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  1. Love these. Nice write up. When these were fresh they were monsters. Delicious but powerful. With every year they get more refined and complex. IMO these are the LESF of the Asia Pacific RE's.
  2. A 1988 Diplomaticos No 7 while I get some work done.
  3. Tons of books online at archive.org. Post any titles of interest to this thread. Archive.org Book search , keyword "cigar".
  4. A nice Punch 48 for a walk. Smoking way better than I remember
  5. Viva Italia!! Some Carbonara style pasta and a ManTua and espresso for dessert.
  6. Hey Kim. Here are my thoughts on it. My first impressions are this. It hast the QdO DNA. And to me that means it's a mild/medium bodied cigar that has an interesting blend that transitions from foot to head. Construction wise it was perfect. Excellent draw and burn. As for the flavour profile, it reminded me of the QdO Coronas but not as complex. Of the new QdO's the No 50 was solid. Haven't had a bad one yet. The No 54 took me a few samples to really enjoy it and I think over time the blend really settled in. This one didn't really "wow" me even though it was a good smoke. I'd need to try a couple more just in case I was smoking a dud. I'm hoping it benefits from some aging. Maybe another 6-8 months? We'll see.
  7. Lit up my first QdO Senadores tonight with some Hooegarden
  8. @Fuzz Beware. Keith hasn't been on FOH for months. Expect more of these and clean and polish the ban hammer just in case.
  9. There's no definitive answer here. Just observations from the cigar community. A lot of cigars in the past 8 or so years tend to be ready to smoke ROTT (right off the truck). With that said, some do benefit from a little extra sleep than others. Here are some of my observations. Cigars that "benefit" in the following time frames in terms of "ideal" smoking experience. 2-3 Years. Cohiba, Siglo I, II, VI, The Linea Classica line is great ROTT and can reward for decades. Cohiba Maduro Genios. Most Hoyos are great ROTT. They age well but their flavours become somewhat "softer". RAG & RASCC. H Upmann Mag 46, 50. Connie A 3-5 Years. Monte 2, 4, Especiales No 1, 2. RA Superiores. JL No 2. HURR. BRC. CoRo 5-8 Years. RASS. (many save 5 is enough, I think closer to 7/8+ years are best). Cohiba Lancero & Esplendidos. (Honestly, these are great ROTT but they are worth the wait). RyJ Cazadores. 10+ years. Monte A. LGC MdO No 4 (I'm smoking from 2002 and 2012 boxes. Both are excellent but the 2002 is really special in comparison). LGC No 2( for those that have them). ERDM Tainos. RyJ Churhchills. HU Sir Winston. (still great fresh, but worth the wait to age). I'm probably missing a ton of stuff. But the above stands out for me.
  10. Great thread idea 👍 A nice stop at El Laguito in 2012 on my first visit. A bunch of us made the "local" news one time. A rare treat at a special stop. Mixed grilled at La Terrazza
  11. Love these. With all the lament over the amount of long and skinnies left in the Habanos portfolio these always seem to get overlooked. Right now I'm pulling from a 2012 box that is smoking great.
  12. Pitched a beat up 2008 Monte A with wrapper damage I repaired. Almost halfway through I realized it was bland and dead. Nubbed. Punch ManTua. Fantastic smoke.
  13. 2001 a Lancero Oddessy. Paired with some Ron Vigia 8
  14. 2008 Enrique rolled Monsdale and some Pacto Navio
  15. Ugh. I hope they don't do that "slurry" thing; ever. The DE stuff is super popular. They're not to my taste (as they have so few tasting notes). I'm more put off from their uniform appearance. Every box, every wrapper is of the same hue. No deviation. Whereas a Cuban box can vary in wrapper shade. That to me signals that there is no post processing or pre processing for that matter to give the wrapper a particular look. Other NC makers are guilty of the same thing. I remember when that DE "slurry" video came out. It was hosted on CA's website for quite some time and stirred some controversy, then it was gone. And DE behaved like it never existed. I think a lot of people were put off or grossed out by the process. The only positive thing I can say about it is that at the very least, they were using a natural byproduct of the tobacco vs something that came from a lab. IIRC, they used the "juice" from the larger stems, mixed it in water and heated it up a bit. In short. I prefer my cigar unadulterated. The only similar process I've heard about in Cuban cigar making is that the tobacco used for Trinidad cigars is sprayed with a mixture of water, honey and rum while they sit in Pilones. Otherwise, just water is used for all other tobacco. I don't believe there is an official Habanos stance on this. I've only heard it from older, more experienced smokers.

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