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  1. Look at some Blam gear it’s Guy Bonneville the original focal/JM lab creator that went on his own path. It’s a lot more affordable than Focal. Blam has amps & subs JL has always made nice subs and have a wide range of amps too. i would stick with factory head unit and maybe some Audi Controll EQs (DM-608), they can do phenomenal things to factory decks in car audio I still run focal utopia 7” in my car with micro dimension amps with a Nakamichi CD700 deck but in my Farm truck I have a 6/4 tweet in focal polyglass with micro dimensions class A amp and a old school
  2. Sutton


  3. Weekend will consist of GMO protection with Bayer Crop Science & Monsanto
  4. Double smoked cheddar is fantastic period. I like it with my scotch & cigar nights with the boys. Anytime anyone talks about aged cheese it reminds me of the kids movie “box trolls”
  5. I like water always to cleanse the pallet. Usually a Dalmore 18 is pretty nice with the Cherries & Chocolate. Experiment with Red Wine even Champagne or perseco. Coke out of a can is a go to for me as well
  6. Leyenda at 6 1/2 inches / 55 ring gauge, $899 USD Maltés, at 6# x 53, $799USD Dumas, 5 1/8 by 49, $699USD My Swag guess
  7. 3x that price after the Canadian government has there tax.
  8. Excellent Review ! I totally agree when these where young they didn't live up to the hype. But many saw the diamond in the rough . Hopefully with a little time like you said they will be a real Gem ?!
  9. 2009-2013 I went hard with 2-3 boxes a month. Then I slowed down. I like the Christmas samplers and if there are any exotic samplers like LE or RE releases I get some. just down to samplers or single sticks now. Don't have much experience yet with sancho,cuaba or fonseca. So I try and chase the ones I haven't really had yet. Getting some of my friends into the cigar world, and they are starting to dive in . So it's always nice doing box splits too.
  10. PLPC QDO corona monte escpecials mag 48 (if any left) RG corona RyJ Wide
  11. Ice ball maker (for drinks) Wallet iPhone case Tools (the never ending list) Knives

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