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  1. I drink Port. Goes well with cigars. I've got about a dozen bottles from the 2011 Vintage still sitting. "Best in 100 years" apparently. Not likely that I'll be able to test that assertion. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. My eyes tell me grab the greasy, dark box. My palate has found that the paler looking sticks smoke better. 😐
  3. That scene was filmed in Toronto's Union train station. I thought it looked familiar as I've boarded many a train there. IMDB confirms it.
  4. Some old Cuban tobacco with some new Cuban coffee bean. Out in the shed with an mid 1970's H Upmann No 4
  5. Just fired up the RA 2019 EL. Pairing it with some Ron Vigia 8YO (aka Dixon's Cuban rum). Initial impressions are good.
  6. Hmmm. I'd say the Punch DC. VR Unicos. Cohiba Esplendidos. P898. These really stood out for me. Though the rest of that list still performed great. In some cases, I'm smoking through 20YO boxes. (CoLa and P898) and they're just sublime. In the case of the Unicos , I raided them like a hungry racoon locked in a candy store. My other Unicos are not quite 10 yet, but they're getting close. Nonetheless I sample them to see how they smoke.
  7. I remember on a Havana trip in 2017 there was a good supply of RASS 50 cabs with no date codes, anywhere. None of us pulled the trigger on a box despite temptation.
  8. All have been sampled but not emptied. I have multiples of some with >10 years on them which I smoke 1st.
  9. As if they need this too. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/06/us/tropical-depression-eta-friday/index.html
  10. That's not always the case. I have cigars from every decade from 1920 and a lot of the bands are pristine. One major exception being 2005 Punch DC's. The gold is pretty much gone from those.
  11. I have all of the following with 10+ years of aging on them. With the majority of them aged by me. Wouldn't give them up. Cohiba Lancero / Punch DC / VR Unicos / Trinidad Reyes / Partagas 898 / Por Larranaga Petite Coronas / RyJ Cazadores / H Upmann Mag 46 / Partagas Serie D No 4 / Cohiba Esplendidos
  12. Before COVID. No. During? Yes. I've taken some plain cigars and some high end stuff on walks and have enjoyed them immensely.
  13. The last time I saw these there were 6 up for auction. Now I see 5. I suspect the buyer smoked one, didn't think much of them and is now looking to get some of his/her investment back? I notice this a lot with vintage cigars that have been put up for auction for many years.
  14. Will be logging in around this time. Feel free to pop by. Link: https://zoom.us/j/9994333904?pwd=Q0JUcVRHalpRYWR2SnB3Q0RWWVpXZz09 Meeting ID: 999 433 3904 Password: FOH Non Canadian/American participants welcome too.
  15. RACF and some Armagnac. First smoke in the shed since power install. No heater yet. About 7C in here but no wind.
  16. Just saw this on Reddit. Very cool design. I wonder if it'd be good for cigars? I guess it depends on the fuel? https://i.imgur.com/RHjL6iq.gifv
  17. As personal favorite of mine. Great bang for the buck
  18. If you swim halfway to Hawaii maybe they can give you a deal???
  19. None of our parties are in favor of tobacco. They're moving on to the next cash cow; weed. Which most users prefer to smoke. So much for "smoking is bad for you". Tobacco has been vilified but never outright banned as it is a huge cash cow. So much that some provinces don't even give it a separate line item in the yearly Tax revenue reports. In Ontario it is lumped in with Alcohol sales and given a footnote along the lines of "tobacco #'s are too small so they're not worth breaking out". What really irks me is that our gov't put this out to the people to comment on but literally, the next day after that feedback mechanism closed. It was a done deal. Plain packaging was coming. Many say the feedback process was just there for us commoners to let off some steam while our enlightened politicians made up their own minds and agreed to push this through. Basically, democracy is dead in this country. There is only the illusion of it. The few, decide for the many and the many are only given the vote to feel like they are part of the system.
  20. An new article shedding some light on what plain packaging is going to look like in Canada is now up. Please visit here. As a further indignity, Habanos will de-list many cigars from being available in the Canadian market. The list is long. ☹️
  21. I know a guy who claims to have sourced some stuff for him. He's somewhat credible as he has a huge inventory of aged stock. He told me he used to cross the border and shop at the various Toronto tobacco shops in the 80's and 90's. While he did not actually meet Jordan face to face, he would get calls from his him or his office to discuss what he was looking for and whom he'd be sending to do the transaction. He was one of many of Michael's sources apparently.

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