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  1. Lotusguy


    I didn’t watch it either. It was a relief, actually.
  2. Lotusguy

    Min Ron Nee book update

    ...and pretty much guarantees that it will not be released in my lifetime
  3. Lotusguy


    I’m sorry but you burned the crap out of this thing.
  4. 7000 already? Damn, I need to get a life I can’t see the post count on Tapatalk.
  5. All is well with it. It burns a good amount of fuel so I’m getting a bit tired of refilling it. I still only use DuPont butane.
  6. Lotusguy

    New Shipping Option Please

    Been on there for a while and it’s an amateur “Restauration” and comes without humidifier or temperature control. Hard pass.
  7. Even MRN which has been out of print for over a decade only recently has reached over $500 and it arguably is the ultimate bible for cigars. This coffee table book starts out at double that price. Laughable.
  8. Yeah, that’s just silly. I wouldn’t buy it for $100...
  9. Been mentioned a few times already - all those reality TV shows like Kardashians, Real housewives, et cetera. A blight on the face of this planet.
  10. Lotusguy

    ERDM Kon Tiki?

    been trying to source them, since I am a massive fan of the 109 vitola - no luck yet
  11. Sadly, I haven't found anything that tastes similar. I sometimes also wish they had a shorter version for when I have less than an hour of time. I've just been buying more San Juan instead
  12. For real?? It was one of my favorite shows for the first few seasons.
  13. Lotusguy

    Maybe not my smartest move

    Did you take her up on the offer? [emoji12]

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