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  1. I highly recommend cherry smoked chicken wings on the grill if you’ve never tried it! I dry season mine because we like ‘em with a little crispy char... ?
  2. That’s hilarious, as I too have been falling asleep to Forensic Files for the last 5 years... Not too sure that falling asleep to a show about crimes and murders is all that healthy but the narrator’s voice works wonders!
  3. Here are my favorites: Beef Filet - Hickory Beef (other than filet) - Mesquite Chicken - Cherry Pork - Peach with Pecan
  4. Smoking a bone-in pork butt while working on a master bathroom renovation. Approaching 12 hours and growing hungry and impatient.
  5. I wish you both well. Make the most of the time you have and don't leave anything unsaid.
  6. Before the crumbsnatchers came along an HU Conn #1 on the back nine always helped me finish up with a great score!
  7. One of my all-time favorite movie quotes: ”You think you hate it now, wait ‘til you drive it...”
  8. Just got these from my favorite craft micro roaster. The Ethiopian yirgacheffe is incredibly flavorful with a natural blueberry jam taste.
  9. Not much new going on regarding sports so I thought I’d share this little gem. It’s a few months old but still relevant...
  10. Looks like the box is made from the same engineered hardwood that is on the floor...
  11. I use multiple punches for different sized cigars, using the largest punch that will fit the cigar. I've never had an issue with tar build up. Only use a cutter for torpedoes.

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