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  1. Thanks for everything Alastair, much success to you in the future.
  2. And this was a first time purchase from that vendor. Just like the rest of you; an Oz package I have come to trust completely. Ordered three different boxes from the vendor. The barcodes were removed from seal. The hidden serial numbers in the seal were unmolested on every box but the Behike, so I called foul. Did best I could to check if hologram had been changed and found nothing until the last week.
  3. The box was returned to the vendor who replaced them with different box and a box of house blend.
  4. Saint, you are preaching to the choir. That is the web site I used to double check my suspicions. Just trying to get the word out about this vendor.
  5. I have not found any reference to a change in the security feature of this band. Prez, can you help on this subject?
  6. The hologram is a security feature and is not subject to "Cuba being Cuba". Bad hologram; fake stick.
  7. Not what one would expect of a Behike. Smell great, but I do not smoke fakes (that I know of) as you never know what is in them.
  8. Had a vendor try to tell me these are the "new holograms" on the behike band.
  9. I am accepting all evaluations on the subject. What motivated your first mind?
  10. Is it just me or does NC's stain your teeth more that CC? I increased my NC consumption due to my CC supply running low and found the usual precautions didn't reduce the staining of my teeth. Normally after smoking a whitening rinse and tooth-brushing kept stains in check. But after smoking NC for about two weeks I've had to add whitening strips to the routine!
  11. +1. I smoked over twenty years and it does a number on your taste buds. Try quitting, I find cigars a satisfying change.
  12. PARTAGÁS. SERIE E No 2 A 5 UNIT PLEASE. Thank You!
  13. Whoever sold those should be horse-whipped!!!! Never have I seen such a nasty looking cigar!

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