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  1. Hi Elcaptain, Firstly, looks like you have a really nice setup. I'm actually looking at getting this fridge. Now you have had it a while, what do you think of the quality of the fridge? Also any idea what power it consumes? I couldn't find anything on the internet. Thanks
  2. Hello and welcome from another sydneysider who funnily enough is also 23
  3. Thanks Chris. Seems like I have a few options. Think i will give the kitty litter a try first off. Still need to get the wine fridge......
  4. Thanks for all the advice and comments. RH beads seem fairly expensive in AU $125 for 16 ounces. so if this option works for $18 it gets two thumbs up from me. I have heard people say they are using the kitty litter, so will make a trip to pet store and see how prices compare. Whats the difference between adding water to them directly and just putting in an extra tray of water?
  5. Hi Guys, Can I use these in my humidor? If i were to open the packet and place in a tray? It seems like a cheaper option if I can.
  6. Nice post jay! I enjoyed reading it three times!!! haha I like the pic (one for the collection) I wasn't too scarred, can't say the same for Jess, she found you all very funny though, but I found her asleep on the bed after you guys had gone. Let me know if you and Chris are in the city in the near future, will happily catch-up for a cigar
  7. Great night! Drinks and cigars at COHIBAR then onto dinner at cafe XXII and finally somemore drinks and cigars back at mine out on the balcony. Was a great experience to meet some of the members and listen to some of Robs wild stories.
  8. Hey Rob, Friday is good for me. Wont be free until about 5pm does that still work for you? Where are you thinking of meeting?
  9. Ok, I thought thought that might be the case but they seemed to show them as a 50 box on the czar store:
  10. The selection of cigars this week really look outstanding. Apologies for the stupid question but are the HQ Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No 2 a 50 box?
  11. I Prefer the colour of the older band but the new band is embossed which i feel gives it an extra layer of class.
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate your knowledge! I bought the monte 2 as a single so was not sure of production date, if its roughly an 06 production and has been sitting in my humi for 7 months, should be a nice aged cigar
  13. Hey Guys, I wanted peoples opinion about the Monte 2 in the picture I attached, I never noticed anything odd until I bought the Monte Grand Edmundo EL 2010 which you can also see. My question is does anyone else have a monte 2 with this colour band? just to note they were both purchased from legit vendors
  14. ouch the RjY's don't look in to good a condition. Also the box is dated 08 and has the new warranty seal on it, but i didn't think they were introduced until 09?? Monte's look good though
  15. Me and my brother enjoy smoking a cigar together. I also found out on my trip back to the UK one of my friends i used to work with enjoys cigars (which i never knew while working together) so we caught up a couple of times and shared some cigars. Unfortunately both that friend and my brother are in the UK and I now live in Sydney. So I'm on the hunt for some cigar buddies in Sydney

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