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  1. Correct / this. The Monsdale is closer to an H. Upmann creamy / sweet / smooth flavor profile. Smooth, mellow. Like unsweetened whipping cream, with toast, some aromas of fresh leather, etc. Alex's Puntilla, I haven't smoked yet. I actually JUST pulled a stick of those from a Nov 2019 bundle to take with me for a trip to Florida with the kids and wife. I'll be trying it then/there. But visiting him in the fall, and John / CigarSurgeon and Alex C from Toronto and I spending some decent visits to Alejandro's shop and chatting with him ("it's CHIT!!!!!" lol), I had the chance to try some of his other stuff. I can't remember exactly, but I think we had a canonazo, robusto and piramide format in his blend, maybe a corona too, IIRC. And they were FRESH and needed some decent relights, but slightly spicy and tangy. No buttery, smooth sweetness there, but still satisfying. More of a savoury, spicy, bold stick, but without being overpowering at all. Sorry for the thread hijack...
  2. No, I was meaning the larger selling, cultivating, large grow ops, mass distribution, etc. Canada's always been "fairly lax" if it's just a single person smoking or whatever. Was never my bag to come down hard on any of that.
  3. Anybody wanna help me win this??? I actually have wood molds now! LOL.
  4. Sorry to miss this one. Plans all changed just a few weeks back. I'll be there too in November, at least. And glad to see Tony will be going down and representing the Great White North!
  5. LOL. I have mixed bundles left, going back to 2012 or so still. A few singles from each year pretty much, but a couple full bundles left (maybe 5 or 6?) from about 2016 and newer.
  6. My guess? Vicks VapoInhaler nasal sticks. Works wonders - shove it in any hole that needs freshening. Cheap, effective, non-medicinal, fresh menthol.
  7. Man, those Trini Fundadores look like what Alex and I found at the Varadero Airport in November (yes, you actually read that right, LOL!!!!!) @El Presidente, I replied to your PM. Not sure if you got it.
  8. This. I tried other singles and boxes of Cuaba offerings - just didn't ring my bell. I do have a couple of aged Cuaba Diademas that I keep around (I think they are called that - giant "A"-format sized Cuaba sticks, foil wrapped and in a single wood-coffin packaging). But I have 2 and a half boxes of the Piramides LE around still. I think some of those are the vacuum-sealed / long-term-aging experiment boxes too. I'll have to revisit them again soon!!! Phenomenal cigar, great value for money, great packaging size and format, etc. - this was back when the EL releases were usually REALLY great, in my recollection!
  9. Yes. Civilian SAR-Tech (levels 1-3, instructor for all levels, plus Search Management, and various first aid/medical trainer), since 2003 (volunteer professional here in Canada, similar to volunteer fire), and since 2011, military police officer and TASO (tactical aircraft security officer) and now Air Marshal.
  10. I can only WISH it was that way for my wife having no clue!!!!!
  11. 6 or 7 others in total (main ones) in Quebec. All listed in other posts here now too. Bacchus is in the "Hilton Lac Leamy" casino and hotel in Gatineau, QC. Great spot.
  12. Didn't realize there were LCDH's there. My wife and I are going back to MoBay in April, for our ONLY repeat trip to a resort aside from our honeymoon location in St. Lucia. We're going back to the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall (4-diamond spot). Last time we went (Mar/Apr 2015), I brought all my own sticks, and the resort itself had a really nice lounge (Hemingway's??), but it was ALWAYS empty, as the weather was excellent, and everyone lounged poolside anyways. A bunch of guys we bumped into there ('Muricans) had got a bunch of random fakes on their way (from Mexico, IIRC), and were pleasantly surprised at me sharing a number of quality sticks, and them tasting the difference. I do remember them saying they were gonna hit one of the "official stores" in MoBay the one day, and invited me along, but my wife and I hardly went more than 100 meters in any direction (room, restaurant, bar, poolside, beach, repeat). Maybe I'll have to put it on my list for this April's trip - a small bit of a day-trip; book a car for the day, and my wife can hit up some shops, and I can check out the LCDH. Definitely might be worth it if there's any rare / hard-to-find stock, due perhaps to the cruise-ship passenger traffic leaving those kinda goodies alone due to higher prices. I'm STILL trying to find myself a nice black jar of Partagas P1's, lol!!!!
  13. Weird to think that just a few years ago, I was arresting and throwing people in jail who were pulling this shit. Now, it's the government directly who's doing it and profiting. I still can't partake, due to my particular job (28-day ban, and I'm always under 24-hr recall, as TASO and Air Marshal). Kinda duh, obviously. But still a crazy overall situation, on how this is looked at now, compared to cigars and such. So frustrating. Casa Keith is ALWAYS open for herfing business though!!!!

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