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  1. http://woke up one morning and there it was in my nose very handy for the wife to get me to do what she wants.
  2. How about some fender skirts to.
  3. garnett

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How was this I have some but have not smoked one for a long while.
  4. I would bet my LN that Cuba is importing NC tobacco some of the MC#4 and MC#2 that I have smell just like Padron 3000 cigars.
  5. Whats out there? It can keep me awake at night sometimes.
  6. Jerry Lee Lewis - The Greatest Live Show On Earth - on vinyl.
  7. Jerry Lee Lewis - Rocken on vinyl.
  8. Kinks - Wish I Could Be Superman - on vinyl.
  9. The Very Best of Cream - Strange Brew.
  10. garnett

    They just keep coming

    This is the way they should be.

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