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  1. There's also Ironworks Distillery, out of Nova Scotia. I picked up a bottle when I was there, haven't cracked it open yet to fully get an understanding of it. But, I did have taste before I bought it and it is also not very sweet. There is a Rum essence but it was super dry (almost Moet Brut Champagne dry). The distillery is located in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. https://ironworksdistillery.com/shop/bluenose-rum/
  2. Never got through Moby Dick, Brothers Karamazov, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment...made it through halfway in C&P but just gave up. I've started all of Hemingway's novels and given up on them about 5 pages in. For Dostoevsky you could say it might be the translations but then again I've read other Russian writers, it's just his prose that gets to me. I want to like all these books but I guess I've never been into turgid writing.
  3. Last Exit For The Lost - Fields of the Nephilim Runners up: Hit Me Baby One More Time - Type O Negative / Assimilate & Smothered Hope - Skinny Puppy / Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel
  4. Superman (1979, when it came out in Istanbul). My dad took me to it. Still one of the best memories of my childhood. And to this day one of my all time favourite movies. I still remember having to rush back to the theatre after the movie as my dad forgotten his umbrella there.
  5. and here's something else found in the rules - key section in bold: Repackaging of cigars Most cigars currently sold in Canada are imported; sales of cigars produced domestically account for less than 12% of the market. Nonetheless, for many foreign manufacturers, Canada is a relatively small market and sales in Canada are unlikely to be high enough to justify a substantial investment in redesigning their packaging. The industry representatives consulted anticipate that the introduction of PSA measures will lead to a substantial consolidation in the variety of cigars available on the Canadian market. It is estimated that the introduction of PSA measures will lead to a 50% reduction in the number of cigar SKUs available on the Canadian market. The analysis assumes that all cigars that remain on the market will be repackaged by Canadian manufacturers or importers to comply with the PSA measures. The tobacco manufacturers consulted estimated that implementing a repackaging system will cost between $3,300 and $15,000 per SKU. They envisioned this as a one-time cost associated with designing and producing compliant packaging, coupled with establishing a facility capable of receiving imported cigars and transferring them to this packaging. The estimated costs range from $5.75 million to $25.9 million (present value) over 30 years, equating to annualized costs from $473,000 to $2.1 million associated with cigar repackaging.
  6. And some more info from the Rules itself. This is related to the background materials included in the details of the act: "...The compliance cost for industry analysis assumes that there will be approximately 10% consolidation of brands for cigarettes and little cigars, 80% consolidation of brands for pipe tobacco and 45–50% consolidation of brands for cigars, smokeless tobacco and cigarette tobacco." Anyway, what's really apparent in the overall act is that it is geared primarily to cigarettes. It just comes across as cigar regulations were just tacked on with the assumption that manufacture and sale of cigar packages are the same as cigarettes. There's clearly no rhyme or reason on the rules. The whole point is to strangle sales of all tobacco (and I have my thoughts on the fight against the rules over the years, but will keep it to myself). One group I have not seen in this the impact it will have on shops and sales on reserves. As well, considering the amount of Chinese cigarettes smuggled into this country this is just going to drive hard core smokers to that. There were many buyers I know that would get ziploc bags of 100-200 cigarettes on the cheap, or under retailer counters in stores. jsut as a point of reference I smoke both cigarettes (burning and heating) and cigars. Hence why my overall interest in the rules and not specifically the cigar sections.
  7. my favourite things, well related to the rules - random points for my amusement: Manner of display 31 (1) If a brand name is displayed on an exterior surface of a primary package or secondary package and a health warning is also displayed on that surface, the brand name must be oriented parallel to and in the same direction as the health warning and must be centered in the area of that surface that remains unoccupied by the health warning and any other information that is required or authorized by or under the Act, any other Act of Parliament or any Act of the legislature of a province. Placement 36 In the case of a package that has a rectangular cuboid shape when it is closed, the declaration of net quantity and the common name of the tobacco product must be displayed in such a manner that the last letter of that information is 5 mm from the bottom and right edges of the package. 52 Any lining that is placed in a primary package that contains cigars must (a) have a smooth texture, without any raised features, embossing, decorative ridges, bulges or other irregularities, unless such features are necessary to hold the cigar in place or to remove it from the lining; and (b) meet the requirements of paragraphs 23(a) to (c). Just some random rules...
  8. Maybe for cigars but I would think the manufacturer would need to do it for cigarettes. Unless, it's their purpose to completely cancel sales by bureaucracy overload. I can't see a mom and pop shops where the bulk of their revenue/sales is cigarettes repackaging them.
  9. http://www.canadagazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2019/2019-05-01/html/sor-dors107-eng.html here’s the link in case anyone wants to read it.
  10. Not specifically cigar essence but I tried Tabac a long time ago for a short while. It was too intense and not even close to a tobacco scent.
  11. I am a bigger fan of the books than the series...and my patience has been sorely tested on the book front...the last two (which were supposed to be one book) were just a chore to read. I've also now read the available books three times cuz I keep forgetting what the point of the "F"ing series. Anyway, diatribe off. The TV version started well but now it's more exciting watching paint dry than sitting through two thirds of most episodes. That first season actor (I can't really name him as I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't seen it) should have been another character as his acting was the high point. Now I'm just watching the series just to get it over with.
  12. As long as it meets this proverb, it's a good coffee: "Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love"
  13. After 18 months away from Havana I was again able to go for a few days with a small group of the cigar gang here in Toronto. This seems like a good opportunity to provide a quick update and also include a few photos from the trip. The photos are mix of phone and DSLR, so the quality will be different. The colour/lighting/exposure are based on my preferences so that may not appeal to some. Considering the weather we've been having in Toronto it was an excellent reason to get away. Here's what I was leaving behind on the day of the flight to Varadero from the back of the cab: I thought for sure that the flight would be delayed quite a bit but as luck would have it we only took off 2 hours past the scheduled time. Of course leaving on an afternoon flight to Varadero with a two hour bus ride to Havana meant we would not make it to the hotel until late Wednesday/early Thursday. But, that's no matter when the thought of Havana beckoned. We got into the hotel around 12:30-1:00am. Check in, drop off bags and head straight to the back of the Nacional for a quick night cap. The next day i got up early, had a quick breakfast and again headed out to the back for the first morning smoke of the day - can never get enough of this place: First smoke all done, the rest of the gang started to stumble out into the 30 degree (celsius) heat (sorry all, that's up to the attendees to post their own photos). We had to figure out what our day was going to shape up to be like, cigars then shopping, shopping then cigars or shopping cigars and food or some other combination. We decided to have a couple of more cigars at the back then head out to the old city to visit Conde de Villanueva. That is a Reynaldo custom sublime - great cigar. That done we decided to walk around a bit and head over to the Partagas store. It's sometimes nice to get there when there's no festival going on to get the fill of the place, and that we did. We almost had the back room to ourselves. A nice small cigar (sorry no photos, and I can't remember what I smoked) and an espresso rested us well from the heavy workout we had with walking over from the Conde to Partagas. Quick update; neither Conde nor Partagas had anything other than regular production cigars. This was true of most everywhere we went. After the walking trip around the old city what could we do but head back to the Nacional for more smoking before dinner. Again, not many photos of this as I was too busy blissing out on the cigars and cocktails. When dinner time came we headed out to La Guarida: (sorry about the cutoff fidel quote, I was too busy trying to get the flag into the frame and missed) And of course, after dinner back to the Nacional for more, you guessed it, cigars (and some music): (like the cut off head?) Onto Friday. The big day. Rent a car and go cigar shop hopping. First up Melia Cohiba for a quick look at the humidor, all regular production. We then went to Club Habana to pick up some customs there (and I found the first stack of 50 cab Punch DCs. Of course I had to get one). Then onto El Aljibe for some chicken. Too busy eating to take photos (mainly). Popped into the shop there, not much to see. After lunch we headed over to 5y16, again mainly regular production but there we a couple of boxes of Libertadors there. After that onto Comodoro for some puntillas and talk to Alex for a few minutes. Then onto Melia Habana for some coffee - a few more Punch DC 50 cabs here too. Then back at the Nacional for a quick drop off the cigars/coffee, and of course another cigar. Then off to Terazza for an early dinner and then back to the Nacional for a cigar and some more music (are you noticing a pattern here?). The next day was a bit lighter with most of our time spent at the Nacional, but we did make a jaunt out to Parc Centrale for lunch as well as a quick stop off at the Cohiba Atmosphere lounge to check out the stock there. The Cohiba Atmosphere was the only place we saw the Monte Maltes and Dumas together, as well as the only place that had an open box of Cohiba Esplendidos @ 50% markup though (32 CUC). Which reminds me, for the first time in a long time there were many more Cohibas in Havana than the last few trips I made in 2016/17 - Robustos, I, II, III, IV, V and VI could be found in most places. There was one shop that had three pack Esplendidos but I forget which one. As for the Monte 1935 line, there were some Dumas at a few spots. Nacional had four boxes of the Maltes, but they were gone within a day. No Leyenda in any shops in Havana. The last bit of the trip was pretty uneventful. Just lounged around the Nacional mainly. Monday (March 4) was the end of the trip so we headed back to Varadero for the flight back to Toronto. What could the trip be without walking around the airport to check the cigar wares there? There were a few boxes each of the Monte 1935s - Dumas, Maltes and Leyenda. There was a lone box of Cohiba Talisman at one of the counters. And, there were boxes and boxes and boxes of the Punch 2017 - Regios de Punch - LE in the main humidor at the airport. Here are the final batch of random photos from the trip as well as the haul I brought back (the same as the one posted in the Cuban Haul thread).
  14. Yeah. There were about 8-10 boxes across various shops. Club Habano, Melia Habano and one or two others I can’t remember had them. Can’t remember the full code off hand but it was Jul 18
  15. From this past weekend. Hoping to do a quick write up and photo posting on the weekend.

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