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  1. Be honest. This is your doomsday room right? Wine? Check. Champagne? Check. Salami? Check. Dried pepperoncinos? Check!
  2. Linea de Oro is interesting, If priced right. The WC Humidor looks very nice but has zero appeal to me. I suspect buyers of that humidor won't smoke a stick but will flip it in a few years. I find it hard to get excited over regular production cigars being introduced in fancy new packages. While I appreciate the artistic value, I'd rather get the cigar in it's regular packaging, minus the fancy markup. The Trinidad DF Robusto Extra is far more interesting in that it at least resurrected a much missed cigar. If they do stuff along those lines they can keep it interesting.
  3. Love cheese. My favourite meals as a kid and to this day is to put together a charcuterie board. When I was a kid and my father was on lunch duty, that's what we'd do. He'd pull out a prosciutto leg, some soppressata, capicollo from the cold cellar. We'd cut up some cheese, I'd run to the corner store for some Calabrese bread. We put out the salamis and various Italian cheeese (provolone, Asiago, parmaggiano, Crotonese, etc) and some pickled items. (olives, peppers, mushrooms,etc). I even got to have a glass of wine, without ginger ale to water it down.
  4. As sad as it is to see 3 damaged sticks, you should still sell it whole. Those 3 sticks would be the first sacrificed for sure.
  5. Cool list. The sheer size of some of these places are amazing. Never been to any cigar bar in the US. Got close once. Made reservations at Club Macanduo in NYC but didn't make it as the wife was having too good a time at Saks 5th Avenue. By the time we got out it was rush hour and we couldn't hail a cab to save our lives. As a consolation I did get a steak dinner out of it.
  6. Sigh. Another reminder that the place we romanticize isn't all that great for the locals. 😔
  7. I have an RACF box with a Lebanon sash and 1980 La Escepcion Excepcionales 5 pack petacas with HdM bands. 🤔
  8. Trading vintage and discontinued IMO has a bit more "value". BHK is "technically" still being made. Those two boxes are from the better years. IIRC 2014 and onwards the BHK quality was somewhat diminished due to scarcity of Medio Tiempo leaf. Of which the crops ruined by tropical storms are to blame. With that said, the BHK's are no slouches age wise either. It's a tough one. We know BHK will sell for good $;s, but the other two have no replacements waiting in the wings. I've smoked several Rob T's against BHK52's and found the Trinidad to be superior (IMO). The 54's are the real winners o
  9. Yup. Seen fakes ones in cello from a fake Diplomatic box. Not as common as the Esplendido fakes mind you.
  10. Haven't smoked much of anything >2019. My only nomination would be the PL Galanes and a 2020 E2 I smoked.

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