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  1. I visited Hanoi last year and would love to go back to Vietnam soon. I will definitely visit when I go to HCMC.
  2. I was given a 3-pack by a friend last Christmas. I smoked them all in January. They were the first Montes I tried and got me hooked on the brand.
  3. I get this effect often. Especially now, smoking outside in the Canadian fall/winter, I tend to smoke too fast.
  4. I love this cigar. Last time I smoked one, I smoked it until my fingers burned. Lots of great flavours. The one that sticks out in my mind is a sweet melon flavour in the final third.
  5. Nice! Is this your bedside table?
  6. I won't be making it out to Toronto in a while, so unfortunately I can't come. But how about calling it The Czar's Canadian Cuban Cigar Comrades Club Connection? Or CCCCCCC for short.
  7. Great cigars and port! Sorry to hear about the family troubles, but your fiance chose you and that's all that matters. Cheers
  8. I wish I could use it. Just don't have the money.

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