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  1. Interesting question. I went back into my inventory pictures of my current cigar stock, going back to 2006 and 2007 boxes, various vendors and direct purchases. Everything that's January, April, August and December are showing as ENE, ABR, AGO and DIC. No English abbreviations found. I did see a variance of the symbols and spaces used between the month code and the two-digit year date though, ie "ENE - 09", "JUL09", "ABR * 12", and "JAN 12".
  2. Hugs and best wishes being sent your way, Aussie brothers. Stay smart and safe.
  3. I don't really disagree with your tasting thoughts. It is a bit of an underwhelming rum. 7 year HC is just my normal "rum and coke" rum. But, for the life of me, I can't imagine myself deciding to "probably gift the bottle to someone". Especially as an opened, drank-from bottle. But not just that, to bash something, most commenting to be negative, glass-half-empty, you go, pal o' mine, here's a gift bottle. I dunno. I might just be reading / interpreting that wrong though.
  4. Veteran's Day in U.S., Remembrance Day in Canada and most other Commonwealth countries, Aussies and NZ'landers have Anzac Day in April, I think it is. A little reflecting is good on every day, but its nice to have a few specifically earmarked for it too.
  5. Los Van Van. Awesome. That is DEFINITELY a huge itinerary of events going on. Side note - Andy, I always guessed you were a Soviet spy!!!!
  6. Won't be there during that timeline, but hope you have an awesome time!!!! Lots of resources on here to be able to get some plans figured out in advance!
  7. Canadian duty free here has NO Cuban cigars (in agreement with U.S. policy on Cuban cigars and products still). There's some various NC sticks, but honestly, the prices are still more than just regular prices at NC tobacco shops in Michigan (it's only "duty- / tax-free" when comparing to Canadian prices). Other than that, there's an actual LCDH shop in Toronto (the one in Windsor is still "temporarily closed"). Make a view inside if you'd like, for the NC selection in the Canadian-side of duty-free. But also, duty-free gas is only on the Detroit side, coming into Canada.
  8. PSP QdO Coronas, Monsdales, PSP cab RASS, PSP Monte # 2, PSP Monte # 4. ...yes, I'm a PSP fanboy addict...
  9. Very old pictures (I do have some newer ones lying around, but can't find them right now - look around on my blog for some old links on coolerdor stuff, if you'd like). Those are Coleman Xtreme Marine 100 qt coolers. Those, or the newer style Offshore Pro Marine are both good (but I'm not a fan of the darker blue interior - makes things hard to see). You shouldn't need to do active humidification in a cooler, unless you're in super dry climate and you open it daily or so - these things are very well at keeping moisture in, and stay fairly well sealed. Some may even use open-cell foam tape around the top rim of a cooler, to better create a seal (a la Pelican case style), if they use these as their primary storage and are in and out of them constantly. For mine, I have 5/8" thick finished Spanish cedar base interiors in those, and the moisture has been consistently solid for many years now, using a mix of 3 or 4 half-pound packs of 65% RH Beads, and with 4 packets of 62% RH Boveda packs too. Absolute minimal humidity fluctuations. Oust fan in each, Xikar digital calibratable hygrometer, and now also, SensorPush sensors in each also, to further monitor and data-log things. Started with one, then two, now four, and five soon to be up and running (on top of other, "display" options; these are just the long-term aging coolerdors). Get as big as you can (makes for easier cigar Tetris), and expect to have to need to double that every few years or so (spouse dependant). LOL.
  10. Best options? Multiple coolers... (...enough's never enough, LOL!)
  11. Four horseman. LOL. Classic, 'cause it's soooo true. Especially Cazadores and Boli GMs. Whew baby!
  12. CQ, a GREAT "little" write up. Great descriptors and explanations given. Also, not sure if this helps at all, and hope not to deviate from your initial thread - I'm attaching a file saved from what we had put together here on FOH quite a number of years back. A sort of "reference doc", in short hand / bullet points, that may help members too. What I used to do years back was keep a folded copy of this in the back of my Cigar Dossier, along with a printed copy of a cigar flavour wheel, to sort of help "guide" my tastings on new or unknown cigars. Again, not 100% sure if it helps here, but I'm hoping it matches the intent of @CaptainQuintero's post. Cuban Cigar Brands' Flavour Profiles (from FOH).doc

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