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  1. If you subtract the bread/dough... Trinidad. For Bread/dough Juan Lopez No.2 comes to mind. I find a biscuit character to them sometimes.
  2. Of the last 10 that I would rate as exceptional top to bottom: CORO's (2): incredibly rich. Epi 2: incredibly good. Diamond Crown Julius Ceasar Toro: earthy and sweet cedar. Wide Churchill's(2): great in hand, tons of cool smoke, love the opening. All of them 13 or 14 box codes, Julius Ceasar had around 3 yrs on it.
  3. I have a SLR serie A that is my oldest cigar and is not meeting a match until the day I retire. Everything else is fair game.
  4. I check them for surface mold and wipe it off if present. Then I give them a few weeks to acclimate in humidor. Then I seal them back in tubes.
  5. I'd choose the Shorts and the Corona Juniors. Then I'd have my GF choose the Reyes and Rascc Lol. A lot of great little cigars on that list, you could basically throw a dart and win.
  6. I would've traded a finger burn for the full cup of coffee I managed to dump on myself this morning. I had just placed coffee on roof then proceeded to roll down windows then -unfortunately- the sunroof. Of course the neighbor came out right afterwards and asked how it was going. Should have replied "Oh, your supposed to drink it?"

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