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  1. JLP Petit Caballero. Very sweet and bready from the start
  2. My 3 co-workers would disagree. :D. We did a refresh about two years ago. They went with the Surface Pro, I went Thinkpad. They constantly bitch about overheating, lockups, reboots and wiped boot sectors. My Thinkpad just keeps going. :D. As for the OP's request. Look into the new Ryzen series of laptops with integrated GPU( video card chip built into the CPU core package). Unbeatable performance on them and well priced.
  3. I second this. If it's your one and only BHK, just drink water.
  4. I'd recommend some kind of bubbly (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, etc). Chardonnay or White Port works well too. Especially if you're aiming to smoke a BHK56. Since you're smoking a BHK52, that one can pair well with a good, aged rum or Cognac/Armagnac too.
  5. Easter turkey in the oven. LESF out in the sun
  6. ^^ That ladies and gentleman is the Habanos Fest experience for much dinero. The cigars they hand out are the only edible items presented throughout the whole event.
  7. Maybe flying them out and exposing them to freezing temps and higher UV exposure would make them less lethal and add some flavour?
  8. Congratulations Hans! Wishing you both a great day! 🥂
  9. Registered. I heard they're mailing out BHK58's...
  10. I probably should know better but I couldn't pass up this prototype BHK56 box from 2009. A year before the BHK lines official release. Very excited! Smoke or put up on BR??
  11. I'll stick to PL Picadores which go for 6CUC/stick. If these aren't priced in the single digit range, I'll pass.
  12. For the past few years whether it's due to the Pandemic or my general mood, I have drastically reduced my CC purchases. In particular, I've been blase' about the new offerings from Habanos. It could be the rising prices, the NC style boxes they're pushing, the reduction in stick count per box in some cases. I've found myself chasing a few samples here and there of packing. For instance, the new RyJ / Partagas / HU tins. Otherwise, I've grabbed some old favourites to stockpile on when I could. RyJ Cazadores, Monte Petite Edmundos, HUHC amongst others. I've done a calculation based on
  13. Yeah. That's the Million dollar question whenever an old cigar is resurrected. If I were to smoke a new one and compare it to my old ones, it wouldn't be a good comparison given the difference in age even if it was the same blend. When the German RE Ramon Allones 898 came out I smoked one of my 2002 RA898's and compared it to the new one a few days after. To my palate, it was 60% similar to the original release. IMO, that's not too bad. And maybe it will be closer with age?

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