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  1. PSP QdO Coronas, Monsdales, PSP cab RASS, PSP Monte # 2, PSP Monte # 4. ...yes, I'm a PSP fanboy addict...
  2. Very old pictures (I do have some newer ones lying around, but can't find them right now - look around on my blog for some old links on coolerdor stuff, if you'd like). Those are Coleman Xtreme Marine 100 qt coolers. Those, or the newer style Offshore Pro Marine are both good (but I'm not a fan of the darker blue interior - makes things hard to see). You shouldn't need to do active humidification in a cooler, unless you're in super dry climate and you open it daily or so - these things are very well at keeping moisture in, and stay fairly well sealed. Some may even use open-cell foam tape
  3. Best options? Multiple coolers... (...enough's never enough, LOL!)
  4. Four horseman. LOL. Classic, 'cause it's soooo true. Especially Cazadores and Boli GMs. Whew baby!
  5. CQ, a GREAT "little" write up. Great descriptors and explanations given. Also, not sure if this helps at all, and hope not to deviate from your initial thread - I'm attaching a file saved from what we had put together here on FOH quite a number of years back. A sort of "reference doc", in short hand / bullet points, that may help members too. What I used to do years back was keep a folded copy of this in the back of my Cigar Dossier, along with a printed copy of a cigar flavour wheel, to sort of help "guide" my tastings on new or unknown cigars. Again, not 100% sure if it helps here,
  6. I love that old Che graph. "Middle class teenage 'rebels'", LOL. Should also be "Urban hipsters" too.
  7. Upmann factory...with a red round sticker!!!! Boxes from 2008 to 2011, in tubos especially, were AWESOME!
  8. Haven't gone through there in 2 years now. But generally, whether in the Havana airport (Jose Marti) or Varadero, many will tend to avoid. Humidity issues, scam swap-outs, etc. I don't recall ever buying anything cigar-wise myself through these airport "duty free" shops (same prices as LCDH shops), but I've picked up some last minute rum or coffee on my way out through these. Stock is generally very hit or miss. Mostly loaded up with the "tourist trap" sticks (Guantanamera, certain RyJ stuff, small selection of Cohiba and Montecristo stuff, usually a TON of Clubs and Minis and black-t
  9. Looks like an old picture of Jose Antonio, on his first day of high school in new threads and kicks!
  10. Almost outdoes the triple torch Vector tri-pump / Pyrostar table lighters then!!!!
  11. Some BEAUTIFUL and varied jar selections there!!!! I really missed out on those Coleccion jar offerings a bit ago (tried to get the one of Mag 46's, and there was a RASS crackled jar release too, that I wanted to get my hands on!!! Also, don't know if this jar listed above is the general / HUGE Partagas one, or the "travel retail" Partagas P1 jar...But if ANYONE still has a lead on where I can source one of the Party P1 Travel Retail jars, please let me know. That one is one that I've really been wanting to add for some time! Send me a PM please if you know!
  12. Ahhhhh, so THAT's another one that San Ramon Prod has been doing, while delaying and messing up everyone else's jars.
  13. If THAT'S the case, then MY wasn't the one, initially, who STARTED OUR DAMN GROUP BUY for Canadians for those when they first came out, huh?!?!!?! And I believe that when Gino gave us the head's up that the jars might be happening, we BOTH expressed interest and I told you I wanted one too, if it happened. But yes, then I had to go away, keeping YOU SAFE at home and in bed, and I'm all but forgotten about when you get your espresso-soaked hands on your OWN jar (and extra cigars). Yup. I'll remember that when the zombies come, or China invades. You're on your own then too, mofo!!!!
  14. If I was any good at Photoshop, I'd use this background picture... ...And then this hair... ...with a picture of Ken's laughing mug in there. LOL.
  15. LOL. And Ken's advice on wives is, aptly, … crickets.
  16. Yes, seated on that side. With the cool chill (wearing lots of thermal layers!), it woulda been nice to have more sun, but the home-team-side view, as well as the big screen and city skyline view, made it VERY worthwhile. The place LIT UP with that pick 6. Too bad a bunch of crap calls and unfortunately worthless challenges ruined things a bit in the 4th (Steelers were playing the Colts-and-Zebras-together in that last quarter). It turned out in our favour though. I did get a HUGE chuckle from a couple of the Pittsburgh cops and staff standing nearby when I chucked out "At least you got T
  17. This. ABSOLUTELY caked in Old Bay seasoning, and with a slightly tangy / spicy "queso" melty sauce. Pretty damn good. But I couldn't actually taste anything for the rest of the day. LOL. Well, Old Bay seasoning is a Maryland creation, so I'm sure that Baltimore would have issues with Philly calling it yours!!! It was actually another long-time member on here, @Freefallguy who brought a TON of it to my place to gift to my wife and I (along with some epic coffee and rums), when he stayed with us for a number of days before a couple of the various Toronto MegaHer
  18. Since Frank can't read the instructions of one pic per post... He should give me back MY JAR of La Escepcions that he scammed without telling me!!!!!
  19. So, Mrs. CanuckSARTech decided to surprise me this weekend, with an early Christmas present. Steelers win, at home, over Colts!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. What in the hot hell has been going on while I was away?!?!?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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