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  1. Was in Barcelona in Feb. Gimeno's on La Rambla has the best selection, ask to see "the cava", which is the basement humidor, and watch your head going down the stairs lol. They didn't have much of interest for aged stock, but by memory for RE they had: VR Maestro's RA Grandes Bolivar 108 SP Quiote PL Secretos No - dips or legendarios A little further down la rambla across the street is a great open air market for lunch. Also if you like beer check out Biercab which stocks Westvleteren 12, 8, and blonde.
  2. Unfortunately your tinfoil hat won't save you from this. It's very real:
  3. I smoked one from the OR a couple weeks ago and it was kinda meh..POL 10 box code, mebe they need more time?
  4. No offense taken or apologies necessary, just want to make sure all the facts are on the table.
  5. Prob the best RE I have smoked to date. I have a handful of these left and am almost due for a revisit!
  6. I was wondering how long it would take this to show up somewhere. Here are the facts about these cigars: They came from me. I bought them directly from a trusted vendor in HK that I do not need to mention by name as I am sure anyone who has been involved in cuban cigars for more than 2 minutes knows. I smoked almost the entire box myself and found no issues between these and the other 4 boxes of sig 3 I have smoked previously. I communicated all this to the OP, and also offered a refund on the 5 cigars as I don't have the time or patience to deal with this kind of nonsense. That being sai
  7. Ditto on this I have a couple boxes of OR Genios that look like turds, but are some of the best cigars I have ever smoked...
  8. If you want to save those act now cause plume doesn't develop on a box < 2 years old.
  9. 04-07 Espys are smoking wonderfully right now. As for the return of the Hoyo DC: ENE10
  10. Funny I saw this, as I just returned from Aruba yesterday. The LCDH has a very limited selection and no real place to smoke. I prefer to smoke on my balcony as the view is much nicer The CE shop is a little bigger as mentioned, but same cruddy inventory. The oldest box I saw at the LCDH was 09 Hoyo Churchills, quoted at ~$400 US. Most of the singles looked awful and had cracked feet. I've been going to Aruba for almost 10 years now and always bring my own stash. Please feel free to PM if you have questions about the island.
  11. Rhum JM, try to find the 10 year old (Vieux Millésimé 1997) or better. It's good stuff

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