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  1. Love the review and your story! thank you too for your service!!
  2. Hello Prodigy, Great review of one of my favorite cigars! It's such a trusty and reliable friend that never lets me down. The weather there in North Carolina looks nice for this time of year too. I have too many months to wait until I can enjoy a cigar outside here in Minnesota. :( Thank you and Merry Christmas, Curtiss
  3. Value: Juan Lopez No.2 Everyday: Punch Punch Special: HU Sir Winston
  4. Hi Zane, I am happy you enjoyed the Dip4. That is great news.
  5. Hey Rupe, Welcome to FOH! It's a wonderful place to learn and enjoy the world of Cuban cigars. I too am from Minnesota just north of Stillwater. There are quite of few of us northern boys as members of this fraternity. All the best, Curtiss
  6. Hello Guy, This is very sad news indeed. I remember and greatly appreciate you sharing your list of your favorite corona gordas with me back many years ago. I will be thinking of you when I enjoy my next Serie A. I hope your retirement years are truly golden. Thank you and best wishes, Curtiss
  7. Hey Devyn, Congratulations!!! Wonderful looking young lad. Best wishes, Curtiss ps...I guess this means you won't have time to come to the Twin Cites for another guys cigar night any time soon
  8. Hey Guys, That looks like a tremendously enjoyable concert and time spent together! Thank you and best wishes, Curtiss
  9. Hello OleOle, I too am a big fan of the RASS, as many on this forum are. I branched out into the RASCC after enjoying the RASS because I wanted to try another cigar in the Ramon Allones line. For my palate, I actually enjoy the RASCC more. I find it stronger, deeper and broader in flavor profile than the RASS. I get less of the sweet fruitcake with the RASCC. What I am learning through the years is that each person's taste and palate are different and our ability to taste can even change over time. My advice would simply be, that given you enjoy RASS, I would certainly try a five pack or box of RASCC. In my opinion, they are one of the best value priced Cuban cigars available. They can be difficult to come by as they are not produced in great quantities, but I am sure the Prez can find you a wonderful box to explore. Good luck on your journey and please keep us posted on your results. Thank you and best wishes, Curtiss
  10. Happy Birthday Rob! Let us know the cigars you celebrated with and how they smoked. Best wishes, Curtiss
  11. Hello Fellow FOHers, I think subport's response was excellent in that the whole learning process is a journey and the journey is half the fun. Another thing I learned here at FOH is that everyone's palate is different and you may pull different flavors and aromas from cigars than the next person, and that's alright. The journey is to find what YOU like, not someone else, and remember, your own tastes will change with time as well. The particular cigar you enjoy will also depend upon the circumstances and the time you have for each cigar. For me, it is my hour or so of total relaxation time away from all the hassles of the world where I find peace. Welcome to the brotherhood and I hope you enjoy the journey. Best wishes, Curtiss
  12. Hello Fellow FOHers, It is nonetheless, an interesting question. If we consider CCs stored in SLB to be better than those in the dress boxes, because of the tobacco on tobacco contact, it does raise the question of impact of different marcas resting together. For example, as cigars are used, I will consolidate cigars of the same vitola into a single SLB cab. I am thinking for my tarmac taste buds, I wouldn't notice, but maybe for some it may? Thank you and best wishes, Curtiss
  13. Mr. Piggy, The problem is your heart is too BIG! Your willingness to share your experience and knowledge and support of the FOH brothers and sisters is an inspiration. Thank you for your participation in our shared hobby and our lives. Best wishes, Curtiss

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