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  1. Some fav's. Casa Fernandez Corojo - Lancero - Natural - 7 1/2" x 40. - Brilliant cigar. Took me by surprise. Good value too. Joya Da Nicaragua Antonao. - Consistent quality. Lots of earth and leather with some coffee hints. Padron - Classic - 2000 - Maduro - 5" x 50: Cheap, competent, enjoyable cigar. Not very complex, but rich, peppery and earthy on the palate. La Flor Dominicana - Mysterio: Pricey for a NC. Beautifully constructed, loads of flavour, complex, strong and spicy with mellow breaks throughout the stick.
  2. Laficion. Thanks for the cartoon. Excellent! It captures what I'm trying to do.
  3. I agree completely. I stopped frequenting a well known publisher's forum for that reason. The amount of immature remarks by people who should know better or at the very least, be old enough to know better soured me on the experience. There's a lot of good posters that taught me a lot over the past three years but after a while, too much garbage went uncollected so I decided to look for greener pastures. And so far, this is the best one yet. Hats off to Rob and Co. Great business, of which I will soon become a customer of (my promise) and a top notch forum. Cheers to everyone who posted
  4. Like I said. Many responders had some good suggestions for me and for that I'm grateful. There was some good natured ribbing, which was expected and I'm fine with. I can give as good as I get. I am a bit taken aback at some of the more, shall I say "sanctimonious" responses this thread received. Honestly, this is my little project for a few little cigar nubs and some old and unsmokeable cigars that I'd like to artfully display. That people's sensibilities are riled at the notion surprised me. But I won't let them rent space in my head. Like they say. The empty can rattles the most.
  5. In the book...ahem..."The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars" there's a really detailed cigar rating sheet on pg 289. I've recently started a handwritten dossier in a small hardcover "notes" book. I glue in the bands, write down date smoked, measurements, appearance and tasting notes in thirds. I really like some of the examples in this thread.
  6. D4's are the most reliable cigar I've ever had. Consistent flavour, quality, burn, etc. Haven't had a bad one yet. Excellent price too.
  7. Hey Piggy. Lots of grains of salt over here. I'm not going to get mad over a few typed words. I know my question is a bit unorthodox but I didn't think it was going to upset the balance that much. For the most part I'd say the posts were 50/50. Half were helpful in that there were good suggestions and the rest were of the [email protected]?! Discussion is all good and healthy.
  8. No need to toss the post Piggy. I started this thread, I'll see it through to the bitter end. Folks. Think of it as taxidermy for cigars. My whole motivation for the post is this. I have about a half dozen Cuban Davidoff's. Once I've smoked them, I'd like to preserve/seal along with the bands and put them in a display case. It may sound crazy to you but to me they are relics I'd like to keep and put in a small display box. Any of you preserve and mount a perfectly good fish instead of eating it? That's what I'm doing. But I'm enjoying my spoils and keeping a memento. Every other
  9. I'm enjoying the responses to this thread. I knew I'd get some guff posting about it but I'm serious. Just looking for ways to preserve a few old cigars that are not smokeable and a few nubs I've kept. I.e First ever cigar I smoked, etc. Otherwise, I'm with you guys on the compost thing. I bury my dead soldiers in the flower garden and cross my fingers that a robusto plant sprouts up.
  10. I'm looking for a way to preserve/save cigars I have smoked as a memento. Sort of how some restaurants preserve their dishes for display in their window. Does anyone know what they use? Is it shellac? Varnish? I want to be able to seal it in otherwise it will just be a smelly old cigar and not a keepsake.
  11. Nice photos. The stogies look suspect. You better send 'em to me for inspection. But seriously. Excellent cigars the SD4's. They just get better over time. Mine are a little over 2 years old. Very rich in flavour, lots of dimension to the cigar. Never boring. A true classic.
  12. Yes $100 is a bit much. But considering that folks on this board are chasing down Cohiba GR's and the new Behikes above that price point its not too crazy. For me, the Davidoff's represent something that is never going to be made again.. a Davidoff cigar made with 100% Cuban tobacco that ceased to be made in 1991. Getting one of these is like smoking a piece of history. And I enjoyed every puff. My No1's are from 1970 and they are delicious. I did a video review. I just need to get off my lazy ass and edit it down to something usable. Cigars are luxury items to a degree. I might never
  13. Yes. I have several. MSG me and I can tell you where. They're worth every penny. I smoked a No 1 recently and have a couple of No 2's, Dom Perignon and a Chateau Margaux...
  14. Haven't had the "pleasure"...yet! As restrictive as Toronto/Ontario's anti-smoking laws are I light up my stogies at the two places I do know that support it and my backyard deck. So I haven't had my first confrontation with the Tobacco Police yet. When I do, I will tell them to **** off nicely and if they want it out it they'll have to buy it from me and it will cost them $100. And even then, I wouldn't do it. Oh and great clip. Thanks!
  15. Great link! Just what I've been looking for!! Thanks!
  16. I find that Port or Cognac goes well with most cigars. Typically I try to pair the cigars strength to the drink. For me, strong cigar = milder drink. You don't want them to overpower each other. They should complement. Also, for aged cigars, champagne goes well. It helps clean your palate and enjoy the subtle flavours of an older cigar.
  17. Sort of a FOHCC (Friends Of Habanos Canadian Contingent) ? I'd be up for something like that. There are a few places in Toronto I can recommend that have nice patios and encourage cigar smoking. There are a few other Ontarians on this board too. Maybe we should start a thread, see who is interested?
  18. One of my best friends got me into cigars, Habanos especially and we see/saw back and forth from our places as spots to enjoy a cigar. Once a while we'll hit trendy rooftop patios in Toronto's ritzy Yorkville neighbourhood. I have several friends that indulge once in a while. And on a road trip to Montreal for a hockey game two winters ago, my brother surprised me telling me that he smokes cigars a few times a year. We stopped off at cigar lounge there and he walked into the humidor and asked me what I recommended. I expected him to drink while the rest of us smoked. And just recently, t
  19. An article on the rise of cigar smoking in England, despite new anti-smoking laws. http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/23/smoked-out.html My favourite quote from the article. “There is a strong distinction between cigarette smokers and cigar smokers,” says Freeman. “What we hear from bars and restaurants is that cigar smokers are civilized people who spend money and spend time.”
  20. Sounds interesting. For about $3 I get this. And its' not bad either. http://www.perfume.com/cuba-paris/cuba-gold/men-cologne
  21. Fantastic! Great place to enjoy some find food, wine and especially cigars! Thanks for sharing. Excuse me while I go plan my trip to Italy. Can't wait to go there again!
  22. My favourite Cohiba!! The Lancero is a great smoke. Great pictures and review.
  23. I love the idea! What you listed sounds like a great start. Being able to download it would be great. Though it you air it in Oz prime time I would technically be watching a show from the future.
  24. Thanks for the review! I just picked up a box of these. Letting them rest for now. Very hard to resist smoking one out of the box. So far this cigar has reviewed very well.

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