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  1. Welcome to FOH from Frederick Maryland and a Quartermaster regular since the soft opening!!!! We should meet up one of these days.
  2. Welcome to FOH from Frederick Maryland
  3. Maybe try the velcro 3M command strips.
  4. Welcome from over the border in Maryland.
  5. Has anyone been to Malta lately? What does the stock at Charles Grech look like?? I'm going to be there for 2 weeks in September and 4 of those days, we're going to be in Catania Sicily.
  6. I have 2 boxes, 2009 vintage, still in my humidor that I picked up from Club Czar back when you could still buy them. I had 3 but sold them to one of the guys that I smoke with weekly, maybe a 2 years ago, for what I paid for them back in 2012. Glad they are worth a lot more now. But there was no way I was selling them to a good friend at a 200% markup.
  7. We're always up for doing a split.
  8. Welcome to FOH. If you're ever up around Frederick Maryland on a Sunday, there are quite a few of us that smoke CC's at a local store.
  9. If you get a chance to get up to Frederick, MD on the weekends, let me know and we can meet up for a smoke. I have a good group of CC smoking guys that you could meet. I led them down the path to smoking cubans
  10. For Aruba - Just remember that there are no glass top Cuban cigar boxes. Best thing to do would bring your own smokes.
  11. Welcome to FOH. We have a nice little group of CC smokers up in Frederick Maryland. Great lounge and a new brewery right next door.....
  12. Welcome to FOH from over in Frederick Maryland.
  13. Welcome to FOH. There are a few members living up in Frederick, Maryland that enjoy the cuban cigar. It's really all we smoke in the lounge we hang out in. Although we do purchase sticks domestic sticks there to support the business.
  14. Hey Mike!! Are you going to be around on the weekends? We can get a group together.
  15. Can't really help you out as I live in Maryland. Hopefully someone from NY can chime in. Here are a couple that I found on some posts on FOH: Nat Sherman Townhouse Davidoff on Madison Ave Merchants Cigar Bar on 1st Avenue at East 62nd Cigar Inn, Mid Town Cigar Wall Street Humidor Barkley Rex De La Concha

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