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  1. What about the millions of people who have contracted covid, fully recovered and have natural immunity. This is completely blown off by the powers to be. Read the Clevland Clinic study regarding this. zero previously infected people in their study contracted covid again... Zero.
  2. Spend hundreds on Cigars then cheap out and spend $8.99 for a humidor....
  3. And this is only the beginning. The woke mob now smells blood in the water because the Redskins caved. Get ready Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks ETC.. You're next!!!!!
  4. NFL is a joke. Just wait til the players all stand for one anthem and take a knee for the other.
  5. It's pretty rare that a mechanical issue on a newer plane will cause it to crash, most crashes are from pilot error. Who the hell knows what the pilots did after take off, flipped the wrong switch and didn't know know how to identify and correct the problem(lack of training) and prob panicked. Perfect example was the Air France crash coming out of Rio with a frozen Pitot Tube causing the air speed indicator to give a false reading. Co Pilot didn't know to identify and fix the problem, panicked and crashed.
  6. Don't be surprised if the cause of the crash is a lack of training in this specific aircraft by the pilots. You would be amazed how little training smaller airlines pilots receive due to costs....
  7. Friend just got back from his cruise. Cigar shop he went to had one QDO #54 left. 165 CUC but he got charged a 13% USD to CUC exchange rate at the immigrations loc. $190 out the door.
  8. Friend of mine will be in Havana this week and I was wondering if the Quai d ‘orday no 54 box of 25 are widely available there? If so if anyone knows which places are the best ones to shop at? Thankd
  9. Got it,, I was at the five points show. Halford still sounds great but Gillan needs to hang it up....
  10. Interesting posts.....Here is the bottom line, You want results in the gym, get your testosterone level checked by your doctor. If you are over 45 good chances it is low and replacement therapy works wonders and is safe if you have a Dr that knows what they are doing. it's not some "steroid Cycle" its just you take enough to put to put your body in the high level of the normal testosterone range for Adults. Google "Genes Nitric oxide stack" for work out supplements. most are otc but a couple are prescription only. Not trying to promote anything but you have a Test level of 150 you wi
  11. I went to WSU with Ryan Leaf. He was a douchebag in college as well. Total attitude, immature, everyone knew he would bomb in the NFL...

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