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  1. The last picture, the back of the band looks like mold to me.
  2. Maybe the price is why they come in boxes of 8 instead of the usual 10. Is 8 a lucky number in China?
  3. Cool pics and story. Thanks. @SigmundChurchill how does one get a private tour and meet the director?
  4. 2010 BHK 54, hot humid night in Turks and Caicos.
  5. I wonder if they'll force the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to maximize production !!!
  6. La Trova Monte Leyenda Connie B Siglo III Siglo VI LGC Orgullosos
  7. I guess the 58 RG Supremos was a hit and now Behike 58??!!
  8. The El Laguito made Churchills I had a year or two ago, were fantastic.
  9. This thread is an old one from 6 yrs ago. please vote here instead
  10. Surprised, not a single vote for Siglo I so far!!!
  11. The poll in this thread is from 6 years ago. Here is the one i started yesterday:

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