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  1. Oooh - I still need to try that one. Surströmming really wasn’t bad at all. The bones bothered me more than the smell.
  2. The hype is crazy... heard of dealers reneging on orders, people asking for 5k euros without even having the boxes in hand, et cetera.
  3. I forgot something: sea cucumber - I dislike the texture. Guess what was featured in 3 of 8 courses at my wedding in Taiwan?
  4. Lotusguy

    a thing of beauty

    It usually does - there is one Facebook guy with a very similar design (and price) and in his demo video the cutter clearly squeezes the crap out of the cigar. I wouldn’t take it for free... SMH
  5. And you associate with him why?
  6. Lotusguy

    50 cabs

    Punch Punch in 50 cabs were discontinued last year, so you won’t find any 2018 date codes.
  7. They’re alright. Not worth the money, like most LE. I like them better than the Dukes and about the same as the RyJ Deluxe.
  8. Lotusguy

    Need a Taco

    More than the Capuletos, if other region pricing is an indication.
  9. Cool - I’ll be in Munich next month for work - will check it out (along with the new LCDH Munich). Thanks for the info.
  10. Totally with you. Connie B is identical to Connie A with added volado leaf to hit that horrible girth.
  11. Cut him loose - nobody needs that kind of deadbeat/weight.
  12. Darn - I’ll be in Boston while you’re in SF. Flying out on that Monday. Sorry to miss you.
  13. Sorry, but number 6 is plain wrong. QR codes are EVERYWHERE in China - WeChat runs on QR codes and China runs on WeChat.
  14. Lotusguy


    Holy crap - I really can’t defend him... might have to find a new favorite driver. Just terrible.

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