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  1. good info - thank you! as i'd like to be able to host 4-5 guys on occasion, i wonder if having one higher capacity fan on a dial, or two lower capacity fans that are controlled separately would be better.
  2. Thanks for the post Keith. I'll look into the one-way baffle. There is a run of ducting in the ceiling (between main floor joists) already there. I'm wondering if having that ducting in the ceiling will potentially port cigar smoke into other areas of the house, and if it wouldn't be better to place it lower in the room? Do you really think a 180cfm fan is sufficient? Have you done a calculation based on the dimensions of the room? If so, what is the recycle time? I've read elsewhere about using the moisture ready drywall and taking good care to properly seal joints and use good paint, so that jives. I always buy premium paint anyway (typically Benjamin Moore Aura) but good to know about the finish type - will keep that in mind for sure. I'm planning to not have any light fixtures in the ceiling (vapour leak) and use a combination of wall sconces and lamps instead. Haven't really made many final decisions regarding final looks so we'll see what happens. General idea is to have a wall of cabinetry where I can mount a sink (plumbing exists to a wash tub), place a small bereave fridge under the counter and have some storage, and maybe mount a TV on top of it. This should leave lots of space for couches, chairs, etc. If I can get the HVAC and plumbing sorted this winter I'll be happy. That way I can frame over the spring, get electrical done, then drywall and finish over the remaining summer and fall and be ready for winter 2015/16.
  3. I have a 16' W x 13' D x 7.5' H room in the basement that is half finished. It's on my 2015 agenda to at least get the proper HVAC installed and work toward finishing the room off.
  4. Killing Hope - US Military & CIA Interventions Since WW2 by William Blum Is the United States a force for democracy? In this classic and unique volume that answers this question, William Blum serves up a forensic overview of U.S. foreign policy spanning sixty years. For those who want the details on our most famous actions (Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, to name a few), and for those who want to learn about our lesser-known efforts (France, China, Bolivia, Brazil, for example), this book provides a window on what our foreign policy goals really are. Very insightful, well researched, and something you can go back to as needed.
  5. A great time indeed, catching up with our friends from down under! hats off to the organizers Back Row: Jeremy, Keith, Frank Middle Row: Rob A, Mike, Art, Enis Front Row: Rob C, Khal, Gary Same: With Tony where Enis was. Frank, Mus, Art
  6. ...and we're just experiencing the beginning / easiest of it. like frank, i'm also growing tired of it with each passing year.
  7. Moved into a new home recently. The basement was finished but the carpet over concrete is never a good idea, and was aggravating my sons asthma. I laid new new floors, paint, and new trim. Clean, fun, and practical. We have some epic soccer matches down there now
  8. here's a very decent read/analysis of "radicalization". worth the time IMHO
  9. I think you can't go wrong in this vitola. I personally regularly hold Boli CJ, Trini Reyes, RG Perlas, RASCC, and my two votes: SCDLH Principe and Partagas Shorts.
  10. While I don't relate cigar purchases to age, my philosophy is: smoke what I want, when I want. So for example, if I get a bag full of Hamlet customs, and I'm enjoying them....a week later, they are gone!! As a general rule, I refrain from purchasing cigars which are know to need a few years rest.
  11. Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy History Will Absolve Me - Fidel Castro

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