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  1. From what I remember the box codes were put on the inside of the lid, you could not find it until you opened the box. But that was about 5 years ago. John
  2. Foreman, Frazier, Ali, Norton would have killed him if a fight ever came together. Big difference between fighting 3 rounds vs 15, he did not have their hand speed and was a one handed fighter. The $5 million supposedly offered to him is a STRAIGHT LIE as Ali's earning's for the "Thriller in Manila" was $4.5 million vs Joe Fraziers $2 million. He'd a been lucky to get Chuck Wepner money ($100K). BTW, the government gave him 2 houses and 2 cars after his '72 gold medal. Him riding around Cuba on only a bicycle was another fantasy.
  3. 90F for 8+ hours will help beetle eggs hatch. A 20F degree fluctuation will help your cigars split, ones that are already cracked will split even further. These results will not be overnight but over time. John
  4. I do not suggest going under Phase II. A false positive test result could still get you in one of those crummy hospitals (No AC, lots of bugs). You will not be going to Cira Garcia and you will do the complete 14 days. Then when you get out the airport is shut and a hurricane is on its way
  5. In most statistics, total, average, best season Lebron has Jordan beat and he is still playing. Most likely you will see him play a few years, the numbers will keep going up. Jordan was mostly an offensive player, if he tried to shut down his opponent he scored 14 points. You sell a lot more Gatorade scoring 30 and taking defensive plays off. Lebron can shut down his opponent and still score 30 on any given night. I've never seen anybody 6' 8" cover point guards like he can. Jordan could not do both things. BTW Jordan got away with a lot of things, in fact the most famous shot of his career in game 6 of the '98 finals he pushes away the defender before taking the shot. It should have been a foul and two free throws going the other way.
  6. The Houston Rockets won back to back titles not having 60 wins either year, 47 wins as a 6th seed in 95. Lebron beat a 73 win GS team in the Finals. So your 60 win stat is not the measuring stick that you think it is. John
  7. Pele scored 2 goals in a World Cup final at age 17. Kinda like scoring two touchdowns in a Superbowl at age 17. Jordan is just more marketable and ya'll believe the hype. It took him 7 years to get to the Finals. Who stopped him along the way? Bird, Magic, Thomas all winning multiple championships. During Jordan's six rings there was no competition, he had a lot of help (Grant, Pippen, Rodman) never went to a 7th game. Top 5 as a #2 yes. Top 5 iso-ball player? Yes. Greatest scorer? Yes Wouldn't have him as a starter on my team. There are two guys way ahead of him in the ability to play 1-5... Magic and Lebron. Jordan's career was over after his 13th season, 18 seasons later Lebron is still at the top of his game.
  8. Don't think he is quitting the DR but feel it has reached its limits. He's just expanding his lines. Nicaragua is growing at a faster rate than the DR for farms/factories. For starters in the DR there is no running water/electricity 24 hrs a day unless you have power plants. Nicaragua is just more economically feasible, more industrialized.
  9. It's all about the Benjamins. Probably got burned out with DR infrastructure, the best option for him to expand.
  10. Unfortunately the 2 are related. If you cant see this you'll be out in the bush hunting for your next meal after everything collapses around you. John
  11. How about this exit strategy: 100% duties on anything coming in from China until ALL debts are satisfied After all it is Chinas fault why we are sitting at home
  12. Prez...Havana is probably one of the most polluted cities in the world. Get out to the country and the quality of air is totally different. The same can be said about Caracas, Mexico City or any industrialized Mexican city. There are several countries in Central America that have masses of floating garbage at the beach. Haiti is an ecological disaster. What do they have in common? Its been like that for years and they don't care. Sorry to generalize but I don't see it any other way. BTW, here in Miami they throw masks, gloves, wipes in the grocery store parking lots like condoms at a drive in movie theater. John
  13. For those that had these severe colds/coughs that might have been mis-identified did you follow up with your physician as to the possibility of a mix up? The reason why I ask is here in Florida many have had to be re-tested for incorrect results. Also, were any medicines/antibiotics used?
  14. Might be an apples and oranges thing but....According to the CDC Weekly Surveillance Report in 2009: "Over 97% of subtyped influenza A viruses being reported to the CDC were novel influenza A (H1N1) viruses"
  15. "Value of Life" is a term most often used in Social and Political Sciences not by Economists. I have 2 Economics degrees (although from a Mickey Mouse University) and don't ever remember Keynes or Friedman often saying "if something cant last it wont". No need to discuss the point any further we have more important issues here. The Cali vs NY thing to me is weather/transportation issue. It has been said that the virus lasts longer in colder weather. That is to say in Miami's 85F it might last a few hours to 3 days on a surface but up to 39 days in NY 40F weather. Put 10 million people in 23 square miles using mass transit and there you have your recipe. It has been said that rain total in the Seattle area for 2020 is one of the highest on record, my guess is that helps in controlling the virus on outside surfaces (like a hand-rail) but it can stay alive in the run-off (or sewage water) for up to 3 days. It can also stay alive in the ocean for up to 3 days. So take off your shoes before you go into the house. Cali is like Miami, nobody likes the mass transit system and a lot of single drivers in the car. Self isolation already has a head start. Years ago I got the H1N1 virus and it was violent getting through it. Very similar in to what some current COVID-19 survivors are describing. The person that gave it to me died within 30 days at age 39. I honestly believe you could get this virus breathing someone's exhaled air if they are infected, never mind coughing or sneezing. European countries I feel will experience prolonged virus complications due to the weather/mass transit mix. I have no answers, only that 80F+ weather will control this better if we stay at home. I wish that all FOH'ers get through this. John

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