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  1. How about some fender skirts to.
  2. garnett

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How was this I have some but have not smoked one for a long while.
  3. garnett

    Cut to the chase....

    MC#2 Mag 46
  4. I would bet my LN that Cuba is importing NC tobacco some of the MC#4 and MC#2 that I have smell just like Padron 3000 cigars.
  5. Whats out there? It can keep me awake at night sometimes.
  6. Jerry Lee Lewis - The Greatest Live Show On Earth - on vinyl.
  7. Jerry Lee Lewis - Rocken on vinyl.
  8. Kinks - Wish I Could Be Superman - on vinyl.
  9. The Very Best of Cream - Strange Brew.
  10. garnett

    They just keep coming

    This is the way they should be.
  11. I love it when Piggy gets riled up.
  12. Kinks - One for The Road
  13. The DOORS - Strange Days

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