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  1. Welcome, my darlings, come in, make yourselves at home...
  2. Y'know, when it comes to quitting cigarettes, it's all about why you would want to. I've dumped girlfriends who nagged me about smoking, so smoking is obviously better than sex. Neither have all those "health warnings" had any effect - if anything, who would want to live forever in a world ruled by scolds, bullies and finger-wagging nannies? As life is ultimately pointless, meaningless, futile and costs money (so thank God for religion, if you must), doing anything merely to prolong it is a further drain on finite natural resources, unless you find something somewhat useful to do with it. (I'
  3. Thank you all, you lovely fellows. Short filler? That hadn't crossed my mind, but this may be just what they're for. Several of the suggestions here are tantalizing; perhaps there's scope to "begin again" with the sampler approach. Not up to snuff, though, so to speak - the essence of this whole effort is to spare my lungs any further cloggage. Air is all I wish henceforth to inhale; cigars, I retrohale.
  4. Hello Everyone! It's been a while. I'm back to tell you I've figured out how I'm going to stop smoking cigarettes after 38 years. The motivation is that I need my lungs back for bicycling, and this is a better motivator even than not dying prematurely. (And, of course, I will never mature.) However, I turned 58 a few weeks ago, and decided the sounds I make when climbing steep hills are undignified. So I considered alternative nicotine-delivery systems such as gels and patches, or pharmaceuticals designed to replace nicotine at the acetylcholine receptors of the brain. I even contemplated thos
  5. Can see the difference in shades in my pic - compare the '09 Robusto Extras and '08 Fundadores with the '10 Ts. (I've always liked the Extras best.) And certainly, age makes a fine difference. No, the story remains the same: good product stymied by wrong-headed marketing.
  6. Agreed. There was a good discussion on that here a little while ago. It didn't do to go head-to-head with Cohiba on pricing. (Especially for those who prefer Trinidad to Cohiba!) It's a parable of how bad marketing can trump, thump and dump good product. (Not that I'm going on a Trini scrounge. I love 'em, but they ain't the only babe in the 'hood.)
  7. Hi Keith. I had one of those too. Most of my remaining RobT are from a 24-cab from Czar, AGR MAY 10. Four of the RobEx are from OUR JUN 07, and the Fundadores are OUR JUL 08. I...I just can't... but surely I must! Someday...
  8. A momentary lapse of reason, precipitated by a sudden rush of glory to the head. But +1 on the skills our mate Aiz is developing in this latest hobby of his. Have a look at his blog, well-known among FOHers. He has a good "bedside manner", too, for portraiture. We enjoyed our cigars - he had a PLPC from a 2010 cab - as he bustled about with his tripods and brollies and what-all. A pleasant afternoon's companionable conversation - with this as a souvenir. Salud!
  9. Aiz used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 135mm lens, f8, 1/125s; and a Canon 580EXII strobe, 30 degrees right, 1/32 power.
  10. A VR Famosos goes to the good cause of never going out... Photo by our good friend and BOTLFOHer, Aizuddin Danian.
  11. When these are gone, there won't be any more...
  12. Selle San Marco make 'em like this, Colt. I thought I'd get two pairs to match 'em up, but nooooooo, all the right-hand ones are black and the left-hand ones white. It's an Italian thing, I guess. (And behind were the backrooms, stores and toilet of Bee Chow Photo Studio, across the road from my house. I'd been sending the Van Nicholas company in Holland thanks and praise for my bike. They wanted to include me in their fanzine. This was the picture they asked for because they want to lay text in the white space.) Brandon, thanks for asking:

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