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  1. Great night. Treating myself to a Don Jose
  2. Took a 2012 Cazadores for a walk. Simply fantastic smoke. Was firing on all cylinders
  3. Hmm. The following comes to mind. Setup a reverse proxy for Chinese users. This will somewhat obfuscate FOH site. Setup Access through some terminal app. Either Citrix based, MS Terminal Services or some similar PC/screen sharing program. SSH VPN session to a Linux/UNIX host on the same network as FOH then forward graphics over an X-Terminal (yeah it's a bit much but probably the most versatile). As I am not behind the Great Firewall of China, I cannot say if any of these will work. 😁
  4. A Paesan dropped this off two days ago. Now that I have a second one I'll fire one up.
  5. 2011 RASS from a 50 cab and some Bourbon barrel Stout
  6. First stick out of Box 141. Fantastic smoke right off the bat
  7. Same. Went right to ebay to see if there was one available. No luck.
  8. Great cigar. They definitely have a lot of what JohnS notes. I find it has a flavour note of toasted marshmallow, which I love.
  9. I remember this one. Years ago some guys on a reddit cigar forum got together on Google Hangouts to consume these gummies while smoking a LFD Digger. Which is a very fat A sized cigar known for its' strength and it's propensity for making people want to The challenge was to see who'd be the last one to make the dash to the toilet.
  10. In one month this VR Unico will be 10 years old. I'm not waiting. 😁
  11. 1926 Clear Havana. Peter Schuyler Perfecto. Lots of life and unique tasting notes. Have a stick from 1910 too but I can't bring myself to smoke it.
  12. HdM Du Dolphin from 1997. Smoking wonderfully. Roasted chestnut, honey, anise and cedar.
  13. Was hoping to head to Italy. Maybe even Portugal and Spain
  14. The world has one less (drive-able) F40. At press time, @El Presidente is not available for comment. Apparently this was taken out for a test drive by a potential customer. I guess it's "sold" now.
  15. That's tough. Make sure you spend as much time with her as possible. The only thing a mother wants is her kids around her.
  16. Looks like someone's pet project vs a commercial release.
  17. I've been lead to believe that nicotine breaks down in cigars over time. And that's what accounts for the "smoothness" in vintage cigars. Thoughts?

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