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  1. You have me confused Galicia and Castile are two separate regions in Spain so I don't know how someone can identify you as both. Older languages and cultures also separate them. Gallego is not a word of Cuban origin, it refers to a person from Galicia, the most Northwest corner of Spain.
  2. The most recent round table meetings discussed the shut down of Cuba if they cant get the cases in order. They are looking at a certain number and if that doesn't happen by the end of January, they are likely to shut down another 45 days after that. Some workers got COVID in T2, so they sent that shift home for 2 weeks. They will continue their rescue flights but no one is flying in there. John
  3. Prez...the word propaganda in the English language has mostly had a negative aspect to it. However, in Spanish and Portuguese countries back in the day it meant advertising. Other similar words like publicidad comercial (commercial publications), mercadeo (marketing), anuncios (ads) are being used today to get away from that negative image. As a child I heard the word living in Venezuela and thought nothing of it, as it was advertising/commercials. In fact, La Real Academia Espanola who is the authority on Spanish languages, definitions, origins, clearly states it as advertising as we know it today. Now when I got stateside it, it was compared to the devil handing out pamphlets on the street corner. The ad is from 1930's, so the use stands to reason. John
  4. 127 cases from abroad, divided by the 6 countries that are on the "reduced" list is about 21 per country. Before January 1st there was more than 2,000 travelers landing daily from the US. Dont see a reason for all the panic. At this moment only Cuban residents are traveling to Cuba, and US Citizens/Residents are traveling to the US. Suspect this might go on at least until February. Technically the border is closed for us tourists, at least from the US. John
  5. Yesterday and today ALL American flights to MIA-HAV-MIA are cancelled. Leaving 1000's stranded on both sides. The Charters did not have any official departures and went down there with empty planes to pick up passengers. They can take the loss as Charter companies are owned by the Cuban governments marionettes. That is to say no one will enter Cuba today from Miami. Yes, you can follow their play on words. 90% reduction and so on. But the reality is, no one is going down there. Sounds kinda shut down to me. John
  6. All flights from MIA-HAV-MIA on American have been cancelled today. There are 5 charter flights scheduled for later this evening that are still on the board. A few from Ft Lauderdale and Tampa landed but the later flights have all been cancelled. shows the list of flights. John
  7. Looking at Southwest's reservation system they have no scheduled flights until March to Havana, with one weekly flight on Saturdays. They used to have 4 daily flights. John
  8. is the play-by-play as explained on the tely this evening. Americans 35 weekly flights from Miami will be "reduced" to 7. Mind you, there is no NY, Houston, Charlotte, etc. They will have one flight on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday. Charter companies will be reduced to one flight a week. They had 10 daily flights. Now you have a backlog of passengers that cant return from Christmas break. You'll have to make it rain or sleep on the airport floor for a week to get out. Charters and AA will have to send empty planes to pick up the passengers. The Cuban economic business model is something out of this world. John
  9. Yah but if anyone manages to beat KC, they would likely go on the road to Buffalo instead of having a home game. John
  10. Rothlisberger is sitting out the final game for the Steelers. Cant understand giving up the #2 seed to rest a player. John
  11. Looking at Copa's reservation system for flights from Panama City to Havana there are no flights in January. Besides Miami, this is probably the second city with the most frequency of flights to Cuba. John
  12. Looking at American Airlines reservation system, after January 2 there are no flights from MIA-HAV. Maybe I am misreading it but to me that means shut down. Maybe they are shutting down until the January 10 PCR date. John
  13. Cubanese limitar/reducir means shut down. John
  14. Directorio Cubano says the 6 countries listed above will be denied entry as of January 1st, 2021, not just "reduced". John

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