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  1. My sister in law went to El Palco market in Playa at 5:30 am for an 8am opening and there was already 100's in line. John
  2. If in the future you decide to use the exchange houses to get CUP, the most likely scenario will be: 1 USD X .97= .97 CUC ,97 X 24 CUP= 23.28 CUP Your devaluation becomes 23.28/25 or .9312, as goods/services will be based on the 25:1 rate. You are losing about 7% With parallel traders you will have the advantage. John
  3. There is an article today in directoriocubano that it anticipates that normal tourists will be able to enter November 1st. John
  4. There are few sources that will have the CUC on hand especially if its a large number. Your source will have to call several friends see what they have and at what rate. The desire for Canadian Dollars, Euros will be less than USD. Their rates will be based on what the Cuban banks are paying (just a phone call away). All of these conversations will be in code: "How much green lettuce do you have? Are you selling it by the pound (CUP) or the Kilo (CUC)?". Your source may have to do a trade with several and will get a commission. Right now they are talking about 1.5 CUC: 1 USD. Most of the local exchange houses have been closed since last year, the airport or banks are the only official places to exchange. Cant see it getting better as the deadline nears. Eventually you'll have to walk around with wads of cash (CUP). Would like to know if anyone can say what payment forms they are accepting at the LCDH's at this moment? John
  5. Another news tidbit was released by Western Union yesterday in that at some point they anticipate that their services will be in CUP only. That is to say if you send USD to someone in Cuba they will receive Cuban Pesos at 24:1 or whatever they deem is the current value at the time. Then the person would have to change CUP back to USD if they needed that. John
  6. There was a pamphlet available at post offices that did not say anything official but implied that something was coming. They like to confuse the public with word mazes. In the pamphlet they used a term MLC (Moneda Libremente Convertible) in order to talk about the CUC, but never defined who was who. The past few days there has been panic buying of the CUP at 24:1 and the banks have had to go to TV and say that there is nothing official. Most probably they want the currency deposited into an account and then converted. Very likely they don't have the physical CUP to convert. Many of the articles imply that Cuba's desires are to go totally electronic in payment of goods/services. Finally, everything is gearing towards deposits being made outside of Cuba into accounts in order to take Western Union out the middle. Likely wont happen in the US but likely for Spain, Canada etc. John
  7. Does anyone know how they are paying for things? Speculative rumor has it that October 1st the CUC is going to be recalled and the population will have 6 months to turn it in. John
  8. Then she is not playing the instrument or singing as that is not her voice in the trailer. Looking up her videos no guitar playing and in her bio no mention of it. From what I understand her visits to Cuba were limited to film festivals that her mom attended once a year. BTW, all of those expression the kids blurt out are Fidelisms that they teach in grade school. Not to discredit anything Oona does but she is a B actress in a D propaganda movie. I just seems if you are going to portray Cuban life you should use Cuban actresses, sing Cuban songs, play Cuban instruments.
  9. In the trailer the woman playing a guitar like instrument is most likely Venezuelan. The instrument is called a "Cuatro" (four strings) and the song she is singing is "Gaita" a traditional country song from western Venezuela that is popular at Christmas time. The Cuatro is used nowhere else in the world but Venezuela. Hawaii has a Ukulele (4 strings) is similar size but does not produce the same sound. Cuba has a similar instrument in size "El Tres" but is 6 strings grouped very closely in groups of two. Traditional songs from Cuba that would be similar to this is called "La Controversia" but that is one guitar player/singer challenging another with a full size guitar. Bombs in the bathtub, not even Hollywood can think of this. John
  10. Cuban Counterpoint: Tobacco and Sugar By Fernando Ortiz written in the 40's and re-printed in the 90's. It discusses Cuba's two cash crops and its history. Lots of nostalgic black and white images. Its available used $10-$15. John
  11. JohnnyO

    Temp vs Humidity.

    Beetles tend to hatch when 80F+ temps are achieved. John
  12. Ryan...Cuballama is out of stock on everything. Dimecuba only sells packages with a 10-15 day delay. Supermarketbravo was promising less than 7 days. Shoulda pulled the trigger. They had Bucanero at 35 USD a case of 24. I'll check tomorrow. John
  13. After looking it over for an hour or so they stopped taking orders. Oh well, guess I'll have to look tomorrow. John

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