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  1. I would recommend the box split in the Czar.. They have really good cigars in them which will get u started. You will have to choose a size and they have picked it up for u.
  2. That'ssssss Grrrrrrrrrr888888888888888ttttttttttttt AM heading to Costco to buy myself one. I Live in Winterpeg Too
  3. I have been collecting book humidor for a while now.. Every now and then a question that comes into my mind.. Should those books considered as humidors worth keeping your precious cigars? Would you prefer putting them in your humidor or keeping the book and cigars in a chiller humidor? LMK what is your thoughts. Hope you all had a merry Christmas. Wish you all a happy new year.
  4. I would be all over them.. PM me if interested in getting rid of some. Have fun smoking them...
  5. Used to worry about this.. But really badness can happen anywhere... So enjoy enjoy enjoy. Take loads of pics to share ... All the best.
  6. Definitely a buy.. Apple had introduced the concept... In addition to a solid device .. The upgradable OS.. Adds real upgrades every now and then.. Not like any other device. Android no upgrades and windows is a window. Apps are a real treat... They give the device different color and job... It's computer substitute.. No now it's a game console.. Etc. 64 vs. 16 GB as everybody said movies, songs and games ( have the largest usage ) how much u are gonna need? 3G vs. WIFI.. Do u spend time away from home or wifi hotspot.. For me I spend days.. As I work in hospital on call... I need flexibi
  7. Smoked a CGR followed by Siglo VI 2003... So did my family.. Had loads of discussion. Worth it for the special evening.

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