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  1. Still astonished the thread I started so long ago continues! great photos people!
  2. Will definitely be getting this. Thanks Ken
  3. I would disagree that rass are a cigar that people love or hate. They are robusto in format and when stored correctly are regarded as one of the best cigars 5 To come out of havana. Might want to recheck your storage conditions. Those symptons sound like over humidified cigars
  4. As limited my exposure has been, the few illusione cigars i have tried have been superb. the cg4 in particular had me very confused as it could almost pass for cuban in terms of flavour.
  5. Good morning folks. One of my best mates and long time FOH member/contributor will be tying the knot today to his beloved bride to be Amy. From everybody at FOH Dara we wish you the best of good luck and we hope you, Amy and your family have a truly fantastic day. Enjoy every moment of it! One love bro!
  6. Does this have any affiliation with captains choice shaving products?
  7. 1 part vermouth to 3 parts gin A dash of orange bitters Stirred with ice. Strain Garnish with strip of lemon peel. Voila
  8. And for the record i simply adore the monkey with the fez logo. Very original and it measn something to me...
  9. Cant say i digging the logo prez... I dont particularly mind the motif (cigar and smoke), but the colours and font arent doing it for me. The font makes it look like the logo of a kids tv programme. Just being honest bro. Stevie
  10. Even the broken clock is right two times a day... Means dont write anybody off despite their previous mistakes.
  11. Probably becuase its not a hoyo... Like the rest of the anejados program all is not what it seems lol
  12. Not much in my humi that i would throw away... The one standout in there is the 3 bolivar britanicas (british RE 2011) remaining when i bought five a few years back First one tasted terrible - was plugged Second one tasted terrible - was also plugged. Worst thing about these is i bought them in edinburgh while on a trip with the woman and i paid full retail, these were expensive. Abololute crap
  13. Dont worry about. I wouldnt even bother wiping down all the cigars, leave them as is and just wipe each one down as you smoke them. As CQ says above just give your humidification system a check
  14. I made the recipe i posted above again on friday, i doubled the amount of ingredients to make a huge batch... Unreal. Every night when im feeling peckish i just ladle some into a big mug and heat it up, so awesome. Its now wednesday and i have eaten the lot.
  15. When i was desinging my aristocrat i took inspiration from the cigarspa website The cigarspa is the active system that i use in my cabinet but in their website they feature a "double back wall" system which uses fanss to direct the humidity to levels via an extra panel at the back. Turned out it was too costly, i opted for re-circ fans and that was it. Works flawlessly with my cigar spa
  16. Its been about 4 years since i was in cuba, but when i was there i couldnt find a torch lighter in havana or varadero for love nor money. we are planning to go back next year so im glad to hear that things have changed and some shops are now selling torch lighters, i will get my hands on an iroda microjet too. Cheers for the update andy.
  17. I can testify mate that it is incredible. Apparently the most authentic style recipe too
  18. As unbelievably awesome i thought this film was... My worst criticism is that of michael madsen being cast. He is awful in this film and the scent of a washed up disconnected actor really comes through. This was the guy who went on celebrity big brother uk a few years ago because he was so broke and short for work. It sounds harsh, but i also know after reservoir dogs he turned down the role of vincent vega in pulp fiction to star in a western. Big mistake

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