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  1. Wow! This thread is taking on a life of it's own. Keep the the great posts coming!
  2. rfenst, she's actually out there with a couple girlfriends. Problem is, most of her friends husbands and kids know about it now. They've all been told to keep it on the down low. If it doesn't get back to her by the time she gets home tomorrow, I'll be amazed!
  3. I'll watch the local news early in the morning while reading the local paper. Then throughout the day check on CNN, FOX or BBC to get some world news. If I'm on the computer I check websites from newspapers around the globe. If I'm out and about I have various news organization apps on my IPhone that I check.
  4. By the way the RYJ Wide Churchill was very nice!
  5. Yeah he is tough, in fact I'd never seen him cry before! Two broken wrists and got hit in the face while at bat which knocked a tooth out and the umpire said he turned around and spit his tooth out and then proceeded to run to first! The Ump and coaches were amazed. I knew though that this was bad, He was crying and when I got there his leg was all bent out of shape. Broke my heart but he'll be fine,I just don't want to tell him how painful it's going to be when the doc sets it tomorrow
  6. Hi ladies and gents, a friend of mine just gave me a Padron Anniversario as a gift after giving him one of my RASS'S that he loved by the way. The Padron is a big one, box pressed and around 6 inches long. I'm not familiar with these and I don't know the name but I know their supposed to be really good. Question is, I've seen these at the local tobacconist and held them and they feel really dry I couldnt get up the nerve to buy one for $30 US. The one he gave me is also dry. I threw it in the humi thinking it needed some time and some moisture but maybe this is normal for the Padrons......Is
  7. Toduce, It sounds alot like what I experienced with said cigar. Not a big fan of the RYJ's but I just smoked a Wide Churchill that was very nice.
  8. All good replies. Hope I didn't mislead but as far as I can tell, my marriage is not in jeapordy. The thing that got me thinking about this was that during a conversation a while ago she mentioned that all her friends go on dates with their husbands once a week. They tell her that if they didn'd have that.....they'ed leave the bastard. REALLY? Is that all it takes? I love going out with her when we can but sometimes it's not economically feasible and she gets it. I think her friends are either a) stirring the pot to cause trouble. (like thats never happened) clueless or c)full of ****
  9. Ooh, cajun corn and crab sounds good!
  10. Welcome to FOH Colonel! Spent alot of time driving through your great state! My only regret is that I didn't stop to experience the many wonderful bourbon distilleries you have
  11. Warren, welcome to FOH, I too lived in Hagerstown for a while...nice town, great people. Thats a nice bunch of smokes you have.
  12. Welcome to the Catfish from the great state of Texas!!
  13. ZAZ, Welcome to FOH! Love gumbo so if you've got a great recipe I'd like to hear it......but talking cigars is great too!
  14. Welcome to the forum PLUSH, Just wondering....are you a fan of Stone Temple Pilots? That was one of their big hits, And yes I am.
  15. Welcome aboard, My wifes friend is from Louisiana and make a killer Gumbo! To die for.
  16. Oops. meant to post this on the watering hole, Maybe the moderator can have this moved. sorry
  17. Yes It will be my fault..After all I did buy him the bike! and yes I'll be the bad guy for not telling the wife! Can't win for losing Apearantly he's on a quest to break all of his limbs, Both wrists and now the leg all by the age of 12. Hate to say it but I'm getting used to back to that wide Churchill, Good thing I have good insurance!
  18. Hey Guy's just curious, what do you do to keep the fire burning? And I don't mean cigars! The wifey keeps telling me that all her friends go out with their husbands AT LEAST once a week on "dates". I don't know about you but with 3 kids and losing 40 percent of our household income from pay cuts due to the events of 9/11/2001, It isn't that easy!! What are some of the cheaper ways of keeping the fire burning? and I don't want to hear "Take her to Mc Donalds"!!
  19. Glad to hear your all safe. When it comes to something like that, make sure your family is safe first...your THINGS are just posessions and are not important. Like John Lennon said in one of the greatest songs of all time "And no posessions too"
  20. Just got back from the emergency room. My 12 year old decided to go for a ride on his brand new bicycle and I got the dreaded phone call from him. (Crying)"Dad I need you to pick me up.....I think I just broke my leg. Well, I knew he was serious because I've never heard him cry before. He's broken both wrists before and was hit in the face with a pitch in a baseball game that nocked a tooth out before and never a whimper. I picked him up, dumped the bike off at the house and whisked him away to the ER. Sure enough he broke his leg in two places! Mom is away on a girls ski trip and I will not
  21. I know most of you have all kinds of refined tastes when it comes to cigars...but I just smoked one awesome RASS!! Had a friend over doing a kid exchange (mine sleeps at his house and his sleeps at mine) The wives are on a ski trip in colorado. I decided to give him a RASS to try. He loved it and I was In nirvava, simply the best smoke we've both had in a long time. I love these Rass's If you haven't tried one you should. I'm pretty sure they're 08's You won't be disapointed
  22. Watching this thread evolve was like watching a shark feeding frenzy on The Great Barrier Reef!!
  23. I was thiniking the same thing but was afraid to ask. The wood being porous makes sense but what about cigars with the cellophane? how does the moisture get through the plastic?

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