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  1. Been keen to try one of these for a while now. Unfortunately most of my mates are all far too soft to handle a cigar like this; and smoking alone is never as enjoyable. Hell, last time I gave one of them the honor of a humble 1.5~ hour smoke and they only finished half of it; such a bloody waste! Got a friend down in Melbourne who could probably handle a Monte A, but we usually only get on the drink once each year. Still, I'll have to grab a 5er sometime soon, and hope for the best. >_>
  2. Rob VS Ken smashing shots? Dangerous, but no doubt hilarious video footage whilst enjoying cigars on the side.
  3. Cheers guys, this was definitely a labour of love and booze. Just hard to work on it with a fulltime job! Hopefully one day we can turn it into a proper business. @ AverageJoe: Yeah I find it’s best to hold off on the vodka/bourbon/tequila shots unless playing a team game such as 3 Vs 3. >_> At least with beer or some premixed drink you can play best-of-three without regretting it! As for shipping internationally, I still have to look into that but I’m betting the shipment fees will be scarily expensive. I’ve got a list of a dozen or so companies I need to contact to suss out the best prices, but it could takes weeks to find out. Hopefully one of them can do it for a reasonable price. @ Shlomo: Same here, our prototype definitely wasn’t this good, haha. This one is much more presentable at parties and encourages participation, I reckon.
  4. Just a humble box of Cohiba Siglo IV's. That's humble, right? >_> Been meaning to grab a box for ages. Might go halves with my dad so it's like half a present to each of us.
  5. Awesome, right? As you can probably tell from the above picture, Battleshots is basically Battleship with booze. Each player or team has five ships each adding up to 16 shots (1.5~ beers each, really), and you take turns guessing where your opponent's ships are located. The huge divider in the middle also stores everything inside it for portability. My old man and I have been working on this for pretty much the last four months, and it's finally done. You can get a lot more information and pictures here if you are interested. Any questions or comments? This is all made by hand in Australia, by Australians and with materials all purchased in 'Oz, by the way. Never stops sounding cool, saying that.
  6. The amusing part is when diehard/staunch fans of either party kid themselves into thinking only one side is wasteful when it comes to things like this. Politicians of any creed will always be happy to piss away tons of dough on useless garbage from expensive hosted lunches (calculate the amount per year per event per etc) to renovating locations of no use to anyone but themselves. In the end it’s a joke to kid yourself that your personal Hero/etc is no different to the rest. Still, hypocrisy never loses its hilarious charm thusly.
  7. I remember when I bought a box of these (the machine-made, plastic-tubed variety) that initially they were decent enough, but nothing special. When I tried another one several months later they were significantly better. Construction may not be impressive and the loose draw might put others off...but I enjoyed them all the same. I've only got four or six left out of twenty, so I'll definitely pick up another box. I suppose it's fair to say they are an excellent starting point for beginners that probably wouldn't appreciate complexity anyway. I'm not quite completely there myself, haha. The only seriously negative aspect to me personally is that they are not easy to come by. Many sites no longer stock them, and the ones that do aren't as competitive. A top cheap-and-cheerful in any case.
  8. Ridiculous. How could the world end when that is supposed to happen in 2012? I'm more concerned about this Y2K thing in any case. The concept of an apocalypse is just wishful thinking from people who have chores to do (good example by El Presidente above) or those who don't want to go to work on Monday. And the deeply-religious who like the idea of the Faithless burning forever. Pity no cigar lasts that long.
  9. Those with an extremist-mindset are the best to take the piss out of and thusly fire-up. When someone takes it personally, it only serves to make it all the more amusing. @ Warren: Typical 'the bosses have it so bad, they need everything; they are the boss so should be able to do as they please without question' mentality. Disgraceful. Work Choices was too heavily exploitable, and when such things were brought to light, what did little Howard say? "Oh, no...they shouldn't do that... (But it's perfectly legal!)" Of course, you are happy to view all the extreme angles where the Boss is always right, and the Worker could never be. However, you're obviously the type who wouldn’t care about honest hard workers getting screwed over (happily oblivious?), and perhaps there are vested interests, but to go any further would be a waste of time with someone like you. If you swore the sky was purple and I showed you proof otherwise, I don't doubt you'd be content to blissfully look away.
  10. Somehow I think the world is not coming to an end, and as long as true-blue Aussies don't have their rights at work threatened I think we'll be okay. Wouldn't bother me if Liberals got in again because if they tried to screw with the Working Class once more they'll get the same treatment the little rodent did, booted out of his own seat and all. Boat-people don't scare me. Bosses and the mega-rich running the show do.
  11. The worst kind of (future) Voter; those who follow whatever Daddy or Mother-Dearest vote for rather than making up their own mind, preferably from experience rather than tabloid garbage. At least the teacher has half a brain.
  12. Straight into the humidor once they arrive at my house. Just checked and currently my temp and humidity are exactly the same as yours, 17c and 65%. The bad one I threw away at the halfway point might have still been smokable with time and patience; but I was busy playing pool and my tolerance went out the door. Had not come across a bad one previously, but quite a few of them felt pretty damn hard when I was selecting some good ones for the party.
  13. Por Larranaga Petit Coronas were the first Cabinet I ever purchased...although mostly because I had no choice. I've had several so far and they were mostly pretty decent with one exception. Seemed like they put the best ones on top because when I went to take 15~ of them with me to a mate's birthday party and I got to lower layers there were quite a few rock-solid cigars. And I don't mean that in the good way. I thought I had handpicked 15 good ones but funnily enough at some point I ended up with one of the over-filled (or whatever) ones and the unrelentingly-tight draw made me throw it in the fire around the halfway point. Puffing like mad to get next to nothing. The one I had the night before was excellent and smoked like a dream, and I recall having one the previous week or so which was also top-notch. Guess we can't expect to end up with 50 gems in a Cabinet; but so many of them felt rock-hard. A dozen would be my hopeful estimate. >[email protected] Humidity is always 65-70%~, and they are over a year old and have been in my humidor for several+ months. Still, I'll slowly but surely smoke through all the good ones and see how many duds I end up with.
  14. This is a day in advance but I'll be heading down to Canberra tomorrow for a mate's birthday, and I certainly won't be empty-handed. I haven't met a lot of the folk that will probably be there, but I'll fill up my 15-count Cigar Caddy and see what happens. My mate and I will definitely be having one, and I somehow doubt 13 others will step up to the plate...but we'll see. As it's my only near-full cabinet, I'll be taking Por Larranaga Petit Coronas. Not a bad introduction for those who've never had a Cuban cigar before, methinks. Does seem like a pretty generous party contribution from someone who is only working casually. I'll actually be impressed if I don't bring any of them back home with me. "Don't be intimidated; it's only a CC." - "Ah...maybe next time." Soft.
  15. I still haven't tried one yet, and have had ten of them resting in one of my humidors for several months now. >_> At this point I'm just waiting for a special enough occasion, probably when a couple of my cigar-smoking friends come to my house at the same time. Which would most likely never happen since they live hours away in opposite directions and can rarely tear themselves away from Work-Work-Work or Leashed-Leashed-Leashed. Could have one by myself but I'd rather share the experience; except I'm mostly dealing with greenhorns that probably can't handle a 2-hour smoke. Tough times.

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