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  1. if you're going to Cuba specifically, not only have the above mentioned items handy, do not, I repeat, do not forget to take toilet paper (or any sort of wipe) with you...and if you have a spare one that you don't mind carrying along (😂), a toilet seat might help as well - I've seen many stalls where the seat is not actually present while in Havana.
  2. I should be good to go....
  3. Crom; so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to hell with you!
  4. They were the cabs of RASS. There were a few boxes of them without in a couple of spots last fall.
  5. As mentioned above, a soapy flavour. That was not pleasant. I've also had Turkish Coffee flavour specifically in the Monte 4 once. I'm still searching to get the flavour again. I guess I should mention that I had polished off a half bottle of Wyborowa vodka before lighting up the monte, so that could have done some psychosomatic wonders to my palate.
  6. Yes, I buy them to smoke them. Sometimes I will let some go to close friends but only at cost.
  7. Thanks. I've started talking to the school where I had my training sessions and M2 exit test from (two stage licence process in my province, and the first stage is only a parking lot course) to help me get home with the bike as they offer that service. Even then, I may just ride along the bicycle lanes...heehee... Really looking forward to getting on the road with it, even if I'm terrified...
  8. Ouch....man, now i'm terrified of trying to take the bike home. Maybe I'll walk it the ten blocks from the shop to my place when it arrives. Or, I could take the back streets never getting above first gear.
  9. Just getting into riding (mid-life crisis)...recently got my licence, and my little toddler bike (rebel 300) is on order. Will post photo once I get it...hope to get a HD or Indian or Triumph at some point in the future.
  10. Case in point, Point of No Retun (godawful remake of La Femme Nikita).
  11. ebhead

    Gnocchi: Pasta or Potatoes?

    it's a pastato?
  12. On Nov 9 there were 17 boxes of SW at the Habana Libre, yes I actually counted. Other locations had around 5-10 boxes each from what I saw (almost every store we hit had it in stock). Heading out of Varadero on the 13th there were about 5-7 boxes at the store in the airport. Having said that the dates I was there were right before the festival so they could have been picked clean by mid-week. Also, all the boxes were Jun/Jul, mainly Jun. I don't remember the factory code though.
  13. ebhead

    Back from Havana

    I believe so, yes.
  14. ebhead

    Back from Havana

    Marc is also in the photo, off to the left, smoking a cigar.
  15. ebhead

    Back from Havana

    Good question. Even if rebuilding, where did they get the money? It's been stumping me since I saw them.

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