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  1. Not much experience outside of Havana for me except for the Toronto LCDH, which was nice but pricey due to taxes. The Montreal LCDH had a great indoor smoking lounge but not much better on prices, though the selection was excellent. Being able to sit and enjoy a cigar made the added cost worth it. I did enjoy my trip to the Rome LCDH Fincato. Beautiful setup, very classy. Can't smoke in it though, which sucks. The selection was meager too. I was there in July 2019 looking for LGC Invictos. They had none but staff there pointed me to a smaller tobacconist who had stock. That worked out w
  2. Definitely PL DNA. A bit rough and young. Needed a few retro burns to get rid of some ammonia and get the sweet flavours to come out. Fire one up to see for yourself. I think they could use some rest.
  3. One question I would ask. I've heard old La Escepcion were monster smokes. Very strong. So much that the brand may have fallen out of favour. Follow up. Do they have any they could spare? 😁
  4. No particular order but these have always been good to me fresh. PSD4, Mag50, Punch Punch, P898, RyJ Churchill
  5. Great post. Will follow this one closely. There are some older smokers here that imparted interesting info on cigars from the 60's and onwards. Not anyone who would have been smoking regularly from Pre-Embargo when they were fresh though.
  6. These are the oldest ones I have. The difference I notice is they stay full bodied but they're more smooth and more refined. A fresh D4 is great but having the patience to sit on a box or two can pay off nicely.
  7. No warranties implied or given!!! 😁. Good luck. Just be vigilant the first few weeks. Go nuts with your hydrometers.
  8. I got this idea after seeing someone use a whole fridge with larger bins. Was on FOH IIRC. No condensation issues. I do notice the Bovedas need more changing/recharging than normal. The unit is a Peltier vs condenser unit I think. There's a reservoir to gather moisture at the back but I've never seen it fills or if it does it evaporates before I notice yet.
  9. For my vintage fivers and singles I use a 12 count wine fridge and Tupperware with Bovedas. I've been using this setup for about 10 years without issue.
  10. @Ginseng's post made me feel smart reading it. 😁 My take is that exposure to air accelerates any natural processes happening in a box of cigars. Temperature and moisture also play a part. For most of us that means finding a stable # for either factor and sticking to it. Limiting air exposure is beneficial and could possibly contribute to "aging". Cracking open a box now and then may allow various gases to expel as well. What concerns me most is the loss of oils over time. Obviously leaving a cigar out in the open, depending on the ambient conditions would rob it of it's water content an

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