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  1. @Harikezo does the serial number check out on Habanos.com and also does a barcode scanner app match the barcode to the serial number? There were a lot of fake Behikes supposedly being sourced from a LCDH in Central America and two of the biggest tell tales was the date stamp font being wrong and the barcode not matching up to the serial number below it!
  2. The only things Habanos buy are boxes and bands. I seriously doubt the idea of paying money to use a name on a Cuban Cigar would pass at any HSA meeting....unless it was to be given to HSA as part of a settlement in a trademark dispute....
  3. We had a similar battle in Ireland, we grew up with “salad cream” but that’s now gone the way of the kiwi and been replaced by “mayonnaise” !
  4. So long as you buy something in the lounge then I couldn’t imagine them objecting....after all it’s no longer illegal to have Cuban cigars in the US (even if the shops aren’t allowed sell them) so less risk to the lounges license I’d imagine!
  5. Need to get a box of something to smoke while on honeymoon, the wife is concerned I don't have enough cigars packed ?? On the accessories side, FOH ashtray is on my list for Christmas so I'll pick one up after honeymoon if there are still stocks!
  6. Di, I'm going to take a wild guess that Kens suggestion will start with Spring and end in Steen! If you guys are going to sing Hi Ho, does this mean Rob is Snow White??
  7. Hmm, wonder could I convince the wife to go to Brisneyland instead of the carribean for the honeymoon ??
  8. 4 day weekend here in Ireland. Rob, to ensure we go to mass the Irish government helpfully force all pubs and bottle shops to close on Friday so thankfully it's a good day for catching up with mates at house parties although I always feel sorry for the tourists wandering about town wondering what the f%#^ do you do in Dublin on a wet Friday when every single pub is closed....over the years I've done the decent thing and adopted tourists and brought them to parties with me! Theres talk we might be dragged into the 20th century with the government thinking of changing the alcohol laws to allow pubs to open next year onwards though
  9. "Those Robusto T Tubos totally existed before we deleted them!" ?
  10. Obviously Rob would have to double the staff shoe allowance to allow for the added wear and tear a second 24:24 would cause Di, every cloud has a silver lining ?
  11. Beard was at a wedding during the summer, popped out for a smoke while the wife was chatting to her friends. 2nd photo was with my best mates and father in law at my wedding in December....first cigar I had and it was about 1am!!
  12. Bring a good lighter with you, preferably a jet....it's handy for warming up the food at the gala ?
  13. They've been creeping up over the last few years.....2012 prices were Opening Event - 210 CUC Midweek Event - 200 CUC Gala Event - 525 CUC (In each of my 3 visits during festival time I've never bothered with the Gala dinner as I've preferred to invest the money in cigars instead and hit El Ajibe with others for the alternative dinner good food good smokes and lots of rum Oh and the award for most inflated price must go to the Cuban hotel industry/cartel, in 2013, 6 nights in the Nacional cost me the total of 850CUC......It's probably that for 1 night now!!!
  14. They've managed to piss off the Canadians....wow, that takes a lot to do! so if Trump rolls back Obamas changes then the hotels who've been half full at inflated prices suddenly start making losses and can't rely on the Canadians to fill their rooms.
  15. It's just after his wife gets a walk in closet and "shoe room" ?

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