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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, if I could tell the story he told me on how they're brought from "Cuba" and why they're wrapped in cellophane I would, closer to a 007 movie than a simple shipment. I think I might end up telling him that after seeking the advice of professionals "you guys lol" I've concluded that they're fake, I'd hate for him to 1- keep bringing me bundles of the same crap every once in a while, and 2- spending his money on actual crap! Cheers guys!
  2. Hey there guys, it's been a long while since I posted anything, tough past few months, I hope everyone's doing well. I've been given the weirdest gift ever, a cellophane wrapped bunch of Cohibas, I'm not even sure which ones but seem to be the Siglo VI, long story on how and why they're wrapped like that, but my first impression was they're fakes, couldn't tell the poor fella as he was giving them in good faith. The band looks fine, but I've done some quick search and from what I found, the white dots above the golden Cohiba should be 3 rows, this one has 4. I've tried one and it was ok but didn't have that cigar smell, I'm not a Cohiba expert but all cigars have cigar smell, this one doesn't, smoking is ok I guess, the smell of it burning is nice but that's probably the only good thing about it. Of course the Cellophane wrap tops it all. Here are some pix, tell me what you think. Cheers.
  3. Just shows you that "Hecho a Mano" is always better than "Hecho a Máquina" Congrats bro
  4. It's already my favourite pass-time, you might have noticed that I'm always online, NOT a coincidence!
  5. I've actually got 5 gallons of "bought" distilled water, I just had this flash of an idea, since it's dripped condensation, it might as well be distilled water, my query was purely theoretical science, rather than practical science, I wouldn't really use any recycled water with the treasure boxes
  6. It's pretty hot around here these days, so during one of my mid-afternoon ponders I took a look at the AC condensation tube leading to the garden and thought to myself: Hmmm, I think I read somewhere that it's actually pure distilled water, not that I'm planning to use it with the cigars, it's just a mind teazer of sorts
  7. You just need more destilled water, just add some more water to the beads and the RH would go up.
  8. I actually use a wire rack, the one also used in ovens and cookers, to make a 2 storey coolidor, the large container of saturated floral foam in the middle of the coolidor, and around it several boxes, and ABOVE it another row of several boxes, so the moisture flows around without actually touching anything to the degree of actual condensation
  9. Always a pleasure Rob, hence the saying "It's not every day one gets lucky!" I'll use this excuse is it Monty day today or something??
  10. Yep, I wasn't expecting anything today but I've already loaded my proverbial guns this should be a daily thing!
  11. Glad it worked I actually did some research online and found it to be the easiest, fastest, not to mention cheapest way to maintain RH, I'd rather spend the money on cigars! Just make sure you keep checking it to be sure it never goes above 70%.
  12. Get some floral foam, the green spongy foam used at florists, cut it up into 2 halves or more depending on the size of the container you've got, put it in a plastic container and add distilled water until the foam is saturated, close the container up and punch a few holes in the lid, put one in bottom, and a smaller one on the top since the RH is around normal there. That should work out ok, I've been using this method for a few months now, a DYI humidifier!

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