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  1. What a great in depth review. Thanks!!!
  2. I've heard this from others as well. So what are everybody's thoughts who've had a Bespoke, CC or NC?
  3. Great first post and welcome to the forum! Never tried an 898 yet but I do have a box on the way! I must find out what's better than sex
  4. Not a problem at all! In fact, my box of OSU 02's are some of the best smokes I've ever had. Sorry to hear about your's.
  5. I too wonder about this. It makes me worry to be honest. Many of us are spending thousands of dollars on cigars being trained on the thought that they will become better with age. What happens if they just are average? A big let down... This also poses the second question of will cigars that are bad now become better with age or just be a bad old cigar? I read everywhere that cigars that are great in their youth have potential to become classics. Does this always hold true?
  6. Por Larranaga Robustos de Larranaga RE EMA OCT 07. So far I've only smoked 2 of these and both times were within the last month. They just aren't doing anything for me. I'm no PL expert but they taste nothing like the usual PL profile I've noticed in the PLPC's. These are just flat and muted. I've heard that these needed a lot of time....
  7. Thanks for the review on these! I almost pulled the trigger on these last year but got cold feet at the last minute. I think I'll just stick to the regular production stuff from JL.
  8. Aging is not the hard part, keeping your hands off them is. My best advice is to buy two or more boxes and bury one deep in your humidor. If you are only able to obtain one box then do your best to bury it in the back. I have a few that are out of sight out of mind. And if I happen to think about them, I look in my humidor and realize that the 10 minute digout isn't worth it. I also try to rotate my stock every so often. Keep the stuff smoking well up front!
  9. This release makes me nervous to be honest. HSA has done a very good job over the years with the RE hype. Some have been home run and some have been duds. With this being a special release of a discontinued brand the hype is going to be (already is) enormous. Which I'm sure is exactly what they intended. So I expect a hefty price tag on these - if you are lucky enough to procure any. And with so few of us actually having tried a La Escepcion, how are we to know if these are like the originals? Having said all of that, if I have the opportunity to get any, I'm sure I'll bite.
  10. I tried to acquire some of these but they sold out too fast. They sure look yummy!! Rob, will you be getting any of these in stock?
  11. I am not so sure about these. It's just too short of a smoke. It will all come down to pricing for me whether these get my attention or not.
  12. Its hard to say...I have a little bit or everything. But if you want to get technical, I guess it would be Partagas.
  13. Mmmmm you have some nice looking selections there. Do you keep the lids open to speed up the aging process? I think we have the same 3 finger cigar case, same color even Mine also has a terribly strong cedar smell on the inside. I got mine seperated to air it out too heh.
  14. Hard to believe its been nearly 5 years since his passing. I loved his shows and he is missed.

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