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  1. Your London woes do sound a bit like what we have going on in Toronto. I'd like to visit London but the biggest factors for me are that converting my CAD$ would land me in the poorhouse not only on the exchange but from what I understand, London can be an expensive city to visit. Second, for an extra hours' flight, I'd rather be in Italy.
  2. When compared to other PC's, yeah the Sig II's don't make too much sense, value wise. My take is just within the Cohiba marca. If I'm going to drop extra $'s on a Cohiba , the Sig II is my pick.
  3. @LordAnubis I would agree. The Siglo II is a solid performer for me and makes for an "affordable" or at least, good bang for the buck Cohiba. My favourites are still the CoLa and Espy but in the Siglo line, the II is king. The VI's can be glorious or pedestrian from the same box and that irritates me. The Sig I is my next pick from that line.
  4. A friend has a cigar room with two 80CFM fans and a big key to keeping the smells from coming out is if the rest of the house has positive pressure going into that room. Given the large size of your room, maybe put up another wall with an entrance into the actual smoking room? That way on one side is the area to the stairs and beyond the wall is the cigar room. Won't be 100% perfect but its a good start. Maybe install a Rabbit Air unit in the common room to grab any smoke that escapes and "clean" it up.
  5. Odd. I recall hearing that this coffee/chickpea mix was used during Cuba's "special period". It's a shame that locals can't enjoy their own spoils.
  6. Just fired up a 2001 CoLa. These are smoking great right now
  7. That's a lot of Port and drinking too much Port can make one..... "portly" 😁 I've got about 18 bottles of Port and probably the same amount of Sauternes. Both of which are fine pairings with cigars.
  8. @Ken Gargett @BrightonCorgi @MrBirdman A sommelier friend of mine gave me a heads up on 2011 Vintage Port. I picked up various bottles from that year. From Porto Calem, TF, Graham's and Sandeman. I've consumed two bottles since then and have found them to be very rich in cassis. Thoughts on this vintage? At the time, my friend mentioned this was one of the standout vintages in about a hundred years. Any similar vintages of note that are recent?
  9. I enjoy wine but I must confess I've never heard of any of the ones listed here minus the TF Port. I've had my share encounters of the pompous wine crowd that were wrong in identifying what they were drinking and also took pleasure in name dropping what vineyards they visited and who they met. I couldn't judge them too hard on the latter as that echoes my cigar travel experiences. 😁
  10. I first tried Nespresso in Paris 2006. I went into their fancy shop on the Champs D'Elysee'. I've always wanted a proper grinder and espresso machine but I was blown away by the quality and simplicity of Nespresso. I had a LeCube that lasted me from 2006 to 2019. And now I'm on a Citiz. Favourite pods are Milan, Darkhan, Cafecito de Cuba, Risotto and Roma. When I'm not feeling lazy I'll fire up the old Italian stovetop and make some Cuban or Italian espresso.
  11. Around late September I was thinking of building an old Flying V kit I've had around since 2008. I figured I'd design it be in the style of Eddie's original "Franken-Strat". Never seen him play a V before, so I thought that it'd be an interesting build. After a few weeks of painting, sanding, etc. I've reached the point where I can start to put it together. Here's the back on front shots of it. It's a bit rough looking, but I'm fine with that as it "gels" with the original designs' "finish".
  12. Yeah. Eddie WAS the sound of VH. Van Halen the band is done and should never be resurrected in any form. Sure, there are guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John, 5, etc that could do some respectable renditions of Eddie's work, but I don't think the other members would have the stomach for it. Outside of a tribute show, this wouldn't fly.
  13. Sad day for fans of heavy rock/metal music. Iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away today. EVH Dead Rock In Peace Eddie..... ☹️
  14. Available in both original and Vertuo formats. Get them before they're gone!
  15. My condolences Mus. It's hard to lost a parent. The loss creates a void inside. Keep remembering him and that void won't seem as bad. BTW, that review was a great tribute to your father and what you're going through.
  16. Nice work Ken. I smoked a Punch 48 about two weeks ago. Far better than the one I smoked over a year ago. As for the Sparkling Shiraz, I've only found a few on this side of the world and I've loved them. Sadly, our liquor monopoly stopped carrying them due to "lack of demand" I will say, it is an excellent companion to cigars. It works to complement the cigars as well as cleanse the palate for the next puff. That was quite the history of it as well and overall a good read.
  17. Pre-revolution, Dunhill was able to "co-brand" existing marcas. For a price I'm sure. It's similar to how there were JJ Fox cigars co-branded and Club 21, etc.
  18. Post COVID-19 I've got my eye on two places primarily. Italy in Summer and Mexico in the Winter. Havana is always on my mind too, but I think I'll take my time going back.
  19. From my handful of trips I've taken to Cuba, I have found the locals to be resourceful and resilient. But what they're going through is just too much. Add in the embargo stupidity from the north and you have a humanitarian disaster. With that said, there does appear to be a class system within Cuba's communist regime and that's not helpful at all. But were they not communist, I don't see their lot improving much either. Human nature is crappy regardless of ideologies and to paraphrase, absolute power will corrupt absolutely.
  20. Anyone up for it? We'll use Rob's Zoom account of course. Link: https://zoom.us/j/9994333904?pwd=Q0JUcVRHalpRYWR2SnB3Q0RWWVpXZz09 Meeting ID: 999 433 3904 Password: FOH Non Canadian/American participants welcome too.
  21. First NC of the year. Took this La For de las Antillas for a walk this afternoon. Very similar to RASS IMO
  22. Love these. Nice write up. When these were fresh they were monsters. Delicious but powerful. With every year they get more refined and complex. IMO these are the LESF of the Asia Pacific RE's.

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