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  1. Imperiales - It reminds me of a mix between an aged ERDM CS on the front end and SP Belicoso on the back..
  2. There are some decent ones on Amazon. Just search for cigarillo case.
  3. Only a few left. An enjoyable cigar that has no edges.
  4. Enjoying the Fall-like weather here in So CA.
  5. Like most others, there are many things I miss. The people, the food, the scenic landscape whether in the city or the farms, and of course the feeling of what cigars you may find or have rolled for you.
  6. I have always enjoyed collecting cigar-related items and art, especially Habanos. I was given this present many years back for my yet-to-be cigar room. I haven't framed all of these yet, but I have a decent amount of the Habanos brands. Here's RyJ example. Also, would eventually like to frame these.
  7. Punch DC 2009 - What a treat when the sun goes down.
  8. A beautiful Party Short in the late morning Evening relaxation with a Connie B. Superb construction.

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