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  1. I'm similar in how I distinguish taste as well in terms of baking spices. I'm currently smoking a Connie B and picking up lots of nutmeg, some clove, and maybe like a cardamom type aftertaste.
  2. RASS '20 from a 50 cab. A wonderful smoke to accompany me as I sit outside and watch the moonrise.
  3. B-52 bomber from 5 pack sampler Night stroll time and decided to give this one a go. At first, very muted dry hay and rattan flavors, but it was a delayed reaction. About 10 min into it..heavier flavors of clove, white pepper, and gingerbread lingered. Very enjoyable as I stop to write this out.
  4. I've always been a fan of Dunhill's clean design on their rollagas line. My two favorites are the Palladium dots, and the shagreen.
  5. Hah, good point and thanks for the input. Truly was just pure spice, although had some nuances of prunes on occasion. I have a few of the original lancero tubos back from 1999 which I should try and dig out from the humidor. I can see the benefit of putting these down for awhile, but I've smoked many as soon as purchased and never remember them at this level.
  6. Haven't reached for a NC in awhile, thought I'd give it a go. Picked up a few during the holidays to support the local store. I never remembered the blend being this strong, as I started out on them ages ago before they became so expensive.

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