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  1. Never had the privledge to know bill, but judging by the replies on this thread, he was one hell of a gentleman. Need more like him. Rest peacefully bill and condolances to the family.
  2. Which one did you have? I had an Open Regatta. Yeah maybe there really bad and maybe one out of one hundred is good......I shoulda played the lottery that day! Damn!
  3. Very nice! docbp87, The afternoon storms still roll through like clockwork but not so much this time of the year.
  4. How many remember using an old cigar box for your pencils and stuff back in elementary school? I used to open that box to get a pencil and be distracted by the wonderful aroma eminating from within. Hmm.....maybe thats why Ihad so much trouble in school!
  5. The only thing I can think of is when it's cold most peoples noses produce mucas. I'm not sure but this may be some kind of protective feature of the olefactory system. The mucas coates the olefactory nerves and weakens your ability to smell. Remember we taste and smell mostly with our noses and to a lesser extent our taste buds. It sounds like you'd rather not smoke in your home but do you have a garage? maybe try that. There are patio heaters available and some are relatively inexpensive, maybe try that. How about a local cigar bar? hope this helped. Disclaimer: I am not now nor have I eve
  6. In regards to my previous post, I went over to Trevors website and noticed that the Fundies I bought in Buenos Aires have the old band! I may have mis read the date on the box seeing 08 when in fact they're from 98. Now I really can't wait to try them. Guess It's time to start carrying my readers with me at all times.
  7. Yes Jacksfull, I didn't mention it but I was insulted as well. Suprised you're the first to mention it but then again the main issue was the ash.
  8. had stitches in my head last time in Havana....wouldn't be the first time I have been recuperating in a Havana hospital If there's a funny story line to this, I'd love to hear it. What happened pray tell?
  9. Sadly, President Castro was injured while taking part in a traditional Hebrew dance called the Hora. witnesses testified that El Presidente was approaching the tightened circular end of the dance line when fellow reveler Zelda Greenberg Perez fell on top of him followed by Isadore Cohen Hernandez and abe Goldstein cabral. El Presidente is recouperating in an undisclosed Havanna Hospital where he was last heard uttering the words...Oy Vey!!
  10. Ya know I never thought of that!! I'm actually relieved....They're not as stupid as I thought they were!
  11. Have the kids put on their bathing suits and go out to play in the rain. If you have a trampoline in the yard even better or if you have a pool let them swim in the rain, my kids love this! just so long as there's no lightining. I''ve got my kids trained like Pavlov's dog, as soon as they hear the lightining detection horn at the local golf course...they come running into the house.
  12. :lol:Are we really going to discuss this..Gentlemen please, TMI. yikes! Hey Brian1, After being Mr. mom for three kids half of the last 12 years, there's nothing that grosses me out! LOL Hell I'd even go so far as to say I've become somewhat of an expert on poop ie; color, texture, mass, odor...well you get it. Just last week my 8 year old swore he saw worms in it. He was mortified, SOO I had to inspect, poke, and disect each poop for three days. The verdict, NO worms. Do I have you running to the bathroom to hurl yet? Got some good ones about vomit too, but thats enough torture for now.
  13. I'm no doctor but I think that when you introduce new food to your digestive system it sends a message to your lower gastro area to begin the process of making room for the incoming new food. The process is called peristalsis(sp?), your lower intestines begin to contract and push the previously digested food out. If you Google the effects of nicotine and peristalsis, you'll find there are several articles that also point to a correlation between the two. Caffeine in your morning cup of joe does the same thing. Nicotine and caffeine are stimulants and both are known to jump start peristolsis.
  14. I realize you can just open the safari browser and visit the website from there however the app would take you to the site with the touch of a finger and reading the different threads would be instantaneous instead of waiting for each page to load in the browser. I'm no computer wiz but I'm sure there are advantages to having an app as opposed to doing it the old fashioned way, why else would these other forums have apps?
  15. Does FOH have an application for IPhone and if not , why? I think I've seen another forum I think its puff cigar that has it. It would be great to be able to access FOH on my I-Phone anytime anywhere. Presidente??? What say you?
  16. USA Today 12-03-10 UCSF Researcher Charles Chiu was spotted swinging from the Golden Gate Bridge scratching his testicles and emiting a howling or grunting sound similar to that of a chimpanzee. When USA Today attempted to contact Mr. Chiu's supervisor at UCSF Mr. Curie S. George. Mr. George refered the call to a Mr. Magill A. Gorilla who we were unabe to reach.
  17. Wow, some really interesting replies and some food for thought. Thanks again, you might have read on my other thread "got raped in Sao Paulo" that I was upset about buying fakes from a local tabacaria there. Now I don't feel so bad...but I'm still not so sure I didn't either
  18. Thanks to all for their replies. Alot of good info but what it tells me is, Unless your name is Sherlock holmes or work for Scotland'll never be able to identify the cigar as a Cuban solely by the color of the ash. Am I right?
  19. Yes we were all drinking but this gentleman claimed to be quite the cigar expert. I do know that the next night when we got together, I gave him what I beleived to be a real Bolivar Royal Corona and he loved it and yes the ash was blackish grey.
  20. Hey folks, I was at my neighbors house on thanksgiving night enjoying some scotch and cigars with my neighbor and his brother. I brought over a few cubans that I had purchased In Sao Paulo a while back. My neighbors brother stated that the cigar I gave him, that he was smoking...was a fake. When I asked him how he knew, he responded with, "well you can tell by the color of the ash. This ash is white in color and cubans produce an ash that is mostly black and grey". Is this true? Is this a definative way of determining whether a cuban is fake? Or are there other factors that can be observed?
  21. I bought a few from a shop in Buenos Aires a while back. When I asked about them the guy said they didn't have them but after a few minutes a gal came in with a semi filled '08 box. It was kinda strange but as I perused them for a bit looking for a couple that I could take home I began to notice that most were damaged in one way or another. Now these cigars were in their original box and I don't know where they stored them but there were many that had some issues. I bought two of them anyway and still have them in my humi. I'll probably smoke one on christmas this year and i'll report back on
  22. great review, Ihad one thanksgiving night and while I can't say I tasted all the stuff you did I still found it to be a very well rounded smoke. I'll be buying these soon and storing them for a while longer to see if they evolve a little more.

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