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  1. Bring snacks for the trip. Nuts, pretzels, granola bars etc, you will most likely not find this anywhere. Bring a basic 1st aid kit. You will have trouble finding this as well. Mosquito spray for the house and your skin. Many swear by those inexpensive bracelets for your arms and legs as a repellent. Don't wear black clothing as mosquitos are attracted to that. Sunscreen. Hats. A flashlight or two if the power goes out, you will still be in hurricane season. Maybe some tea light candles. Don't drink the water, buy lots of bottled water. There are 5 of you, it will be tight every time you need
  2. All 7 flights from MIA-HAV were cancelled today on American. Received a call from them about my upcoming flight 3/5 and all flights are cancelled for the month of March. The agent told me you still have to quarantine in your room if you want to go in April. Cuba is looking to vaccinate locals starting June or July. John
  3. China is in kind of the same marketing boat. They say they will supply vaccines for 27 countries. When the AP asked them for the list, they didn't have one. They have manipulated the data on their vaccines, efficacy rates in the 90%'s have tumbled down to the 70%'s and then 51% according to Brazil. They are also trying to hide behind the facade of: "We don't want to make money, we just like to help people". The two Chinese manufacturers cant produce sufficient vaccines for their people in a years time, but they are going to supply the rest of the world. Wouldn't surprise me if they wanted a pa
  4. The problem with Cuba is they don't have a vaccine ready as they have told the world. The first 3 were failures. The 4th one SOBERANA-2 is still in its testing stages and they will most likely be at it for the rest of the year. Because of national pride they wont accept the US or European versions. They owe the Russians too much, from bad deals in the past to take on their version. So they'll just keep stumbling around in the dark in the hopes of finding a solution. Meanwhile everyone will keep getting sick and these continuous shutdowns will happen. John
  5. Here is Cuba's play-by-play on the COVID vaccine. They have made press releases of discoveries of 4 types of vaccines that they would provide for the locals. The first 3 were failures. The 4th one, SOVERANA 2 will be available for tourists at the end of the year. If you aren't there for month, they will give you the remaining 2 shots to take home. They have yet to vaccine any locals in quantity. They have also stated that they will manufacture 100 million+ vaccines for lesser developed countries in Latin America and Africa free of charge. Fairy tales are a basic ingredient in Cuba's cook-book
  6. Pure rubbish. They haven't vaccinated the locals but have vaccines for tourists. They are charging $35 for covid tests coming in and $65 to get out. In the US all of those tests are free. From what I understand, in the US you need two shots about a month apart. So it would be kind of useless to get a Cuban shot from one manufacturer go home and get another shot from another. Most people don't stay there a month. More smokescreen propaganda. John
  7. The seeds are illegal in Cuba. Dont declare them, mix them up in other items. Dont take down a bulk bag. If you do get caught explain to them that you grind them up and put them in your salad. According to Cubas Aduana page (customs) you need a license to import them. John
  8. Too many tiki-tak flags ordered by Goddell so that Brady can be on Kens Mt Rushmore
  9. After watching Brady beat my beloved Dolphins the past 20 years, honestly cant support him. I thought that his arm was rubber, as Belichek had the majority of pass plays limited to 7 yard crossing routes at NE. What he did was handcuff Brady, as he has more 20yd+ touchdown passes than he has had in 8 years. He will have his picks (he threw 3 against GB) and big plays. KC will capitalize on turnovers as they have too many explosive players. They beat the Bucs in TB in the regular season, picking Brady a few times. The game will be close, maybe a 3 point margin in the 4th. Its going to rain most
  10. I'm sure most of you are aware that Cuba is going into a Phase 4 or whatever they want to call it shut down. International travelers once again have to go to a specific hotel complex and quarantine there for 5 days after February 6. Nationals arriving by plane have to go to some warehouse in the countryside and sit it out with no family or visits for a 10 day period. A buddy of mine just came back and had to do another COVID test to get on the plane. 7 hours waiting in El Vedado and the test could not be paid in any currency($30 US), it had to be paid with a debit card. He helped out some folk
  11. The MC line; Especial, Especial No 2 and other similar vitolas mentioned were 1st produced around that time frame '69-'71. The Davidoffs initially were the same blend as the Cohiba line but with lighter wrappers. Zino Davidoff supposedly set fire to a barn full of Classic No 1's in 1991 as he felt the quality was suffering too much. John
  12. Cohiba wasn't available commercially until '82 in Spain and world wide until '89. The commercial Cohiba line replaced Davidoff in '91-'92 and many of its cigars, once they relocated to the DR. Siglo I-Chateau Haute Brion, Siglo II-Chateau Margaux, Siglo III-Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, Siglo IV-5000, Laguito No 3-Panetelas were the counterparts. The Siglo V, VI was Cohibas creation. The Davidoff lines were from the late 60's, some 70's and into the '83 (Siglo IV) none with pigtails like the Cohiba line. The Davidoff Classic No 1 was the cigar being produced in El Laguito in the late 60's prior t
  13. You have me confused Galicia and Castile are two separate regions in Spain so I don't know how someone can identify you as both. Older languages and cultures also separate them. Gallego is not a word of Cuban origin, it refers to a person from Galicia, the most Northwest corner of Spain.
  14. The most recent round table meetings discussed the shut down of Cuba if they cant get the cases in order. They are looking at a certain number and if that doesn't happen by the end of January, they are likely to shut down another 45 days after that. Some workers got COVID in T2, so they sent that shift home for 2 weeks. They will continue their rescue flights but no one is flying in there. John
  15. Prez...the word propaganda in the English language has mostly had a negative aspect to it. However, in Spanish and Portuguese countries back in the day it meant advertising. Other similar words like publicidad comercial (commercial publications), mercadeo (marketing), anuncios (ads) are being used today to get away from that negative image. As a child I heard the word living in Venezuela and thought nothing of it, as it was advertising/commercials. In fact, La Real Academia Espanola who is the authority on Spanish languages, definitions, origins, clearly states it as advertising as we know it

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