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  1. However there is a great B&M there called City Cigar. If you are willing to pay the crazy British Columbia tobacco tax, it is worth a go.
  2. I've never had a dream about smoking cigars, but I have had dreams about searching through huge walk-in humidors looking for a particular box.
  3. Cream Honey Toasted Tobacco Sweet Spice Bread/Sponge Cake Laguito No. 1 or Laguito Especial
  4. It's a great cigar, but it needs at least 5 years of age to be worth the price. One of my favorites.
  5. Por Larranaga Monte Carlos Cohiba Lanceros Trinidad Fundadores Bolivar Royal Coronas
  6. I am a web developer, and this has been in my queue of personal projects for a while. I just need to find the time between work and freelance projects to get this built. What would be some features you all are interested in?
  7. This is the closest thing I can find. The red and gold bands are diplomatic bands for the Spanish royal family. But from the pictures in this auction, there are no Cohiba bands on the cigars, only the diplomatic bands. Sorry, if the link breaks forum rules...
  8. It depends on how you like your cigars. 60% won't ruin them, but I wouldn't go any lower. I like to keep mine right at 62%. Some people prefer their cigars at 70 because they like how they smoke. If you have the capacity to keep them somewhere at a desired rh until you can stabilize the environment then I would reseason it, but if you don't have the space elsewhere I would just slowly bring it up. 60-70% is the safe zone depending on how you like your stock.
  9. The Seahawks defense keeps them in games, even when their offense is struggling. The fact that three times in the first half the Packers had the ball inside the hawks 25 and came away from those possessions with 6 points and a Richard Sherman interception is the reason why Seattle had a chance late in the game. I'm from Seattle, I was watching the game in San Francisco while visiting family. The look on the faces of the 49ers fans was priceless as they went from cheering on the Packers to beat the 'Seachickens' to literally mouths hanging open with disbelief at to what they just saw happen. I
  10. Those are abbreviations for the type of packaging. sbn-b semi boite nature box c/p 3 x5's cardboard packages 3 packs of 5 SLB sliding lid box a/t aluminum tubes
  11. Are there any Cohibas left that are rolled exclusively in El Laguito?

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