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  1. Weeeeell - not if you take the SCLDH Prado or the HDM Escogidos as examples - neither one of them has seen any wide distribution so far. I think we can all agree that HSA should finish their 2017/8 releases before even talking about 2020. I assume they do it to drum up interest, but they are nothing but a laughing stock at this point.
  2. Regarding those shrimp, I guess the jury is still out on who will be eating whom Nothing big on the docket for me this weekend a few friends over for kebabs and libations tomorrow.
  3. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on availability nor affordability but thank you for posting.
  4. With you 100% on the 50s. I find the #50 to be garbage while I love the 54s (consistently from 2017 all the way to very recent production).
  5. If I receive it sealed, it stays sealed until I open it for smoking. I trust my vendors that storage has not been an issue and my storage conditions are so that there wouldn't be any beetle outbreaks and any existing light mold would not continue (<70 degrees and 65%).
  6. Language, mostly - Cantonese (HK) vs. Mandarin or local dialect (Mainland) but also other factors - my Taiwanese wife has an uncanny ability to tell mainland Chinese from Taiwanese, for example - even when they speak the same language. By the same token, I can usually tell if someone is from Northern Germany, versus the South where I grew up.
  7. Email sent on the Tainos [emoji12] Just kidding. Hope they don’t cost more than one appendage.
  8. I’ve been through half a box already. No aging required, IMO.
  9. Been a while - these are coming along nicely, indeed.

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