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  1. Perfect, thanks Samb. I couldn't remember the date exactly, with all the back and forth with those between hand- or machine-made. So, circa 2007 boxes then, with that different packaging. I will have to look out for those. Thanks for the link.
  2. Are there any versions of these culebras that are hand-made at all, or are they all still just a machine-made bundle?? I can't remember off-hand.
  3. Here, here. For the price you pay, it would be nice for it to work correctly.
  4. I've looked back through some old threads, and I didn't really find one total thread that answered my question, so here's a question/poll for the Forum... What is your "go-to" drink to enjoy with a cigar, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic? Now, I'm not talking about an individual drink to go with each individual cigar. We all know how a Cohiba Robusto is a completely different taste experience from a Partagas Serie D No. 4, and how a different drink paired with each can enhance each experience (for example, like a wheat beer and a strong Cuban coffee paired with each, respectively). I know everyone has their favourites for each individual cigar, and even within that, there's a plethora of choices with each type of beverage (scotches, for example - holy crap, are there a lot to choose from!). But, what I'm trying to figure out, is what is the general consensus of what is a "safe" beverage to enjoy with a Cuban cigar. I know what I pick, but I'm wondering the Forum's opinion here, to maybe help out some of those who are newer to Cuban cigars. What is an alcoholic, and then a non-alcoholic, beverage that you would choose/suggest to be consumed while, say, sparking up a cigar that's newer to your palate, that you haven't had a chance to enjoy before, and you know nothing of it? You're coming into it absolutely neutral - you stayed away from other people's reviews, you don't know what the flavour profile of the cigar is already reported to be, and you're smoking it relatively blind. What drink would you choose to fully enjoy your cigar experience, to let your palate absorb all of the Habanos lusciousness? Please choose one of each - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Yes, I know there's a lot of beverages that could be listed on there - but I wanted to keep the choices to within a dozen. And, I know there's an abundance of Cuban selections - but, we are pairing these with a Cuban cigar, so, I thought that it would be more than fair to list pairing products arrisen out of the same soils. Enjoy, and cheers.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the Varadero Club rum. The Zacapa is pretty good too, as is the Matanzas rum. But my fave any-time rum is the Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos. It's a great all-around 7-year rum. I also enjoy the Anejo (5-year aged), and I also have a couple of bottles of the HC Barrel Proof - good stuff (a 10- or 12- year aged, I believe).
  6. Actually, I totally use a muddler for my mo-hee-toes.... I got one of the original ones a few years back (they were incredibly hard to find at the time), when they first released the commercials, to coincide with the Miami Vice movie coming out... Freakin' catchy tune. They've re-released the original muddlers again in Canada, attached to 40 oz bottles of Bacardi white as a little bonus. But, IIRC, they don't have the green silicone muddler-head, I think they're dark grey. Still work great though - just perfect with the lime and mint. Nothing beats a nice fresh mojito (when it's done right, of course). Too many people think they're drinking "authentic" mojitos when they buy that pre-made cocktail-beverage crap. Hell, even Smirnoff (duh, a vodka manufacturer) has a ready-made VODKA mojito cocktail in a larger bottle. Stuff tastes horrible.
  7. That thing "muddles" something else to get the juices flowing.
  8. The only good Canadian RE that I've had before was the Bolivar Simones Edicion Regional Exclusivo Canada from a November 2007 box (original/initial release box). Even that was so-so, in my opinion, even though I could have let it settle a bit longer than I did (only 1 1/2 years).
  9. I've got a rifle case that you should fit into. If you're lucky, I might even open up the air valve for you. But, that'll cost you extra.
  10. Oh gawd. No, no, no, nooooo, NO!!!!! Don't even think about it! See what you've done, Rob?!!??!! You've made me hungry for lamb, and you've made Leopolis think crazy-man thoughts.
  11. I've never even, ever, heard of something like that at all. It's sun spots (for lack of a better term on my tongue right now), plain and simple. And, I've never heard of sun bleaching to anything causing a vitamin B increase. If so, we'd all be eating sun bleached lettuce, veggies, fruit, etc., due to it's higher vitamin B. To me, it just sounds like someone who was woefully uneducated in the art of the stick, and was just spouting off whatever verbal vomit came to mind. (And no, surprisingly, I don't mean this in a mean or insulting way - I have no idea who this woman was/is, and she could otherwise be a rock star in Habanos). But, unfortunately, in every business and specialty, there are clerks out there who say anything to try and ramp up a sale. And even if the vitamin B thing were MILDLY true (man, who would even bother to scientifically test for such a ludicrous thing?!) - why would it matter? Hell, you're inhaling/tasting smoke! It's not like it's the most healthy thing in the world. If someone had a vitamin B deficiency, do you really think anyone would seriously recommend smoking some cigars regularly to help with that?!!! Cigars are great, yes they are. But vitamin-delivery-devices they are not. Hope that worked as an in-depth explanation (maybe overly so, I contend, and I also didn't mean to try to trump anything others said too). I've seen it in play in different fields of tobacco in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and even here in Canada with normal cigarette tobacco.
  12. For my fave non-alcoholic drink to enjoy with a Habanos, it's a cup or two of quality Cuban coffee. I prefer the Cafe Serrano. I have a couple vacuum packs of beans in my freezer, from my last trip to Cuba (it's also available from my local LCDH outlets). I like to freshly grind and make a pot of this if I'm going to be having a CC, but don't wish for an alcoholic drink. Fairly strong, but with a 1-and-1, up to a double-double, addition of fresh milk and sugar. Hit's the spot, every time.
  13. I love 10- and 12-count boxes. I have a number of them, and I'm happy that many EL's come in them (usually, only in the smaller boxes). I think it leads one to try more variety, as space is sometimes an issue - I prefer to have 40 different 10- or 12-count boxes, than only 20 of the 25 count boxes.
  14. Trevor, I can't tell you how many times I have been on that webpage in the past few years. I didn't realize you were one and the same. Honour and pleasure, sir.
  15. I would agree fully, but I still chose, and would choose again, the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos. It's just one of those unique little cigars, that should just continue to erupt pleasantly into the future - definitely one for aging long-term, to have a couple of sample sticks every 6 months to a year or so, and go from there. Yes, the Mag 48 is more versatile (I actually prefer the standard Magnum 46 tubos), but the Secretos is just...special.
  16. I live a stone's throw away from Detroit, with the Lions, and therefore ...... go Steelers!!! Tampa Bay Buccaneers??? No way. Sorry, no pirate love for you here. For AFC/NFC in the playoff finals / SuperBowl? Either Steelers or Colts (or Jets as my longshot), facing off against the Saints or Giants (or the Cowboys as my longshot).
  17. I agree fully with all said so far. Another great thing to help with different aging aspects of the different brands/marcas and their formats/vitolas is the Min Ron NEE book, the Encyclopaedia. I just finally recently got my own copy of it, after drooling after one for years, and it's got some amazing points in it for aging in the individual brands' sections, particular to each. There's a webpage that I had found with a scan of the section on aging... Just click on the picture of the book's pages at the top of the screen, to see them blown up in full glory for easy reading. Something to take with a grain of salt (aging stuff for 30 years???), but something that puts an amazing amount of detail out there. Hope this helps.
  18. The beauty of that idea is definitely there, and hopefully the blend knowledge is retained. The problem is, if the vitola isn't produced in an extended period of time, say, if it disappears for 5 to 10 years, and then they want to bring it back...can it be done with any success? Not just financial success, but the success of an accurate recreation?? It all ends up in the hands of the orchestrators/conductors of the Habanos orchestra anyways. It's just a shame that some sticks fall prey to their personal biases for or against something, rather than a consumer demand from the faithful. However, there is always some new EL's that I end up drooling after, so they get me on the other end of the hook with those. I end up having a short goldfish-like memory unfortunately as a Cuban cigar consumer-***** sometimes.
  19. Very cool. I like their "One, Take 5" cover of Metallica's "One" - conveys the emotion of the piece well. Also, that "Classical Gas" is great. That's one heck of an awesome accoustic guitar piece. Another that some may like...
  20. Fully agreed with what Rob says. Only go for an RE if it stands out for you - you shouldn't have to go eeny-meeny-miny-moe to find one. The main stuff is better, IMO. Notwithstanding what I just said above, I also highly agree with what Drake2K stated. The Conde 109's are beautiful cigars - they are definitely one of the few RE's that I've had in the past 12 years that are definitely worthwhile to grab (about 14 or 15 different RE selections tried, I'd have to look back through my bands to be sure).

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