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  1. It's a crapshoot. Sometimes you walk through sometimes you get hit. In 5 trips I've been lucky. First and second trip I brought back 250 & 375 cigars. I know of guys who bring over 500+ per trip.
  2. I feel the same for the most part. Though I cannot bring to mind someones' "art" I like, though despise personally. I hate pop music but think Lady GaGa is insanely talented and thereby listenable/watchable.
  3. I have to agree. I endured a 3.5 hour concert for the sake of the wife. He is definitely a great performer, I knew the majority of the songs (thanks to constant radio play over the years. Not due to me consciously playing his records). I will commend him for performing 3.5 hours. Most acts don't go over 2 hours. For me though, it was 3.5 hours too long. A few years after the show, my wife read his biography and was somewhat disappointed to find he was somewhat of a jerk. But she still like his music. Oh well.
  4. Excellent read. Always a pleasure to hang around with Hamlet. Here he is with the locals in Toronto at our Cuban hangout the Mambo Lounge (no longer around sadly). This was back in August 2014.
  5. Hell of a first post. That is quite the treasure. And in it's original glassine as well. Why don't you introduce yourself to the forum?
  6. I think I know which one. A lot of distributors scratch out the serial #'s as to not reveal themselves. It helps them move stock outside of their region. And I think you're right. Some retailers may find another sales route. The FB flippers are getting their stock from "cheaper"(ie not taxed) sources so it will be hard to compete. I haven't gone into a B&M in a while myself but a friend did hand me a PL Galanes and LFDC with a green band on it. The original bands were underneath. Don't know about the boxes though.
  7. Interesting. I think the last Hoyo DC I had was about 10 years ago. Maybe I'll give them another shot.
  8. It was one DA. It was part of a sampler I bought from another vendor back in 2009. I didn't smoke it until 2013/14 when I brought it down to a resort in Mexico. I remember it distinctly. My wife and I settled down to watch the evening show and I lit up the DA. My wife doesn't love the smell of cigars but she puts up with it for me. But not this time. A few minutes in this look of disgust appears on her face and she turns to me and whispers. "Did you just shit your pants?!". While that risk is always present in Mexico. I did not. After noting that it was the worst smelling cigar she's ev
  9. Was smoking 06 Unicos around 2011/12 and they were spectacular. Since then I've bought a few boxes to age myself. They are definitely worth waiting for. Otherwise, not much experience with aged VR's. I had a 5YO DA that was absolutely putrid. Some 98 Clasicos I had smoked pretty well but I expected more given how well the younger Unicos were smoking.
  10. Wow. Those monster cabinets are stunning. Surely some have survived the years? I'd hate to think that they're all gone.
  11. Last week the wife and I rented a cottage up north. I brought up some "once a year" cigars such as the RA Phoenicio, RA 225, etc. The most special to me was a Hamlet Flying Pig. Legend has it that he used to roll this for some Royal types many moons ago and only rolled exceptions for friends now and then. Fortunately, I happened to be in a group of friends that he would roll these for (and Lanceros) once in a while. I have a stash of these from 2010 and 2012. I'v smoked about half since 2010 and have enjoyed everyone one of these. I don't have specific dimensions but here goes. As long
  12. Smoked an RA Phoenicio up north on August 30. I only managed to grab a fiver when they were released and I smoked them sparingly. This is my second last one and it was fantastic. It was basically a Christmas cake. Sweet, tart, rich, savoury, etc. I envy anyone with multiple boxes.
  13. I have a tin of these from 1960. I've smoked about 2/3 already. Mild/medium bodied smokes. Quite good IMO.
  14. I've been a big fan of the RyJ Cazadores. While many lament the losses of "long and skinnies" these delights seem to get no love. Fonseca No 1 fit the same bill. PL, RG and Quinteros Panatelas are the C&C champs IMO. Aged boxes can still be found regularly. Honorable mention to RyJ Ex No4's.
  15. The Mantua. Have smoked a dozen so far. All winners. I had to pull myself away a bit for fear of finishing the box too soon,.

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