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  1. FWIW, I'm finding that bands are harder to get off cleanly. I want to say it's part of Habanos' plan to reduce counterfeits via reapplied bands on farm rolls, etc. But that takes forethought.
  2. Way to go @Connoisseur Kim I just hit 20 points for 61st rank. No searching online.
  3. I'm in but none of the content seems to be available...
  4. Looks like a Libertador. It started off as a French RE. Ended up as an LCDH Exclusivo. The third band is from a distributor. (as noted above). Excellent cigar BTW.
  5. I'm in the "foil on" camp. Back in 2018 I opened up a 2012 Cazadores box. The aroma when I took it out was unreal. I've got a box from 2010, 17, 19, 20 which will stay in foil. I've never heard anyone complain of mould on these cigars due to them being sealed, so I'll take my chances.
  6. Condes54 to break a week+ stretch without a cigar paired with some Cuban coffee Smoking great
  7. In order. CoLa / Sig II / CPE. I enjoy the rest but I find the Siglo VI to be hit and miss and I'm pulling from 3 different box codes. Overall the Esplendido is one of my favourite Cohibas. I just can't find a full box without paying a limb for it.
  8. Cohiba wise I have most of the lines represented. But in terms of full boxes. Siglo I / II / VI Linea Classico : CoLa / CPE / Robusto / Exquisitos / Cohiba Piramides Extra EL. 2006 Piramides / 2011 1966's. BHK 52 / 54 / 56
  9. Easy. I'm not a 1 a day smoker, but I binge now and then. For $1K I'd go with the following and probably have change for a bottle of Port too. RyJ Cazadares. (1 * 25 count) PL Picadores (1 * 25 count) HUHC (2 * 25 count) P2 (1 * 10 count) RA Superiores (1 * 10 count) Monte 4 (1 * 10 count)
  10. There was a Placeras vitola. 34 x 125 (4⅞″) labeld as a "Small Panatala" Bolivar Tubs No 3 being the most recent example.
  11. Great review. These are very unique to the marca. Wiser and more experienced cigar smokers have told me that this cigar is a very old school blend from the Pre-Revolution days. They are excellent smokes for the $. I've gone deep on these as they age extremely well. For those lamenting the loss of "long & skinnies" grab these while you can.
  12. Saw this on reddit a few days ago. A giant of a man enjoying a beer and a cigar in a tavern (1905). What makes it even more fascinating was that he was born a little person measuring only 4'10' at age 18' and later in life reaching 7'1" all thanks to a tumor causing an overproduction of growth hormones. He lived to 51 years. That seemingly "A" type cigar in his hand looks like a Panatela.

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