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  1. I'm from chicago and for me, I always enjoyed the burger at Hackney's. On a trip to LA I had the pleasure to experience an In and Out burger and yes it was awesome!

    The best to me has to be the Veal burger I've had in Buenos Aires, Half pound of veal toped with bacon , lettuce , tomato and onion. :P

  2. I've noticed that whenever I drink a little more than I should and smoke a cigar....the next morning I have a horrible hangover! :lol3:

    Now believe me I can drink most people under the table and wake up feeling ok, not great but good. When I drink and have a cigar I'm hurting most of the next day. Just a really powerfull hangover.:P

    Some may say it's the nicotine but I've chewed tobacco for 32 years so i'm used to it. The obvious answer is don't drink so much and thats fine but what is it about cigars that causes this? Has anybody else experienced this?

  3. Welcome Dean, as far as the robustos are concerned, I love the Ramone Allones Specialy Selected. It's not a particularly stong cigar but it has great flavor. I think this would be a great beginners cigar. I currently have those as well as some Vegas Robainas Famosas that I hear are great but their marinating in the humidor right now, I'll let you know how they are when I smoke them.

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