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  1. There are so many things wrong with modern F1....where to begin. 3 worse for me is shitty track design, fuel and tire management.
  2. To many pundits, technical people, teams and even Ferrari themselves are saying that they have the best power unit on the grid. Many people that typically can't agree on anything. I believe them and the speed trap don't lie. However it takes the whole package to win a race. The biggest problem with Ferrari this years is strategy and driver errors. It's not just Vettel, even young Leclerc have made a few. Mercedes on the other hand have been flawless from a strategy and driver perspective. They are rightfully reaping the rewards of such excellence.
  3. I'm a Canadian. A very proud Canadian. But I'm with you 110%. I can't stand this guy. Believe you me hardly anyone in Canada cheers for this spoiled brat or his rich father. I should also be cheering for Racing Point also as that is the closet to a Canadian F1 team that we got. But nope don't like them either. I do like Perez. I think he's a talented driver who earned his spot in F1 based on merit. On another note, I sure hope Claire Williams do something right for once and NOT sell Williams to Mazepin as that is the only way Mazepin can get his son into F1. It's bad enough that
  4. Monaco is always the most boring race on the calendar. Qualifying and the start is the only "racing" otherwise, unless it's raining or a mechanical, it's a procession. Politics and F1 goes hand in hand. I hate this about F1. Anyone but Max would have gotten a drive thru penalty. Giovinazzi's punishment was more severe for a less severe or potentially severe incident.
  5. Yes @MIKA27 thank you so much for this thread. One of my favourite for sure.
  6. Going to miss Alonso in F1. One of my favourite drivers. If he does switch to Indycar, I wish him the best though I question is career choice dollar wise. But I guess, at this stage of his career, money means less than legacy. At least I'll be watching more Indycar.
  7. Sad to see Force India being in the sad state that they are. Sad state of affairs for F1 when a 4th place team that constantly punches above their weight fails. F1 have become a 3 team, 4-5 drivers, league with a few other teams and drivers filling the grid. Don't see this changing anytime soon. Claire Williams is pathetic and annoying. I've predicted before the season start that they were going to suck and would regret going the paid drivers route. A driver's input during testing and FP sessions makes a huge difference. At least Force India got some experience, competent paid drive
  8. RIP Mr. Sergio Marchionne. 66 was way too young.
  9. LOL. NO! I'm a Hamilton fan and by default Mercedes. Everything that could go wrong have gone wrong for this team today. Having said that Hamilton's pouting spoil brat attitude after his team messed up yet again is not very professional. Grow up kid, put your head down and do your part. Had it not been for Mercedes he could have been Alonso and McLaren. Happy for Max and the great win today and for RB. Not a fan of Ferrari but respect to them for not swapping drivers and allowing them to race. Did not expect Ferrari to do that.
  10. LOL, Martin Brundle tried, really tried to talk to Kimi during the Austrian GP gridwalk. In typical arrogant Ferrari fashion they brushed him off. I've seen Ferrari do this a few times.
  11. I agree Mika, 2 different scenarios. I remembered Shumi's drive and thought it was an amazing drive. Someone on a Moped should be able to retain track position in Monaco. Between the narrow track, tire degradation and the fact that a car can't follow closely made it a boring race. I'm a Ricciardo fan and I'm happy for him that he won Monaco. But let's face it he won Monaco in qualifying. Very sad state of affairs for the British racing teams of McLaren and Williams. Has been for a while and I don't see this improving anytime soon. Both have no one to blame but themselves for bein
  12. Canadian GP next, now that's a race track!
  13. Typical boring Monaco GP. Don't bother watching the bling procession anymore. Nothing changes unless it's a mechanical or crash. I watch qualifying and that's about it.
  14. Honda is here and is committed, while Aston Martin is still thinking of getting into the F1 engine game. The earliest Aston Martin will get in the game is 2020, if and that's a big if they get in the game. It would be fantastic if they did. As I said the more manufacturer the better. Especially a competitive competitor that keeps Ferrari humble. Red Bull would go from have no options to 2 viable options. I'm thinking RB and Renault would love to divorce ASAP.
  15. Finally starting to get excited about the upcoming F1 season. Been a long cold winter here in Western Canada so no sympathy about driving in the snow. Don't know why but looks like I'll continue to cheer for McLaren. Maybe because I'm an Alonso fan. Hoping Hamilton can repeat again. Looking forward to and hoping to finally see Honda back in F1. More manufacturers is healthy and is needed in F1. If Honda can finally get in the game, it should make racing more exciting when Red Bull inevitably switch to Honda after this season. Hopefully it'll be a more competitive exciting field rat

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