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  1. We'll see. Congress will need to lift the embargo. Congress will be controlled by the Republicans next year. Obama is trying to set up the Republicans as they are not going to want to vote to end the embargo or risk loosing votes in Florida in 2016.
  2. Bolivar 15% Partagas 13% Cohiba 12% Monty 12% Trinidad 9% Juan Lopez 7% Upmann 6% PL 5% RA 5% LGC 4% Diplo 2% VR 2% Hoyo 2% SLR 2% FDC 2% Other Cuban 2% Makes me think I need to stock up on more LGC No. 2s and PLPCs.
  3. I've had an Ingenios that blew me away and others that tasted like crap (from the same box). I sold all of my Regalos and Escudos long ago.
  4. Do you guys realize that 15% of Americans (45 million people - more than the entire population of Australia) are on food stamps? You've just cracked the surface Down Under. . .
  5. Tustin? Yikes. You guys should arrange something closer to civilization next time (i.e., Beverly Hills). LOL
  6. Funny, I have a box from '96 (JM) and smoked one last night. They are rich and delicious. But it actually got a tad bitter towards the end. I can't imagine that they need to age any more than they already have.
  7. ^ Certain vendors provide box codes and let you specify those codes in your orders. So if you get a box code you like or hear from friends that a certain box code is the ****, then you can look for that code.
  8. 2013 JL #2. I think I have 10 boxes (maybe more). Also 9 boxes of OGA 11 PSD4s.
  9. There's probably about a dozen REs that I never smoke and have been meaning to sell. I gotta get around to putting together a list. I was also looking to unload my Monty "C" LEs as those were the worst of the Monty LEs IMO. But I smoked one the other day and it was fantastic. I couldn't believe it. Consequently, I am now in the market for Monty Cs.
  10. UK has had the best, hands down. Spain, Germany and Lebanon are a distant second in my opinion. But if I had to pick a true second, it would be Mexico. The ED 54 and 109 are both superb cigars.
  11. Why don't they make more perfectos? 100 yrs ago that was all they made. IMO, every marca should have a perfecto!

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