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  1. Last week, it was the first time I tried Connie B. So far the first few out of the box have been amazing. And last night, cracked open a RA Grandes from 2008. Excellent flavors, draw, constrction, etc.
  2. Haven't tried that many, but Eslavos and Encantos stand out for me.
  3. Las Vegas is one that comes to mind. (edit) didn't read the entire post 🤡
  4. One of the Monte Sublimes EL 2008 boxes I have has a 2009 box code.
  5. Escogidos, good cigar but was too young. Before that, tried a few La Trova, and all were superb.
  6. Does anybody know the difference between the Cohiba Clubs (white) Vs. the Cohiba Clubs regular yellow packaging?
  7. Have a few which I should start smoking: BHK 54 BTO 2013 Lanceros MUO 2015 CoRo MUO 2014 BCG 2015 Winston 2013 LGC No. 2 2013 Imperiales 2014 Lots of Robusto Extras RA Grandes
  8. Boli Libertador Siglo III Cohiba Corona Especial HdM Rio Secos Vigia Some of the Monte Linea 1935 Upmann Connie 1
  9. 7 votes for Xikar 5 votes for Vector 4 votes for Colibri 2 votes for Newport or St Dupont 1 vote for others
  10. Which brand of butane fuel do you use to refill your torch lighters? I use Vector, which is works pretty good, but just wondering what everyone else uses.

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