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  1. Cheers and welcome. My wife is 1/2 Irish - some of the best people I know. Sounds like you've got a great backing/start to the world. Enjoy seeing you around the Forum. Cheers.
  2. Cheers and welcome. PA is sure some beautiful area.
  3. Sorry to hijack your thread, CigarCanuck. Welcome, again.
  4. Yup. Hence the reason that the majority of my smokes that come from b&m stores are singles, specials, etc. Most of my full boxes that I get for aging and long-term storage/smoking comes either from certain online retailers that I've built a good relationship with, or from Cuba directly (best option).
  5. Definitely worth it, but the prices on these "luxury" items are through the roof here. It's a combination of excessive taxes, and high markup (due to being a relatively easy score for Americans trying to get Cuban cigars - most of our LCDH b&m stores are an easy drive from the U.S. border).
  6. Our taxes? I'm not exactly sure of the exact percentage, but I can easily give you a price quote in boxes. For example: Cohiba Robustos, SLB of 25. In Cuba, the price is around $260 CUCs (on par with US $). Through Czar or some other online dealers that I deal with, a box is around $330 USD. In Canada, at the authorized La Casa Del Habano retail shops, a box is $1059.26 CAD (current price as of December 2008), which is about $1041.14 USD, at today's exchange rate.
  7. K, I looked for the thread where Rob had the Encyclopaedia shown for sale, and it was on the first page of the thread where you scored your RASS's...
  8. Sounds awesome - I like where Cubanface's comment is going. Rob could start a "Week 37 Poll - Which cigar to re-review??" thread (and likewise for each week), to see the Forum's suggestions/opinions for cigars to re-review. If it were only open to already-reviewed cigars, that would be perfect. That way, there's who knows how much other time in the week to review new/other stuff. But, one specific poll, and then one specific video, both done each week, which only re-reviews an already reviewed cigar. But the condition would be that it would need to be the exact same box (date & factory code) as the box that the sticks were pulled out of for the original review. There's a bit of logistics there, but I think it could really turn into something special. Sort of a video diary, over time, of how a cigar progresses in tasting over the years.
  9. Sounds awesome. I'm glad that I have wireless DSL service for using my laptop on the back deck! Only issue is, is that I'm 14 hours behind you guys - when it's 8pm for you guys, it's only 6am for me, same day. So, if you smoke something really heavy, that would be potentially interesting for me that early in the morning! LOL.
  10. Last night - Monte # 4, November 2007 "BLP" box. Delicious.
  11. That's why a friend shouldn't allow a friend to smoke Rocky Patels!
  12. If you like what's on the pages of that book, then prepare to be amazed. Those are only 6 pages out of almost 5- or 6-hundred. I just finally picked up a copy of this "cigar bible" a couple of weeks ago, after always drooling over one and leafing through the pages in envy every time I went to my LCDH b&m store. Well worth the purchase, even for what I got it for ($250 CDN). Rob just put one or two up for sale - I didn't realize they still had some, or I would have scooped it up at his price ($160 USD). If you seriously want a copy, I'd jump on this, as these books have been out of print for years, and they're extremely hard-to-find collector's items.
  13. If you like Cherry Coke, then you might really like the Vanilla Coke with a cigar, too. It's really nice with some of the lighter cigars (Trinidad Robusto T, Cohiba Robusto, many R&J's, etc.). But, if you're smoking a meatier, heavier cigar (Partagas SDN4, Cuaba Piramid LE, Monte Edmundo/Petit Ed, etc.), then that Vanilla Coke is really nice with a good shot in it of a nice dark, aged rum (Captain Morgan Tattoo, Bacardi Black, HC Anejo/Anejo 7 Anos, etc.)
  14. Lions will have a "saving grace" year if they win 6 this year - no hope in hell of going .500, IMO. With Ndamukong Suh there now, and with Matthew Stafford in his 2nd year as QB, they definitely have the pieces in place to do some major improvement work. But, it's still going to be a long, tough haul for them. And "saviour Ben" with the Steelers?? Hey, I'm a huge Steelers fan (got a hardhat with signatures and trophy stickers and everything). But that guy is outs in my book. His actions in the offseason (the whole dance-club/bar potential-rape thing) were just a coating of icing for me. It shows that he has no foresight, no tactical thinking to him as to the potential repercussions of his actions. Yes, yes - I know it's all "accused" and not "guilty". Don't get me going on that crap. But, for him to do everything that he admitted to (his only variance from his accuser's story was whether it was consensual or not), just shows a complete lack of class, character, and thought. My fave is Hines Ward. That guy is a smiling little devastator. The team's hopes lie with him.
  15. Wow. Definitely some beauties. Nice score on the RASS, HabanaKane! The CoRo's, the Monte 2's and especially the Monte 4's just look sexy, sexy, hot. DAMNIT!!! I wish I had some more room on my plastic right now, but I just can't roll it right now. Sigh. I'll go back to fondling my computer screen, and whispering sweet, sweet nothings into the pictures that I see. Ahhhhhh....young love.
  16. Cheers and welcome, from another crazy Canuck.
  17. And, I thought this would be the perfect place to post this. I'm at 100 posts already, with this very post - all completed in about 10 calendar days (including 4 where I was gone on holiday)! I'm such a Forum ***** already. Pretty soon, I'll end up having to rent a bed here or something like that. LOL.
  18. I second (or third) the notion. I'm just in the midst of watching the different reviews, trying to catch up on what I've missed over the past few years (my wife isn't too happy about my "video time" being spent in the home office - but, tough cahones). I like it - a "Cohiba Robusto Cigar Review, Take 2 (X months/years later)", something like that.
  19. Thanks, and good to hear. Potentially, unlike many who are on here, I haven't signed up initially with the mindset to just become a member so that I can buy through Cigar Czar. I already have a few choice sources, including directly from the horse's mouth. However, I'm obviously not against potentially buying from Czar. I've received many words of praise from Rob, et al, and their service focus on the customer. Very nice to see and hear, to help me out should I decide there's some purchases I want to make too. I suspect that there are many on here who just sign up, put a post or two, and then put in an order and disappear. I'm not in for that. I'm here to enjoy the storytelling, share in on the wealth of knowledge that many of us connoisseurs have, and partake in "the community". Here's to many more conversations....

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