was horrible. Tasted alright, but very underfilled, needed constant relights and the wrapper seemed fire resistant. The amount of charring was unsettling. Very similar to the EL's of old.
  14. Those labels are the exact opposite of plain packaging.
  15. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Partagas E2 Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Punch Mantua Italian RE Your Best New Release (2019/2020 production ) Haven't had anything new in this category yet. Your Most Improved (2017 - 2020 production) QdO No 54. Your Mr. Dependable Award (2017-2020 production) The only cigar in this date range that qualifies for me is the Punch Mantua. *Been smoking mostly "older" stuff this past year. Enough so that there isn't much in the 2017-2020 range that I've smoked regularly.
  16. This is what Customs did to a box of RACF I bought many years ago. They sat on this for a year before releasing it. They were dried out, flaky, generally unsmokeable.

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