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  1. Congrats. I hope you can get that sticker off. As much as they ruin boxes, putting them on a jar release box is a even worse.
  2. Attractive jars but it irks me that they don't design these to hold full box of cigars.
  3. I love the symphonic soundtrack pieces. The standout track for me is from Aliens "Futile Escape". You'll probably recognize it. It's the frenzied one with the military drumming during one of the combat scenes between the Aliens and the Colonial Marines. Overall soundtrack. I love the Gladiator one, from start to finish. Whenever I need to bury my head in work, I put this on and get down to business.
  4. I've had a few. Each quite different and of varying vintage. I'd say Hoyo with a bit more kick. Except for the Dom P I smoked. Very weak/faint cigar. A 1970 Davidoff No 1 blew my mind though. Started of mild/medium bodied but at the halfway point it exploded into bolder tasting notes that kept evolving. Overall, they were very smooth smokes but I think that has more to do with the age. Never smoked one fresh though.
  5. Never cared for it outside of Hockey. It's High School sports on steroids. Or not. Or maybe?
  6. Cohiba Esplendidos. Could never find them in my trips to Havana. And the online pricing just gets higher. Partagas 898. Want more. Italian Regionals. I don't get all of them, just the ones that appeal to me the most. 50 Cabs. Open to any that are left or a good discontinued one that is priced "reasonably"
  7. Took a custom 2013 "Sig6" for a walk this evening.
  8. PL Picadores. Great price, great smoke. PL Galanes look very promising too. PSD4's can be a good everyday smoke, though letting them age pays off in the long run. Quinteros Favoritos if you must have an everyday Robusto. Hard to beat the price. I have some older boxes, they certainly aren't getting worse. RyJ Short Churchills fit the bill as great fresh/aged.
  9. Smoked and MdO 4 and Punch 898 this afternoon.

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