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  1. Didn't see anyone mention this, but Beverly Hills hotel also has a balcony, where people can smoke.
  2. Please include me as well. 1
  3. 0.00% ring gauge of < 38 0.74% ring gauge of 38 0.00% ring gauge of 39 3.63% ring gauge of 40 0.00% ring gauge of 41 24.26% ring gauge of 42 3.47% ring gauge of 43 2.06% ring gauge of 44 0.00% ring gauge of 45 3.88% ring gauge of 46 17.33% ring gauge of 47 3.38% ring gauge of 48 9.49% ring gauge of 49 16.34% ring gauge of 50 0.00% ring gauge of 51 9.65% ring gauge of 52 0.00% ring gauge of 53 4.37% ring gauge of 54 1.40% ring gauge of 55 0.00% ring gauge of 56 100.00% Total
  4. I've tried very few regional, but Por Larranaga Encantos, La Escepcion Selecto Finos and Don Jose, and the best of them all, Sancho Panza Eslavo were very nice and memorable.
  5. No specific order: Fonseca No. 1 GOA JUL 2016 Ramon Allones (RASS) cab ETP JUL 2016 Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro OPS DIC 2015 Ramon Allones Club Allones LE 2015 MEL SEP 2015 RG Petit Corona UTE FEB 2016 RyJ Churchill MUO JUL 2014 Sancho Panza Eslavo ER Serbia 2014 LUB MAY 2015 Cohiba Lanceros MUO MAY 2015 Cohiba Siglo IV POU OCT 2013 Cohiba Robusto box MUO MAR 2014
  6. MC4

    Aging at 80rh

    Lawrence ages at 84% (sorry, I don't know what rh he uses to age, but uses 84% to bring dead cigars back to life) around 8:40 minutes
  7. MC4

    Let's give Casa Del Habano St Martin a hand

    Done. all the best to Carol. Her store is the first LCDH visit/shopping I did about ten years ago while on honeymoon. Divorced since, but the pictures of my avatar is the purchase I made from there:
  8. Thanks. I think the code MOL would appear on the back of the band as well. My understanding.
  9. Halfwheel also says the following which i didn't know and find interesting: " Interestingly, the Talismáns have new codes located on the back of each individual cigar band that are only visible when a black light is used. " Can someone who has one post a pic.
  10. MC4

    Cohiba Gran Reserva

    They weren't anything special. Some Siglo VIs I've had were even better these.
  11. I got these and smoked them a few years back, but was always suspicious as to if they were real or not. Any opinion is appreciated if they are/look real or not.
  12. MC4

    Cuban Maduros

    Do ELs qualify as Maduro?
  13. There are so many Partagas PCs or close to that size, 40 or 42 ring gauge. Personally, I've only tried the PC Especiales and I think it's a great cigar for the price, followed by Shorts. Are they all similar in taste? Please vote for your favorite, up to 2. thanks.

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