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  1. You mean erdm Tainos, right? Wish there were some LGC Tainos coming....
  2. I bought a box tonight so I can make up my own mind (and because I have to keep trying every RE ever made - can’t give up now )
  3. Similar situation for me when I got re-married. I had two boys 8 and 10 and thought I was done... my daughter is now 8 and I feel blessed. Congratulations!
  4. What a shocker - Mercedes wrapped up the championship early again.
  5. My last RACF. Boy have they mellowed out. Still good.
  6. Maybe the first couple of times for the guys that need to be first on FB or Insta but I’m expecting 3 box specials down the road like we had with RG88
  7. Why would he need to at that price?? I for one will be buying one box instead of 5 now...
  8. Welcome aboard from a fellow NorCal brother (currently writing by candlelight on account of our wonderful PG&E preemptive power outage).
  9. Boy, this one was hard to find... had to buy a whole package just to get two of these cigars. VR Petit Robusto RE Portugal 2008. It was quite good.
  10. June 1998. I’ve been looking for a cab of these for a while and it took some major trading action to make this happen.
  11. These bounced around the mail system in Europe for over a month but finally got here. Oh yeah!
  12. Best: The QdO revival - don’t know if they just got lucky or if this was planned but it worked extremely well. Worst: Anejados program Dishonorable mention: Releasing so many RE that we saw 2017 releases finally coming out in mid-2019. I believe the RE program is a huge money maker for HSA - but not if the cigars are unavailable for purchase.

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