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  1. just be careful with chinese units, you pay for what you get, i am not rich but just thought if i am going to do this, i am going to do this properly
  2. looks are deceiving its actually bigger than it looks and i could easily double what i have in there atm, it's very deep so you don't see te extra space at the back,, there is also a empty tray at the bottom, i have a 50 and a 75 count desktops as well that are currently half full, storage won't be an issue....for now, no condensation problems at all, as i said ive got no idea how it works as i was told i don't need water in this unit at all unless the RH drops below 60-65, so far cigars are smoking very well, may do a review a little later
  3. have to say mine are not smoking as well as they were 2 years ago, seems to have lost a bit of strengh/flavour
  4. humidification is all digital, not exactly sure how it works..only down side was the set up was a little confusing, atm the small tray's i have there is kitty litter to drop the humidity slightly, was running just a tad high
  5. oh man i had no idea you guys meet there, i run the Nandos just below it would love to catch up next time if working hours are flexible enough
  6. Macphees website, should be a contact you can ring in Melbourne
  7. eurocave humidor, live in perth and had to order it through macphee's in melbourne, got a catalogue a few years ago and feel in love, finally saved the funds and pulled the trigger
  8. finally got my new humidor up and running, came a week before my wedding and just in time before my holiday, after 4 months of transit time and another month to get a new power outlet in the wall it's finally up and running, very happy i must say [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img]
  9. use to collect sneakers and have around 100 pairs but in the last year or trimmed it down, started really getting into the NFL in the last 3 years, Mondays are now one of my days off so i will get up Monday morning in Oz to watch Sunday night football in the states, did a marathon last year that was not to kind to my body during the playoffs , i have also been collecting NFL cards in that time and had some major Luck recently, here is a few pic's of what i got in a few recent boxes [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img] the Andrew luck i got, recently found out he only signed about 5 like this with the inscription "#1 pick" so was extremly happy to secure that
  10. agreed with Orion on this one, in additon to his info i recently watched a video review of the monte 2 gran reserva by Aj patel and he said the blends were different from the norm and being the "best" tobacco from 2008 would mean it would have a upper hand on the reg production even if the blends were the same
  11. thanks for the comment mate, just have to hang in there for 12 weeks but really looking forward to getting it and trying my hand at long term aging
  12. Just ordered a Eurocave humidor and im just a little bit excited, i searched the net and did not really find any reviews or any feedback, any one have one or know any one who has one??

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