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  1. About 20 years ago I brought over a binder from Cuba with different kinds of bands that were most likely pre-revolution and probably into the 70's. These bands were specially made for an occasion or person. In the bands there were Princes, Dukes, Queens and Kings with their images. There was also bands for hotels with their pre-revolution names; Biltmore Yacht Club (Club Havana), National Hotel (Hotel Nacional de Cuba), Havana Hilton (Havana Libre) etc. I also remember a band with Batista's image on it. So in MRN defense there was just too many non regular production cigars being made at the t
  2. Bills looked one dimensional against Pitt. No running game, everything through Allen. No breakaway plays like last year. Super Bowl paper champions. John
  3. If you are not going on a Monday on the 10:30 am flight from Miami, American will eventually cancel you.
  4. Rob...Look what the NFL is doing. A different protocol for non-vaccinated players. More frequent PCR tests. They have to be isolated from time to time. More zoom meetings. If they get everybody sick they could lose a paycheck or two along with their team mates. Mind you they only get 17 paychecks a year. If a game is cancelled look at the losses. They have to protect any future revenue. Miami is doing the same. In order to enter a hospital, school, government building they are requiring vaccines or a weekly PCR test. Right now PCR's are free, in a while you might have to pay $100-$150 at a pri
  5. No experience with flat iron but have seen it. Marinade as everyone says, I feel 48 hours does the best. We use Sazon Badia on both sides and salt on one side, some oregano. There must be a clarification on the skirt steak. There is a inside (cheaper version) and outside skirt. If you can find it buy the outside, they are two different worlds. The inside is consistently chewier. The outside is what traditionally is called churrasco (Argentina). Recently I paid $21/lb and have seen it as high as $24/lb. Not too long ago (2020) it was $13/lb. My family prefers it over anything else. My kids have
  6. Years ago I sent a box of cigars to a BOTL that never arrived. We went back and forth with the PO and the mailman trying to locate them. A few weeks later, he asks his 16 year old son in the garage if he knew anything about the cigars. His son was there smoking with his buddies. He replied:" Oh yeah Dad these are great". John
  7. One general was aged 57/58 and supposedly was in a shouting match with one of Diaz-Canel's upper ranking staff the day before his death. Pena Porrez was said to been shot in the forehead by a Venezuelan commando Lt Colonel Antonio Rodriguez Puig in Santiago at an air force base. Traditionally they have a general die every 1-2 years. All comandates are traditionally buried in a special cemetery, even if they have committed crimes before their death, no cremations. All 6 generals were cremated. Fidel was cremated and buried in an undisclosed place. That way you cant exhume the body later to dete
  8. Most likely so the time/cause of death could not be determined later.
  9. Though I might add the traditional method in Cuba for burials is in a casket/wooden case for locals. After two years the body is exumed by family memebers and put in a smaller wooden box and reburied. Now for the commandantes they have a special burial ground just for them, even if in their last days they were convicted of crimes they are buried there. Never a cremation, which from what I understand all 6 were treated this way. John
  10. The 6 were all Generals. None have had a cause of death determined. John
  11. I worked many years in the marine industry in the Caribbean, Central/South America. What I saw for 20+ years was the same modo de operandi. Asian government supported businesses dont participate in local economies, they consume it. They set up shop and make local high-end products disappear. Fishing and Lobster industries could no longer supply locals as it was all for export. Suppliers to these industries going out of business because of the Asian phenomenon. You see, they dont play by the same rules and governments let them do as they please. In the Caribbean they have bought hotels/casinos
  12. This article is similar to all the other articles that have the same cigar-shortage-speak excuses. We cant get cigars on a plane. Now they have to use a boat if you can take that risk. 2019 was this, 2020 was that, tropical storms in 2021. The majority of the complaining is coming from Europe. Asian distributors are very-very quiet. The $hift in distribution is obvious. It's not rocket science. John
  13. Here's the formula: NaCl+H2O It cures everything. John
  14. American flies on Mondays from Miami around 10:30-ish, Jet-Blue flies out of Ft Lauderdale in the 2:00 time slot on Fridays since January. If you are not on that flight(s) you dont have any guarantees. Also the food, medicine, hygiene items must be in a separate bag not mixed in with shoes, clothes. John

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