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  1. Likes: very tasty cigar when they are on Dislikes: Usually they are tight, bad draw
  2. I've only tried the PCEs, many boxes and everyone was enjoyable. Not tried others.
  3. A couple of side by side reviews I've seen including Sutters, they preferred the Hidalgos over the others . But i agree, they are just insane.
  4. Please vote for one, your favorite if you've smoked them, if not, pick the one you are looking forward to trying. thanks
  5. San Juan for me. I don't care much for Rio Seco.
  6. I've probably threw away 4-5 that were just beyond saving. But I've come across a tons of almost plugged cigars (no, the humidity is not high), Perfecdraw helps a bit but the experience is not the same any more. I think the taste changes, you might get a slightly better draw, but it's not the same cigar any longer.
  7. Do you just rinse the head of the cigar (cigar perpendicular to the stream of water) or the entire cigar gets rinsed for a 1 or 2 sec (cigar parallel to the stream)? thnx
  8. Esplendidos for me as well. Although, the recent aged Siglo VIs I've been smoking have been phenomenal.
  9. It's good to see that they haven't changed the bands. I thought they'll be replacing the bands with the regular smaller bands??!!!
  10. I am not an expert by any means, but the box code does not look right. The font is wrong, Code is four characters, etc. Also, the band, the head is not centered within the white background. Doesn't look good.
  11. Where did you get the spare parts (if any) from? Do you have or used tools specifically used for lighter repair?
  12. Just as a reference, these are being sold for 28.5 Euro for a box of 10, in Andorra.
  13. Could it also be the case that the "reputable" dealer is using a legit outer cardboard box and putting a fake box of 1966 in it?
  14. doesn't have paywall. $2 million and doesn't even have a bathroom??!!
  15. 1. box of Esplendido 2. for accessory, I would want the Genie pictured.
  16. I usually don't care much about the jar itself, but this one is a beautiful jar.
  17. The last picture, the back of the band looks like mold to me.

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