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  1. Punch RS No. 12's, Diplomaticos No. 4's, and Partagas SDC No. 3's. But hell, while we're at it, let's bring Elvis back from the dead. That would probably be easier than convincing Habanos SA that they *gasp* could have possibly made some mistakes.
  2. I voted for Dip 4's, Monte 4's, and R&J Cedros No. 3. The Dip and Monte 4's are definite for me. But, for the R&J (my other corona go-to), it isn't actually the Cedros Deluxe - my fave is the Coronitas en Cedro. I know the sizing is just a bit off (a 40 ring gauge, compared to a 42 for a "proper" Petit Corona format), but I actually think that this is the best in the R&J lineup for corona-related sticks. One of the best experiences for the value, IMO. On another note, I too also heavily enjoy the Punch Royal Selection No. 12, and I can't for the life of me think of why they would discontinue that one. It's a very underated stick, and one that's an inside winner for those in the know. I can see them coming back, hopefully.
  3. Yes, very much so. That's definitely why there is so much interest in box codes, production factories, years, etc. - to compare the variables, and see what that ultimate combination is (or, should I say, "could be", as there is always room for change and potential improvement).
  4. Very well put. I think the example you give should help illustrate it for relative newbies into Habanos. Running with your roast lamb example, it's also easy to visualize how even though the rosemary & garlic are applied to the outside of the roast lamb, it can and does affect the flavour profile of a taste of meat taken from the inside of the roast, with no direct contact to the spices on the outside. Even granted the different materials used in this example (as in Leopolis Semper Fidelis' post), it shows how, when things are heated and/or in contact with each other for a prolonged period of time, how they can affect each other to varying degrees. That's what is so intriguing and astounding in this world - how certain plain, natural, sometimes everyday items (garlic, meat, fruits, tobacco, grapes, etc.), in the hands and tastebuds of a master blender, can be put together in such a way that it becomes a living, breathing work of art. Beautiful.
  5. Yup, I completely understand this - sometimes, our Canadian / Ontario anti-smoking laws take the enjoyment out of being a cigar smoker, rather than just focusing on cigarette smokers in workplaces. There is a wonderful cigar bar (the only one that I know of anymore) at the Hilton Hotel at Casino du Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec. I was there a few years back for a week for a big search & rescue conference. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there - great little spot. Kind of gives me an idea - at some point, it would be great to organize a Canadian get-together, similar to what I've seen others saying about the Melbourne, Australia FOH get-together from a while ago. It would be nice - have Canadian FOH members meet up for a weekend of stogies. Might be something to look into / bring up, and/or start a thread on, somewhere down the line...
  6. I only have a few buddies who enjoy cigars, but only once in a while. Out of a 1/2 dozen close friends (my "best buds"), two others smoke cigars - but only really when we all get together. For them, it's something to do, to sit back and enjoy the time when we're all together, either out golfing, or playing cards on the back deck, or sitting back and enjoying a BBQ in the back yard. They all generally rely on my suggestions, and/or will "buy" some cigars off of me, from my boxes/humidor. Out of the 15 guys or so in my wife's family (cousins, uncles, brothers, etc.), there's 3 of them that will have a cigar with me for the same reason, and with me generally supplying. Out of the 70 or so folks on my search and rescue unit (healthy mix of guys and gals), there's 4 guys that enjoy a good cigar for similar reasons, but 2 other guys and 1 gal that enjoy them privately as well. These are the only other folks that I really know of, besides myself, that have a desktop humidor (I know this, because I supplied them with them!) I'm really the only person that I know (of my various "friends") that will sit out on the back deck, on a weekday night, and light up a good cigar to enjoy, "just because". I don't need a "reason" to smoke a good Cuban cigar - the cigar IS the reason - and I think that's what sets me out from my buds in this pleasure. But, at the same time, it makes me uniquely positioned to guide anyone's hand in this pleasure as the need arises, which I have done when it arises (as is the case with the couple of SAR members). My wife doesn't smoke cigars, has never smoked at all. And, even with her being a nurse, and us both aware and understanding of all of the issues with smoking, she doesn't mind at all. We both acknowledge it's more of a flavour/taste thing, of enjoying the craftsmanship of a Cuban cigar - it's not meant to be a "nicotine-delivery-device" to feed an addiction, like cigarettes are. And, she loves the smell of most of my cigars. They're all smoked outside - as a former cigarette smoker years ago, I don't want a house smelling like stale smoke either. But, when she's sitting around, she enjoys the aromas, and the various flavour/scent profiles, and is good at picking up some subtle nuances, like cedar, leather, and dark chocolate (surprise, surprise!) Pros and cons, I guess.
  7. Things like that almost make you WANT to smoke alone. Oh, the travesty!!!
  8. Sorry, but I must agree with the others, and with a *hint* of sarcasm.... What in the deuce was that lady talking about?!! I've never heard this, ever, in all of my 12 years + of enjoying Cuban cigars. Generally, the light spots on a tobacco leaf (usually always the wrapper, being that's what's being seen/quoted for cosmetic issues), are basically "sun spots". This is from droplets of water, usually after a big rain, collecting in a certain area on a tobacco leaf. There's always some form of environmental pollution - dust, dirt, etc. - which causes the water droplet to hold firm on a particular position on the leaf, same as with dryed/drying water spots on your vehicle. Well, this water droplet causes a magnifying glass effect, and amplifies the sun's rays, and causes a little burnt/sun-bleached/sun-damaged spot on the leaf - the white (and/or light tan) spot that you talk of. These don't affect the wrapper's flavour, burn, smoke, etc. The factories try to vet out any wrappers that have these sun spots, but Quality Control / Quality Assurance can't catch all of them, and some just end up making their way through the process. Especially, considering that most wrappers have only one or two on them, and they are able to trim these off depending on their position on the wrapper leaf. Hope this helps.
  9. Welcome Jordan, from another FOH relative newbie. Here for any tips, if you do need them.
  10. Thanks, Mr. Japan. Huh. Mr. Japan, but from Italy - strange combination, but I like it!
  11. Welcome to the forum, and good question to get you going. Aging a cigar is all about maturing the flavours, from the oils and other goodies that are within the tobacco leaves that are used in the cigars. The kicker is that different cigars/brands have different blends, and even these are then made in differing formats/sizes - and, there's even the year-to-year variances in the tobacco, so a particular cigar can be somewhat different depending on it's year of production (let alone the factory that it was hand-rolled at). So, there's a plethora of variables that go into how long any particular cigar should be aged. And, everyone has a different opinion, depending on their particular tastes that they enjoy in a cigar - each palate is unique. So, Jordan001, DoberMan, and SandmanTR all gave you excellent answers. Get some outside opinions from others, read reviews, try some samples, look for already box-aged smoke, and then go from there. Sounds like the conversation is just starting off for you... Welcome to the world of Habanos. You'll enjoy it!
  12. Welcome. Those are definitely some nice sticks to get you going!
  13. Welcome to the Forum, and to the wonderful world of Habanos!
  14. Welcome, from another Canuck and FOH newbie.
  15. Thanks for the response, Rob. Much appreciated. I was actually just thinking about this thread, after being away for a few days, and I was just looking this thread back up again, coincidentally just after you posted. All points noted. Thanks. Again, it was just two little things that I've found seem to make a huge difference in the forum world. Being able to "thank" or "agree" with someone's post seems to help free up some room from excessive posting. And, the single e-mail notice, per each subscribed thread, but with a delay on furthers sent until after visited again, is also another huge benefit to look into. I appreciate the opportunity to put in the suggestion, and the acknowledgement of it by you. Thanks, and I'll await the future then... Cheers.
  16. Going camping for the weekend (it's a 4-day holiday weekend for us), with some friends and our families and our kids. Bringing along an assortment to keep me occupied: - Romeo No. 2 tubos - Montecristo Petit Edmundo - Cuaba Exclusivos - Cuaba Piramides EL - Cohiba Robusto - Partagas Serie D No. 4 tubos - Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro - H. Upmann Magnum 46 tubos I think I can find some pleasure in my free time this weekend!
  17. Extremely slow and locking up loading pages, around 11:10 pm EDT (East coast, Canada) - what looks to be at about 1:10 pm in the afternoon, Brisbane time. Ping tests on this end seem more than okay, and server speed tests over here seem fine too.
  18. Oh dear. Sounds like I'm up for some headaches with the Mrs. if I continue to put my time in here, am I?! Errrgh, all's fun and games.
  19. Noted. Cheers Nino. Next time you fly into Ontario, Canada, you'll have to give us Canucks a head's up!
  20. Hey Rob, Question - can I submit a suggestion or two? It's a couple of thing that are in place on another forum I'm a member of, and I find they work very well. I'm not sure that it can be done with this system (appears to be different), but here goes. Firstly, is there any way that you could change something with the e-mail notices for subscribed threads? I love this feature - that way, I can automatically subscribe to a thread that I've put a comment into, and I'm sent an e-mail notification when a new post is sent - I don't have to be online with a web browser opened to the Forum page to be able to tell there's a new post. I'm glad you have this in play, as I think this is one of the best features from a forum. HOWEVER, is there a way that you can change it so that only one e-mail is sent for each particular thread, until the subscribee checks it? I ask this (as it's set up like this on other forums) as it tends to be a little bit easier on the e-mail inbox. That way, if I'm not at my computer, I receive the one e-mail to let me know that there was a response to a thread that I'm subscribed to. But, that single e-mail has the text line, "There may also be other replies, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again." This works great when it's a hot thread, and there are a 1/2 dozen or so responses per hour - that way, I only get one e-mail telling me to check the thread, and not 6. Then, once I check it again, and my webpage cookie renews, I could get sent an e-mail update again. Secondly, and this may seem cheesy, but is there anyway that you could put a "thanks" or "thumbs up" button attached to the individual posts, near where the "quote" and "reply" buttons are? I've found in the past that these are helpful, for when someone posts, and you agree wholeheartedly with their statement, but just don't really want to quote them and put up a whole other post. Thanks Rob. Please let me know. Cheers.

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