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  1. You don't "have to", but I and some others have found that it REALLY helps. It's cheap, and pulls VOCs pretty good. No matter what, any silicone is going to have some level of VOCs / odours when curing. Whether it's food-safe or not, that doesn't matter (that's more about the finished product). The thing to remember is to let things fully cure, and let the off-gassing occur, before you want to put your precious stogies in with them. Remember, some types of adhesives and cement especially takes up to 30-days or so to fully cure.
  2. This. I have pieces of cedar sheet inserts from Cuban boxes to the bottom (under the foam) of my Cigar Caddy boxes in 5-stick, and the 18-24 stick larger one. Just putting them there, under the foam, is fine, and they don't move around much (Cigar Caddy used some double-sided food-safe tape on those surfaces anyways, so nothing really "moves"). That said, if you decide to go with your original plan, that silicone will indeed be fine. I used something with almost the exact same specifications, when I made my larger display cabinet humidor (you'd have to find the thread in the Humido
  3. LOL. Sure, pay full price, stay at a resort to "distance-/tele-work", and avoid Covid. All while you get salmonella from the buffet, e-coli from the water or another source, get your money taken from you in further cash-exchange scamming, and be fully under communist guard while you're not allowed to leave the resort AT ALL (to maybe try to look for better food OFF the resort, LOL). And "hi-speed wifi"? In Cuba?????? Sounds wonderful. Let me know when there's a vaccine and Havana opens up as per normal again. Thanks though! ?
  4. John messaged me about this the other day. All I have to say is.... Uh-huh. ?
  5. Monte Sublime EL, Trinidad Ingenios EL, or Cohiba 1966 EL. My celebratory go-to's. A box and a half of Ingenios left, and a half-box or so each of the others.
  6. Nice addition! Always nice when you find something you've been craving for an addition!!!
  7. OMG. Ken is on IG. 2020 is definitely the year of the apocalypse.
  8. Wow, those look weird. Neat looking history and all that, and seems like there's a fair bit of background at play for them. But kinda reminds me of homemade beeswax candles, or those ear candling things.
  9. Awesome shindig, Mike! Happy birthday!!! Twenty-nine years young (just with some "experience" years added on!) ?
  10. Mike, hugs to you and Dana. Hope all is well. Love seeing photos of you all on that Havana "historical" thread.
  11. @El Presidente, looks like your Bucs might actually have a fighting chance this year to be a +.500 team!!!! Amazing what a difference two players can make!!!
  12. Hey there, Lisa! Thanks, and best wishes to you and yours! Hope this summer treated you well - we took the kids camping for a few weeks in Sault Ste Marie and Owen Sound / Wiarton areas this summer (drove thru your area - I worked covering shift in Meaford for a couple of summer seasons over the past couple years), and I miss that area of the province a bit! Fairly cool weather occasionally this summer tho.
  13. Yeah, I thought I remember hearing that back when Erin and I first travelled to the island in early 2008. They were saying back then it was part of the economic reform, along with the all-new efficient stuff from China/Koreas, the LG air conditioners, flat screen TVs, CFLs, etc., all to revamp the country then. I remember on many past trips that travel advisories were saying to exchange money back, as the CUC was going the way of the dodo bird. I have a fair chunk sitting at home from my last trip. I always like to have some, that way that first taxi ride and/or night out can easil
  14. Oh. My. Gawd. Such awesomeness there. I'm amazed to see all the good times over the years. Rob has lost hair and got skinnier. Hamlet has got fatter. I've stayed fat, by my beard is NOWHERE near that dark anymore (too much grey coming in now). Geesus, the picture with Rob C, Stan, Glen, Fuzz (and Nate too?)...I really REALLY miss partying with some of those boys!!!! I remember Glen and Stan just CURSING at me, since they didn't want to let this "stoopid ka-NOOK" out-drink and out-party them (until 5, 6, 8am), LOL. Some wonderful times. It's well missed. Until
  15. Best when young? Rich, dense cigars - Ramon Allones (thinking RASS and Extras), Party D4s, dark Dip 2's, etc. My young pick would have been RA Club Allones when they came out though. My likes for aged? Finessed, lighter, smoother cigars - thinking LGC, QdO, H Upmann Sir Winnies, etc. Aged Trinidad anything for my pick (Fundadores and Robustos T are tops) But my favourite pick, hands down, everytime? When in Cuba especially, would be young (read - INFANTILE), fresh-off-the-table custom rolls. If it has under 30-days on it, PERFECT. Such a different beast when you get to experie
  16. Rob, seriously. You GOTTA stop posting stuff like this!!!! Last time you did it and I saw it, it was for an antique cigar press that was going up for auction in New York. So, after I looked, and measured, and saw that it would PERFECTLY fit and work with a 1950's-1960's-ish La Corona cigar mould that I got from Havana during last November's trip, I really SERIOUSLY looked at it. And being estimated to go for $100 to $150 USD, I figured why not. Well, then it turned into a $360 USD-something win (after sticking with the bidding, and seller's fees and such). Then, pricey shipping,
  17. To the contrary... Tubos, due to the sealed environment, frequently have too MUCH moisture and don't dry out, but can lead to excessive mold issues. Due to the frequently too-humid atmosphere and RH that these are rolled and packaged in when in Cuba. That said, like others have mentioned, they're nice for individual presentation. I've always liked tubos or cedar-/tissue-wrapped cigars for box-open presentation to people. Something nice about them now and again. But if just for me? Neither tubos NOR dress boxes. I'm all about the ribbon-tied cabs and foil-wrapped bundles!
  18. Ute! Thank you, and thanks from Erin also. I'm trying to get this new laptop up and running, compiling email backups into their respective folders (500-something unread random emails to go), and getting photo backups all sorted into folders and ready for some blog updates I've been seriously lacking on. Your Cuba artwork box is still beautifully in-place atop my humidor cabinet. I hope things are well for you - I was just getting caught up with Nino about some of his goings-on, and I hope things are good for you as well!
  19. Love you too, Tio. I actually had to think about that one for a second or two. Not second nature, compared to actual short forms that I'm used to, LOL. Erin says the only one she knows is Bravo Juliet, lol (she says with a wink). She passes along her hugs your way too, Nino. Since I'm new though....Do you like to travel? I heard you're a pilot? ?
  20. I KNOW!!!! Sucks, huh? John and Alex and I (maybe with Frank), we were all keeping our fingers crossed, and were gonna get a casa right around the corner from Espacios and Cira Garcia, and we were planning for going there if things opened up. But this thing is unprecedented, and we just couldn't swing it, and called things off back in August. Most Canadian workplaces (including mine), will let you travel if you need, or even just WANT, but besides your vacation time itself, you gotta use holiday time for the needed 14-day quarantine after. That's a killer for any plans, right there. I'm

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